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The Elders (Part One)

Due to not having a proper name to use for this group, your writer has decided to create one.  So, we will can this group The Elders.  He has called them The Oldest Ones in the past but this isn't true, as they are not the oldest anything.

Oral tradition is ancient and still the most commonly used way of recording and passing along history.

Some groups and even some entire races exist to experience and witness history unfold on various planets, during various times, for many different reasons.

Some writings are done.  Often in such a way that they are not obviously historical accounts.  Most of the time, these writings appear written as one would write a fictional story and not in the style we traditionally write our history.   The writings are usually created for the groups membership, to share experiences between themselves.  The true history is retold by those who live through it, when required or deemed useful.

When Atlantis arrived and the beings inside of it began to share their culture and create their first city, they also created a group for this purpose of witnessing history.  The group they created are the group we will call Elders.

The Elders were selected by the Captain of Atlantis and eventually the acting Queens as time went on.  Those selected for this group were chosen from the Human population of the time.  They were all taught a singular method for prolonging their physical lives which they kept secret amongst them.  They were meant to live through the rest of human history and witness all events as they happen.  For the purpose of experiencing new occurrences and sharing them with future generations of humanity.

Thirteen were made in total, but the number of members the group was meant to maintain was eleven.  Nine still exist to this day.

During the time of Atlantis they would travel everywhere they could, talking to people, lurking in popular places.  Witnessing and sharing with others what they know and had learned.  They spread the teachings of the Atlantian culture far and wide for those who wanted to learn them.

They also acted as a sort of council who the Atlantian Queen would share ideas for furthering  the culture with.  The Elders became representatives of humanity, doing their best to ensure the interests of the majorities and minorities were heard by the rulers of Atlantis.  Any decisions that needed to be made would be agreed or disagreed to,  by these Elders.

When Atlantis left, and the culture was in ruin, humans turned to the Elders for guidance and leadership.  Which they attended to for a long time.

Until the Draco arrived.

It was the Elders who made the deal with the Draco.  They were acting on behalf of humanity because humanity asked them to.  They advised against the deal with the Draco but allowed humans the choice.

We can all see what choice they made.

This is not unlike the choice you will be making now.


  1. So 13 Elders, 13 Parents... hmmm. :)
    I am going to jump straight to the end and 'This is not unlike the choice you will be making now.'
    Appart from the 'you' which points a finger.... The deal is there will be no deal, just the apparence of one. The Writer said so previously. :) So, has the Game changed?

    1. There were 21 Parent, and 10 remaining.

      The game is always changing, as we make choices.

      With respect,

    2. Friendly reminder ........dont forget about the 2 (unnamed ones under anu)

  2. It is common knowledge in India that many 'Yogis' reside in the caverns of Himalayas who have attained the knowledge of prolonging lives through some secret methods.

    And from time to time , they come out to guide Humanity in their Occult ways.

    There are numerous accounts of people meeting such Yogis and Rishis(Learned Ones) as they are known in India that we cannot simply ignore it as a singular event.

    There is one in particular who is well known and was popularized by a n ascetic called Paramhamsa Yogananda in his book "The Autobiography of a Yogi ".

    Are these stories about the mystic known as Mahavtar Babaji true ?

    Do such beings really exist in the Himalayan wilderness, away from civilization ?

    I can always connect with a certain Yogi who lives in the Himalayas during my meditations. As I write this I notice the time in my laptop as 11:11.

    Please Elaborate if you can .

    Thank you for the truth...

    1. Those mountains hold many secrets, and a few civilizations. None of the Elders do, however. The story you reference is surely possible.

      With respect,

  3. Thanks to the writer of this material! I have got the link for this blog from a friend, while we were disussing some aspects of the archontic manipulation of the humanity. I went through all posts here and I will leave it to sink in, for a while, to see what sort of feelings I will get, as I do not interpret things on the intellectual basis only.

    As an “outsider”, what I find as important in this virtual reality, is the following:

    1. Some people have a soul component, some not.
    2. The soul component makes a being complete, as it is an essential part of the “holy trinity” (soul-mind-spirit).
    3. The soul component has an energy.
    4. The soul has an ability to “walk” through the time and perceive events across the time/space
    5. A sufficiently aware soul can detect implants in the physical body she inhabits (installed there by the aliens and/or military) and intruders; and destroy them. (Not only aliens, but anthropoids/soulless people, as well, which are perceived as a threat. E.g. there were instances when a military person was controlling an abductee through implants and when the abductee subjected him in his “mental room” to an electric shock delivered by the soul, this was “translated” into this reality, as the soldier suffering a stroke or a heart attack!?)
    6. One of the main features of the soul is the - feeling of humanness.
    7. There are entities, in human bodies, in alien bodies and without a physical body, who instead of a holy trinity, have only a holy “twinity” (mind and spirit). Their existence seems to be dependent on those beings who have souls?! They do not have the feeling of humanness (they can interpret it intellectually, however, they can not experience it as a - feeling.) They do not have an intuition, they have only an instinct.
    8. Archontic systems are based on pyramid structure or a hierarchy (and tendency for creating a hive mind; uniformed consciousness; submission of less aware beings to the more aware ones…)
    9. Human systems are based horizontally, like circles (outer, exoteric, mesoteric and esoteric) and they are encouraging individualization of human beings. There are no authorities! Period. (This does not come as an information, but as an inner knowledge). More aware individuals will provide help to less aware individuals in such a way to enable them to help themselves. Everybody is responsible for himself.
    10. The soul, mind and spirit components can be more or less disconnected, they can work in unison and they can be integrated, together with the physical body.
    11. Human being has also a potential to merge his ego/personality (as an artificial structure) with his Integrated Consciousness (the Real I); he has a potential to interact with the reality in the physical and non-physical form, turning from one into another in accordance with his needs, or whenever he wants it. Human being may be visible or invisible, he can locate and destroy in the space/time all of those who threaten his existence, together with their technology. He will act from a “platform” based on a humanness, awareness and understanding. He will respect all life and living creatures, however, he will not allow to be manipulated by anybody and by anything.

