Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breaking Excuses

There is no sure thing here.  No guarantee.  You could fight until your last breath and never be free.

But you might get free, and if you do you can inspire others to do the same.

Where to start?

There are patterns and cycles that have been created by