    To my knowledge, there was and there is no insider, guru, religion, ideology etc. which will tell us the above! And, no wonder, as this reality is almost completely controlled!? Yet, we can get this picture by connecting the dots from various sources, including our individual experiences and observations.

    To be continued…

  4. continued…

    Now, at this stage, we may make some assumptions, as well. If we take a classical psychopath as a model of an alien being, we know that this entity does not have conscience, and it has a drive to impose his delusion on others, in order to control them. He can be charming, intelligent, “spirit-ual” (as he would have a spirit, but not the soul) etc. however, his drive to control everything and everybody, whatever can be controlled, would be limitless. So, when dealing with them, we have to draw a line, which is not to be crossed. (Otherwise, we would be destroyed or sucked in, like into a black hole.)

    Now, we may go back to the Eastern Gnosis, i.e. Mouravieff’s statement that the separation between Man and anthropoids will happen at the “Last Judgement”:

    [“In the first volume of 'Gnosis', we had already referred several times to this coexistence of two essentially different races: one of Men, and another of Anthropoids. We must emphasize the fact that from the esoteric point of view the latter term has no derogatory meaning.
    The Scriptures contain more than one reference to the coexistence on our planet of these two humanities—which are now alike in form but unlike in essence. We can even say that the whole dramatic history of humanity, from the fall of Adam until today, not excluding the prospect of the New Era, is overshadowed by the coexistence of these two human races whose separation will occur only at the Last Judgment.”(Excerpt from Gnosis III, B. Mouravieff, Chapter XIV):
    End of quote]

    …and if we put aside the religious programming, this would mean that a time will come when the beings with the “holy twinity” (“the deads who believe to be alive”; from esoteric point of view) will cross the line, and human beings (those with “holy trinity”) will have to do something about that, as their very existence will be threatened. So, we will be the judges and the executioners, when the time comes.

    To be continued…

  5. continued:

    Here, I just would add the following:

    a) the clones are in fact – copies (something like “Xerox-ed” humans); only souled people have been abducted and copied; and copies have been utilised for various purposes (sometimes, abductees perceive ~20 of their copies being stored somewhere in alien bases or the ships; activated copies are being fed by the soul energy of the original and can not survive a long time without it; [the copying procedure has been discribed here: _]

    b) It is important to know that Aliens store their “deads” (spirit/mind complexes whose physical bodies have expired) into abductees, till new alien bodies become available. Some call it it Active Alien Memory (AAM) and it is kept alive by feeding from the abductees soul energy) So, one could have in himself a pretty alive Nordic (of course, our Nordic “friends” would not disclose to us such details!), Reptilian or other alien being, for a long period of time and be influenced by them. [On youtube there are some clips (still not translated into English) with conversation with them, while an abductee was under hypnosis (search: Dr Malanga, Conversation with an Orange alien)]

    c) as it is revealed under numerous regressive sessions and data collected during more than 30 years of research conducted by some Italian scientists, which included contacting the soul components directly, “interviewing” them and projecting them across the time/space - the aliens do NOT have the soul component. Period. And again: – aliens do NOT have the soul component! They are dependant on those of us who have it. Therefore, they are not likely to leave or go anywhere (without us).

    d) Without the soul component, in order to improve their survivability and performance, anthropoids (people without individual souls, which make 50-75% of humanity!?) can proceed only towards transhumanism (“merging with technology”, which their alien mentors and masters have already achieved, more or less.) I would even say that a half awake and aware souled human being can spot them as such, with a high accuracy. (In some of his lectures, Russian esotericist Gurdjieff was saying that anthropoids could gain an individual soul by mimicking souled people; however, we can see that the system of life on this planet, with the false life values, has been established so to make conditions for the opposite, the souled people to mimick the souless ones, in order to be “successful”.)

    e) by genetic manipulation of human race, aliens are trying to make physical bodies for themselves, which would have DNA frequency compatible with the soul frequency (physical body and the soul must be in resonance); however, they would like just to entrap the soul, but to continue with their soulless behaviour. Good luck with that!

    f) Short and good, a War for the Soul is going on in this reality, while we have been manipulated to look at all other directions! However, as more and more people are becoming aware of that, we could expect that a threshold of awareness will be reached soon, which may trigger a “chain reaction” in terms of awakenning of the souled part of humanity.


    [P.S. For more references which could help in understanding of the above, one may look on internet for the following: Dr Malanga, Updates on Alien Interferences; Gaining Consciusness (25 parts on youtube); books Gnosis I, II, and III, by Boris Mouravieff, can be downloaded from bibliotecapleiades website; Gurdjieff’s lectures; good article on anthropoids: Organic Portals, the Other Race, by LKJ; one may contact hypnotherapy practitioners using Flash Mental Simulation, SIMBAD and Flash Dinamic Triad Colour Test (these techniques could be found on internet, as well) and ask them for their expiriences and findings; or simply discuss it with people who went through it with the help of others, or by themselves…]

    With respect


    1. Thanks B,

      That's interesting stuff.

    2. That was a very informative response with excellent information. I will be reviewing it and checking your references! Thanks for taking the time to write this.

  6. So in watching movies like Jupiter Acsending and studying the mythology of "the gods" and the elder families and the Draco and the Parents, etc... I see one common thread: they are all just manifestations of Ego, the same ego we identify with ourselves i.e. The attachment and identification with the idea that we are a separate long-lasting self.

    But from my own personal inquiry into the nature of enlightenment, it isn't too difficult to see that "the ego" is nothing but a thought form. It is a manifestation of the mind that doesn't have any reality. This is why we suffer... We are identifying with something that ultimately doesn't exist. This ego is our prison and there are many people (me included) who live understanding the truth of the illusion of ego, who rest in the quality of awareness itself.

    And yet those who lord over us don't. They are the prison guards, literally, and their entire mythology spanning millennia show no hint that they are even aware of this truth of reality.

    One note: a couple of weeks after living outside my ego complex, I had the distinct experience of being forced back into my ego, almost like I was being punished. I was put back into my cell. It was odd and interesting.

    If the author of this blog can give any insight into the nature of what I have described, I would be grateful.

  7. Some just do not accept that the soul holds memory throughout various incarnations. That the "ego" (as you are using this word) holds the "self". Some are on the fence. Those of us who know (and trust our knowing) better, do not feel the need to extend the "ego" lifetime.

    Hope this helps.

    With respect,

  8. Thanks for the post.

    Would you say that the life extension method is ethical, or unethical? i.e. does it involve hurting anyone else. Does it use something that is freely available and cheap, or is it expensive and exclusive?

    I've heard more than a few life extension stories from credible sources. They are openly researching it in California. Pete Thiel seems to be doing well.

    Best Wishes

    1. Very unethical and yes it involves hurting (fatally) others. The method accumulates which means the method needs to be performed less and less as they go. Most could get by with never performing the method ever again.

      There are definitely ethical ways that exist.

      With respect,

    2. Thanks for the answer. This is a hobby of mine. Maybe we could all research Telomerase together...

  9. QUOTE: "One note: a couple of weeks after living outside my ego complex, I had the distinct experience of being forced back into my ego, almost like I was being punished. I was put back into my cell. It was odd and interesting."

    >>> The grid is getting weaker, and they just can't hold us all in any more. Once our energy gets passed a certain critical mass, we can get out of the matrix/ego complex.

    I mean we can experience life on the surface without being hooked to the grid. I've had 2 or 3 experiences free from the electromagnetic grid in the last 2 or 3 months. Each experience only lasted 2-3 hours. I'm amazed you got 2 or 3 weeks free. You must have a lot of energy.


    The first time I was taken out, I went half crazy, I thought it was "The Event." I remembered everything: Why I was here, what the mission was, the promises I'd made before incarnating. I ran downstairs and started with my breakthrough protocol. I withdrew all my cash from the ATM and ran upstairs.

    The second time, I was a lot calmer, and just felt like I was in a TV version of Jupiter Ascending. I could clearly communicate with my guides like they were right in front of me, and I talked them through what I felt. Apparently they need verbal feedback so they can understand what will happen when the grid comes down. From what I experienced, there will be some people who go a little crazy at the start. It's like remembering everything at once, or being cured of amnesia in one second.

    When the experiences ended, it felt like I was being put back into a box. The implant at the back of my neck was plugged back in, and I went back to that sedated/irritated mood that is a symptom of being plugged in to the control matrix.

    OP, did you feel like the lower back of your neck was a major insertion point for the grid?

    1. Is this what Dr. Simon Atkins is talking about for the end of September of this year when for a few days some people will see things and go crazy with emotions?

  10. "Oral tradition is ancient and still the most commonly used way of recording and passing along history. "

    "In the skin of a lion" ... thats how stories were told ... that is oral tradition, when the teller would wear/put on/be given/ the skin of a lion and that person was the one who was telling the story ... passing down the wisdom ...

    The Elders would serve as mnemonic pegs to each other. They will be speaking individually uninterrupted in a circle one after another. When each Elder spoke they were conscious that other Elders would serve as "peer reviewer" ... and so ... they did not delve into subject matter that would be questionable. They did joke with each other and they told stories, some true and some a bit exaggerated but in the end the result was a collective memory. This is the part which is exciting because when each Elder arrived they brought with them a piece of the knowledge puzzle. They had to reach back to the teachings of their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. These teachings were shared in the circle and these constituted a reconnaissance of collective memory and knowledge. In the end the Elders left with a knowledge that was built by the collectivity.

  11. I want to ensure I understand this correctly. The Parents were selected due to their highest concentration of Draco DNA, am I understanding this correctly? The Elders existed with prolonged life spans before the arrival of the Draco due to an unethical method which involves fatality to others, taught to them by Atlanteans. The Elders advised against a deal with the Draco, but because humanity wanted it, they arranged it on humanity's behalf? What happened to the Elders after that? What is the relationship of the Parents to the Elders? Then, and now?

  12. The Parents were a hybrid Draco/Human who were part of an earlier experiment and were selected from that version, yes.

    Everything else is correct, after the Parents and the following structure was complete the Elders simply faded into the shadow and maintained their purpose of witnessing history. They are not friends to the Draco but neither are they enemies. The Draco have always allowed them to do what they wish (so long as it didn't interfere with the Draco plan - which at times it did, but that will be discussed another time).

    They do not like the Parents but the relationship is civil.

    With respect,

    1. yes, the wheels are turning ... :)
      Are the souls of the Parents Draco, or Human, or a Hybrid of the two. I've been trying to understand why they seem to consider themselves a different species than humanity. Perhaps this is why?

      Also, how did the numbers dwindle, both with the Elders and the Parents? Did some die, or ... well... how did that happen anyway?

      If the Elders were from the human population before the Draco changes, does this mean they are still like how we once were?

      And at some point, perhaps you will talk about Mu, Lemuria, and also time. An interesting statement Cassandra made in her letter, your time is ours, given that time is not seen by the Illuminati in the same way it is by the street level human.

      How far in advance of our present point can the Parents see in terms of time?

      as ever, thank you
      in grace

    2. >>(so long as it didn't interfere with the Draco plan - which at times it did, but that will be discussed another time).<<

      That sounds interesting, I look forward to reading more if/when you decide to blog about it.

    3. No comments will be made in their souls, sorry.

      They may, for the most part, appear human, but they are not. They are a hybrid species.

      More of your questions will be answered in time but remember, the answers are already within you. All this blog will do is help you remember for yourself.

      With respect,

    4. Quick question Ruiner,

      How does one remember?

    5. This writer cannot be your guide. Ask yourself this question and study how memory works.

      With respect,

    6. Is it true, writer, that the Elders are not human, which is why they depend on the infrastructure that the Draco provide in order to survive? (i.e. underground) They were an older race and in this agreement they were to be "the brains". Hence the deal was Draco picking their minds in exchange for safety and comfort. In the course of this symbiotic relationship their abilities dwindled, due to their high dependency on the Draco. Is this basically correct?

    7. No sorry but none of this is correct.

      With respect,

  13. QUOTE: ">>> The grid is getting weaker, and they just can't hold us all in any more. Once our energy gets passed a certain critical mass, we can get out of the matrix/ego complex.

    I mean we can experience life on the surface without being hooked to the grid. I've had 2 or 3 experiences free from the electromagnetic grid in the last 2 or 3 months. Each experience only lasted 2-3 hours. I'm amazed you got 2 or 3 weeks free. You must have a lot of energy."

    (Im the original comment poster) I don't want to derail the blog topic, but in response my experience wasn't all that fantastical... it's standard Buddhist/Advita self-inquiry into the nature of Awareness itself. YouTube is filled with individuals like myself who live this realization, not to mention all those who write the books and practice mediation, etc.

    The self isn't a noun... it's a verb. We aren't a self, we do selfing. From the answer I got from the blog author, it seems that some aliens/humans/Dracos feel that they need to self for as long as possible, that that's the meaning of their existence. I'm just kinda blown away that trying to not self isn't a thing to experience as better.

    From my experience, it was (and still is) a way better way to go about life. There's no "me" to suffer... life just flows. Stream entry. Of course I still self some, you have to in order to interact with those not awaken to this fact, but life sure makes a whole lot more sense living it this way. I'm just surprised those who are hanging out for 9000 years don't see the value in it.

    Then again living for millenniums can get really, really, really good at selfing and get lost in it.

    1. You are welcome to "derail" to discuss ideas amongst yourselves.

      With respect,

    2. My idea was that you could set up two small forums. One public one, one private. Then we could all connect with each other... You could leave a public one open, I would happily post in the public one, then you could invite the particular group you were writing for to your own one. Everyone would be happy... This could all be done on Reddit, BTW...

      It's hard chatting with a time lag and no edit function. Not your fault, just the way it is...

      Best Wishes...

    3. QUOTE>>>The self isn't a noun... it's a verb. We aren't a self, we do selfing. From the answer I got from the blog author, it seems that some aliens/humans/Dracos feel that they need to self for as long as possible, that that's the meaning of their existence. I'm just kinda blown away that trying to not self isn't a thing to experience as better. <<<

      In my more lucid moments I feel this. Thanks for reminding me...

      Your comment has triggered some non-memories.


  14. "So, we will can this group The Elders." well noted, and at the time of this writing certainly fitting while remaining distinct enough in popular information space to be considered unique to "the story". Regardless of the well written disclaimer it will be interesting to observe now how, "oral tradition" actually demonstrates the effects of "their decision" outward in that same information space from this day forward.

  15. Are you one of the Elders?

  16. Please talk more about the future instead of past, especially the "wave"..Thanks

    1. Thanks, I have a feeling/vision that something is riding on that wave... something positive...

    2. And also understand, some of us "knows" the past..that is more the reason , we yearn for the wave, we have waited long, but not in vain, some of us have started feeling the wave, any information will be appreciated... Thanks

  17. Good day Mr. Writer.
    You say you named this group "The Elders" because the title the "Oldest ones" is not a true description for this group. I am attempting to place more pieces of the jigsaw here.
    My question is, Could this be the same group mentioned in our scriptures as the "Ancient ones" who also play a role as witnesses for humanity ?
    Also, The time frame you speak off, before the deluge, Atlantis, and after the deluge, Is the one known as Enoch another piece of this puzzle ?

    Thank you for your efforts, I apologize if i am off topic.

    1. They have been called that yes. The time period has a few different names, and that is one.

      With respect,

    2. Watchers? (Writer, please tell me, do you know who/what Eran is? Have you ever encountered this being?)

    3. No, yes and no.

      With respect,

  18. Dear The Ruiner,

    Can you share some nuggets of the oral/written traditions or teaching stories from the Elders or Atlantis that is worth learning, if you are aware of any?

    May you be in good health always!

  19. Dear Ruiner,
    In order to prolong their lives , both the elders and the Parents use fatal ways to do so?
    If so , the Atlanteans are no better than the dracos...or am i wrong?
    Thank you for your wonderful writings

    1. No, not much better.

      With respect,

    2. More than likely I know the same secret they do to prolonging life. Either that or I have a better method they don't have access to.

      The usual lifespan of a living being in 3D density is about 1000-1500 years, barring any genetic manipulation (which has occurred here). But these people have lived for several thousands of years . . . and lifespans of 15K aren't normal until you get up into the 5D density plane.

      I dont know about them, but mine involves using a particular high vibrating type of energy, it corrects any genetic damage and rejuvenates cellular damage caused by entropy, by replacing the template of each one with its most ideal form. But because it takes a specific type of energy which happens to be very high vibrating, I doubt that these people could even know of it, much less use it (you dont find this energy in a person normally, so sacrificial ritual activities are useless to harvest it).

      I am myself only middle aged but I still look like im 20. Its funny saying that I know the immortality secret when im not like hundreds or thousands of years old to show for it. But if given time to prove itself it would.

    3. Hello to you Sporkstar,
      This information is very very interesting.Would you teach me/us how to prolong our lives with this energy device?
      Thank you so much

  20. I hope the Elders don't mind us discussing them. Have they tried to pass on history to humanity according to their original purpose?

    Thank you for this blog,

    1. A long time ago yes. Not anytime recently.

      With respect,

  21. To the "Parents" and "Bloodlines"
    A direct issuance of challenge.

    I represent Prime Source, one of its agents. I have been here as an Eye to observe and report information, bypassing the shrouding and protection put on this planet to hide these schemes. Just by being here, these schemes have been known. But there are a number of other beings here serving the function of Inquisitor.

    I do not abide interstellar law, or galactic law, I transcend both and I am not governed by them. I dont care about some policies of "local" interstellar races. I am a Traveler, I was born on this planet, but my spirit isnt from this universe and I move between universes at will (I am not bound by the so-called "quarantine"). I am known in the past by some names but they did not live here, and only exist in what other people believe to be fiction.

    This message is limited in size.
    I come to destroy all of you, all of these Parents, and will follow down the ladder.
    You have no capability to prevent this, not even the races above you can (and they face death if they try to intervene).
    I act as a Privateer, I am following indirect orders.

    I represent more than just Death, you will be recycled to the Source of all creation. Defective items must be returned for repair.
    You have Less than 1 year to escape this doom. You have no future here beyond that time.

    The challenge is issued.

    1. Woah. But why give them a whole year? They are committed to fighting til the end. I hope they stand down peacefully, but I don't think they all want that.

      Say hello at if you like...

      I think commercial liens are the best strategy right now...

    2. Kudos Sporkstar, that is not an easy path on this planet.

    3. When I said less than a year I meant it. That means between 0 and 365 days. This means a maximum of one year, with an indicated timeframe which falls on side of the knife of less than that number, rather than more. Since I am aligned with Chaos it means I cant be manipulated and any attempts to delay it farther and farther into the future will likely have the reverse effect.

      Their timeframes it seems extend far beyond just one year and into the decades range, with the exception of pulling out all the stops they can to initiating hard disasters on the population (agenda 21).

      For having lived thousands of years, being presented with such a short timeframe is like asking someone to make an immediate decision during a conversation.

      They CAN leave and I wont follow them. Some of them have already left.
      But for them to stay means worse than their death (from their perspective, which I can understand).
      I WAS a villain like these people, a long long time ago.
      I got fixed.

    4. @Anonymous:
      Its a path that I am actually taking off of this planet into another reality. Ill be doing the same kinds of work in other places, already mapped out, and will be a protector for those people too. For example I have an entire interstellar scene to manage, in somebody else's version (history) of the milky way galaxy.

      Thats why I dont care about being villified here (if I would be), and by default I play the role of a Pirate and Freelancer just to make it clear that im immune to morality finger wagging. My point is the end result and the big picture. I do work for some extra-planar organizations but I never take direct orders. That way im not going to be in violation of orders for doing my job abit differently.

      And in either case im strictly connected to Prime Source and on another level I am a Creator God in my own right (I am a god shard). Which means that if there are any truly earth shattering mistakes that I could make, I wont make them, and if I ever was touched by corruption I would be fixed of it.

      As for the power I wield, its technology, spiritual, and magic, and I have an arbitrary maximum to my capabilities too. I could wipe the floor with the entire reptilian armada, and all of their homeworlds if I wanted to. Assassination of individuals is nothing.

    5. Sporkstar, I believe you entirely. And I don't think you're alone, I believe there are more god shards on earth at this time.

      The reptilian armada doesn't stand a chance against the strange and unfamiliar magic they are going to face.

      Oh well, sucks to be them.

      Take care.

    6. Its unlikely im willing to stick around long enough to deal with extra-planetary threats like those (Reptilian Armada). But what I am saying is that calling in help from ETs isnt going to save anybody against me, itll only get those guys killed too. And if it happened to be "positive ETs" they would get hit too, they should know better than to work for this scum. Im Chaos, I dont listen to Laws, I listen to what is actually Right.

      Ill also be making the rounds with the deep underground bases and tunnels and wiping them out too, and those are concentrated strongholds of ETs armed with advanced tech and set to fortification against outside threats (and they will be crushed, and there isnt anything They can do about it either). Im capable of Mass Destruction just by myself, and ive got asymmetric attacks that I can quickly run down the list if there were mitigating defenses. There wouldn't be enough time to adapt.

      Assassinating some guy in his mansion home, or whatever other hole he decides to crawl into, then disintegrating their body or just pulverizing them from the get go, is an afterthought. And even if somebody was prepared... im Invincible... and im way too fast to contend with. I am Mirror and I am Chaos.

      Oh and if anyone thought of trapping me, im capable of mass destruction and im not vulnerable to it myself. And for anybody who thinks they can match me in magic - I can undo a soul prison, from inside it. Good luck with that. And as with anything else, once that failed there wouldn't be enough time to try figure out something else or get away. Human shields dont matter to me either, its regrettable but thats war.

      FINDING them of course is the tricky part. But since Divine Will IS working against them, I Will have that information.

      Ill be doing alot more work like this in the other places I go after Earth, so I dont have a problem getting my feet wet doing some good deeds here. Im sure some of the resistance people would just rather the peaceful route was taken, but this has the same result and these beings will go to where they can get the most help.

      Im sure other people have talked big talk like this before, but its not ego, and there are other people out there who have those kinds of capabilities but they've had problems getting them to work here. But Mine Do Work here. And there are reasons for that. And regardless of the circumstances there are kinds of magic that work everywhere, and I have an arbitrary maximum, so I can wield whatever level of force necessary.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Removal of this comment was accidental. Apologies. (You're welcome to resend if you can)

      With respect,

  23. Hello Ruiner,

    As a fellow student of ancient history and also a proponent of reciprocal system theory, there is much in your posts that is similar to discoveries I have come across as well, but of course much that does not make sense. In any event, you have indicated in your previous disclaimer that you write not for intended casual audiences, but rather for other "runaways" such as yourself. Is this correct? If yes, then my curiosity and question are why do you write in such a way as to inform or educate them about history, the parents, the elders, etc...? As fellow runaways, do not they themselves not know much or all this also? (not a compliant, just an inquiry)

    1. Their teachings have been compartmentalized and occurred too.

      With respect,

    2. It's because he's bored and role-plays that he KNOWS anything other than the fact the he makes this stuff up as he goes along, in his imagination, using the tid-bits of modern illuminati and ancient MYTHS that he and his audience have read about for several years-all bull shit made up by people like him, storytelling and shared delusions, the root of religion and cults. There are no MILABS or 'runaways'. Just "False Self" syndrome, rampant and contagious.

      (Trigger alert!)

      You are all mentally ill, and stuck in a circular shared psychosis. Shane, Corey, and anyone from Avalon were heavily experimented on, hypnotized, and left out to dry (for observation) by lunatic psychologists attempting to incite revolutionary action groups (Manchurian Cults/Cells).

      This blog, like most others that have come and gone, is going no where. You are still hypnotized. Thank Bill Ryan, Cassidy, and their cult (including Wilcock, and everyone they ran with going back a dozen years and more).

      To tell you to wake up would be an understatement. But I think I see your eyes lids beginning to part ��

      Hang in there, and don't take anything seriously, especially Shane. He's conscious, unlike 'the readers'.

      Shame on Shane. Guys like you AND Corey really need to STFU. You're making it worse for people who need real counseling, and not MILAB RE-programmers like Eve Lorgen, who only make you worse by reinforcing your delusions acquired by sensationalist ramblings like this.

    3. This is not "good copy". The person/group who influenced you, btw, is a lunatic. You should drop this and embrace your REAL life. This is an unhealthy habit for you and your readers who think any of this is based on reality.

      With respect,

    4. Hope you feel better after that cute little rant. You and everyone else are perfectly welcome to not read this. Well acted out saviour programming running to a blog wall to save the readers from the nonsense. The best part of this experience is watching people like you call out others for doing what you do, while you're doing it.

      With respect,

    5. @"Anonymous" above beginning their post with, "It's because he's bored and role-plays. . .":

      Dear whatever,

      Please me and learn to read before attempting to write. As common Internet etiquette goes, one should at least do that before presuming one knows anything at all about the readership they intend to address. Specifically speaking, the blog begins far far below, but even reading only the blog post precedent secondary would have given you a clue.

      What do you personally care what the Ruiner posts on the Ruiner's blog? Go post your own blog or pester some other crowd. According to you EVERYONE here is mesmerized by the Ruiner's song. WHO CARES WHAT HE HAS TO SAY, is your under lying tone. Correct! Hypocrite! Who cares what you have to say as well? Casting your ignorant point of view onto another persona without even listening to your own dissonant song. . .

      Maybe 90% of the people here speak from their ego to vent their empty holes using "I" in practically every sentence that they write, but at least they have enough respect for others to play along with the game.

      What gives you the right to say they are doing anything at all? How do you know they are being serious instead of only having fun? Go mock yourself in the mirror and leave the Dungeon and Dragons crowd alone. For all you actually know about anything at all, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN FOOLED TO BELIEVE THAT ANY OF THESE COMMENTS ARE MADE SERIOUSLY AT ALL.

      Poof you and go learn some self respect....

      Cassandra's niece.


  24. The rain does not "save" the plants. The wind does not "save" the fire.

    The wave will not "save" humanity.

  25. Hello. Thank you.

  26. What can you tell me or give any clue on CERN? In particular, the CERN machine that's in Texas.

    1. Nothing new or important.

      With respect,

    2. I think the CERN colliders keep getting targeted by various factions to make sure they cant do what they keep trying to use them for. Its a move-countermove type of thing. Same thing with the nuclear bombs, every time someone tries to blow one up the outcome is felt by sensitives, then they go find the bomb and remove it. I hear CERN keeps breaking down without a good reason, if they're particularly successful with CERN and similar colliders they might just blow up and destroy themselves to remove the asset.

  27. Er, the rain actually DOES save the plants, and assuming you wish a fire to exist, the wind DOES save the fire (Look up the combustion triangle).

    As for the galactic wave saving it will not, because humanity will save humanity, but I bet your ass the wave is sure gonna help lol!

  28. I really like negative comments. They make good kindling for the next post, don't you?

    Also, they make good laxatives in case you need one. Hahahah!

  29. Hello Ruiner!

    Thank you for taking the time to start this blog. Even if it is complete 'fiction' I can appreciate it as just that. I believe that there are nuggets of Truth in all stories regardless of the authors intention, he or she cannot avoid communicating the fundamental Reality only obscure or embellish it.
    Thus the word game.
    That being said I don't believe you are working in the realm of pure fiction as some others have surmised.

    To keep this brief I will just say that as long as people (especially children) on this earth are dying by any non-natural (natural aging process) means there will be much work to do. IF we can agree on this I think it is a good start

    The thing is, we are all in this together and in the end only fully conscious co-operation (the opposite of hierarchical compartmentalization) will we be able to remove our selves from slavery and bondage both real and imagined.

    Anyways I had meant to ask a question originally so here goes:

    Do you know of Neil Keenan and if so, he talks about Elders that have given him access to the global collateral accounts - are these the same (or perhaps a faction of) Elders? I remember him saying they live for a long time period so it seems plausible to me...

    Bottom Line - Are there any Elders that could be considered 'Positive" by surface level humanity?

    Thanks again for all of your work and in advance for taking the time to read this!

    Namaste y'All ~

    1. Not knowing Neil, based only on what you have said, no they would not be the same.

      They would be likeable. Not negative. Still no help.

      With respect,

  30. Most interesting that much is not as it seems, positive or negative.
    I appreciate the info and intel, and the differing 'takes' on things.
    Nice to find another who knows and presents without ego.
    Too bad that the reality of time is so different between mankind and the galactic/universe. I've asked for the differential/formula and from what I get, it is like a lot of higher sciences, it just don't translate very well...
    I do get a lot of Q's on our show and face book page, most of which I can generally answer. But, when specifics are asked and detail required, I still just give general answers.
    I see a lot of that here.
    Personal time harmonics dealing with realities are almost never understood by anyone outside an intimate knowledge of those involved. Different strokes for different folks.
    Just my two cents worth,

    1. Greetings, and thank you for your words. Feel free to say hello anytime. This writer cannot disagree with inspiring others to stand up for themselves.

      With respect,

    2. Funny stuff, huh, Drake? V

  31. Hi Ruiner,
    Firstly thank you for your patience and gentle ways, for you are most unlike them. I have some queries, and if it is replied, then thanks in advance.

    What say the elders of the crossroads? Will they make a decision?

    You say the coven control the 13 bloodlines, and have made a mess from time to time, resulting at times in their own destruction. Is it that way this time? Are the parents leaving because the Draco have left or is the another reason?

    The "psychopathy" that you mention can be inferred from inbreeding, but I sense that the parents too may have a role.

    How is it that you can communicate with Gaia? Send her our love in return for hers.


    1. They aren't saying much. The usual procrastination. Sickening.

      Yes the bloodlines will fall. The Draco are leaving for their own reason. War elsewhere.

      The Parents are mosylu psychopathic.

      Witness her, pay her attention, love her creations, talk to her.

      With respect,

  32. To the Elders of olden Times who have witnessed many cycles of Earth and her changing faces upon her shores.

    Prior to the Draco’s return…. You were proactive in your mentorship with the leaders of that Time, assisting the many species that openly co-existed together. Your Time where you felt truly alive as you shared among the people great hopes and progress for the future.

    During these ancient Times a Feline Race arrived upon these shores, a service to all group that unconditionally shared universal spiritual self empowering knowledge to the common people about the ‘Souls Journey’ that inspired spiritual re-connection to Spirit from whence all life Springs forth. This spiritual movement spread across those ancient lands with great promise of Evolution; the Elders heard about this movement, a few may have even supported it.

    But then Earth drew the attention of conquering outsiders and wars in the skies began to blaze by these invaders; one of these species was the Dracos.

    The Elders couldn’t convince Humanity that the Draco system was not in humanity’s best interest. The spiritual movement was hijacked and intentionally distorted/corrupted away from the original spiritually self empowering message and intentionally turned into a religion that promoted to seek ‘outside of self’ and worship gods.

    It must have been saddening in those days to witness Consciousness decaying upon Earth, where Pharaohs no longer were selected for their spiritual wisdoms and walk, but by the passage of birthright in bloodlines.

    Perhaps the Elders believed such golden times would soon return again, where you could once more share your long histories. So your silence ensued into the long wait. And such a long wait (weight in Time) it has been, where time has eaten away at your hope, aspirations and dreams whereby weariness, disillusion and procrastination set in within your beingness.

    And now arriving in this Present at the 11th hour, where the next version of techno slavery Atlantis is rapidly unfolding, a story the Elders know so well. And still you silently wait.. waiting, procrastinating until there will be no ears left to hear your stories.

    In hindsight, have you ever wondered how Her-story may have been so very different had you the Elders embraced that soul/spirit self empowering spiritually awakening movement shared so long ago? What if it had been allowed to bloom with soul-full aliveness in humanity – how different this present would be? It would have become so obvious that no Draco or any other ‘outside authority’ was ever required. Intermediaries are redundant when we KNOW we are part of Source. It would have also been obvious that history regarding the ‘body vessel’ is just one third of the story – and how Soul and Spirit are all intricately entwined bringing together the full wonderment of who we all truly BE/IS.

    Most children even in our present times naturally have out of body experiences. Had this been encouraged everyone would have firsthand experience, knowledge and wisdom of who they truly are beyond this body vessel, understanding we are Eternal Beings, and for these moments in Time are on a journey exploring Consciousness as definable Self. That in those Higher Kingdoms of Consciousness our Soul stores all these wisdoms gained that can never be destroyed.

    Many human Creator Souls have discovered this, they fear not the illusion of death as they are engaged with their Soul and Spirit and can consciously reincarnate again with their memories. Your writer of this blog is just one example of many who do this.

    Why dear Elders, in these thousands of years, have you not truly asked yourself what these creator souls Know that you have yet to realise as you cling onto an unnatural way of sustaining longevity? How has this fixed length of time served your own spiritual Evolution?

    What are you waiting for? The Draco have left.

    Perhaps now is your Time to share what you know, and also begin to listen to what others have discovered that you had yet to discover.

    Written in love and respect

  33. To the Elders,

    After all you have witnessed and the repetitive cycles, would you not

    Here you are, your function to record.

    Yet so little seems to have been achieved, over such a vast time span.

    It appears these creatures are devoid of compassion, feelings, empty,
    nothing bothers them, indifference...........a pointless, meaningless

    Your light/life review will be quite something as you review "all" you could
    have done. Did you assist with devolution rather than evolution?

    The question I have, do you have any desire to help the people here, the
    planet, the Eco system, the wild life, the sea life as well as the other
    beings that co-exist here?

    Humans are by no means perfect, but frequently step up and help, if we were
    to witness an accident would you stand by and make a note of it; humans
    would see what they could do about it. We have witnessed animals step in and
    help humans and other species too.

    We may be devolved humans due to deceptive orchestration, but what about
    your selves?
    How shall I put it "void" - off course.

    I ask you to step up and do the right by the beings on this planet and the
    Earth herself, assist those who wish to help, curtail those who seek
    destruction. Deliver a few shocks, wake the sleeping. What if we were to
    awaken to find the top layers of control gone, then those that filled their
    shoes gone a few days later and so on, until nobody really wanted that
    position of being top dog.

    Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards.

  34. What do you know about neu energy?

    1. It will eventually be quite popular.

      With respect,

  35. "All human beings are GOD. There is no GOD outside of human beings.
    These human creators are creating all that is.
    At one point, these human creators forfeited their power, put it in a box (the Arc of the Covenant) called the Mercy Seat and began to believe that GOD was something outside of themselves. All of this was for the experience.
    Human creators can be, do or have anything including the experience that they are not the powerful creators that they indeed are.
    John the Revelator wrote of this process in the Biblical book The Revelation of John.
    The Revelation of John foretells of all the other books of the Bible which is read back to front beginning with The Revelation and ending with Genesis.
    Human creators have not yet experienced the Garden of Eden, this is to come."

    Is this close to what you are saying?

    Thank you for reaching out to all of us humans :) We all need to remember who we are>

  36. I sense that the arrogant indifferent controllers of the numerous mk ultra programs and their soul hijacked assets (who act as trolls and shills on internet forums, media etc) are running scared. True awakening, self discovery, remembrance of being is not likely to happen in an environment where shills deliberately slander, shame and humiliate. It is obvious they eagerly seek to elicit emotional responses that they feed upon.

  37. The only person afraid of those people are you and that's the reason you brought them up deliberately slandering, shaming and humiliating them, because it is obvious you eagerly seek to elicit an emotional response from people that are supposedly arrogant and indifferent. If they are really arrogant and indifferent then why did you waste your time?

    1. Many people try to seek an emotional response from others, for various reasons. This can be both positive and negative. The only solution is, to control your own energy so that no one can take anything from you, or cause you to act any way. Responsibility for our self.

      (Comment on the topic, not directed at any particular comment or person)

      With respect,

    2. This is a fundamental truth that has been largely ignored, or simply misunderstood by many. Neutral = self-control. Reactionary = self, controlled (by someone or something external). I hope your readers can truly grasp what you are saying here.

      "The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding."

      Much respect and gratitude

    3. Nice Kybalion quote, the only issue is, which kind of neutrality is being exercised in any given moment? As things such as psychopathy are a form of neutrality, but much darker. Is neutrality at the expense of others outside-in, or is it in the service to the All from the inside-out? The form that neutrality takes is important, and depends on the path the individual takes in serving the Self or serving the All.



  40. Throughout the centuries we have mistakenly taken personifications for persons, allegory for history. The ancient story tellers were not writing history but an allegorical picture lesson of certain basic principles which they clothed in the garb of history, and they adapted these stories to the limited capacity of a most uncritical and credulous people.
    In this understanding, the Bible is the greatest scientific book ever written. Instead of looking upon the Bible as the historical record of an ancient civilization or the biography of the unusual life of Jesus, see it as a great psychological drama taking place in the consciousness of man. (There are some wonderful Beings "out there" who are trying to bring this home to us)

    Consciousness is the one and only reality. We are incapable of seeing other than the contents of our own consciousness. We become what we contemplate. For it is the nature of love, as it is the nature of hate - and everything else - to change us into the likeness of that which we contemplate. And when we do become what we contemplated, and because in this third-dimensional world of ours time beats slowly, we do not always observe the relationship of the visible world to our inner nature, it has become unconscious …

    The world, as we see it, is a projection of our own beliefs in separateness. We are conditioned to believe this because our limited senses deceive us. Everything we see, everything which exists, is there because we put it there. There is no “out there” except that which is created from within. So, to look outside for anything is fallacious and does not exist. When we think we can destroy our image by breaking the mirror, we are only fooling ourselves. We do not need something from outside ourselves to assist us in changing the reality within which we live.
    As per the Ruiner: "Remember, the answers are already within you" ….

    “One of the discoveries that proved to be most astonishing to physicists was the observation that the only time Quanta ever manifest as particles is when people are actually looking at them. The significance of this realization alone is extremely profound in terms of the understanding of the material world and of all creation. The wisdom of the ages has always maintained and taught the physical world of matter is nothing but an illusion, only perceived by most as ‘reality’ due to observation and experience by the mediation of the five physical senses.” -Adrian Cooper, “Our Ultimate Reality”


  41. The plant consumes the water and "saves" itself by converting the water into what it needs.

    The fire consumes the oxygen in the air and "saves" itself by converting it into what it needs.

    Humanity will be fed by the wave, "saving" itself by converting the energy into what it needs.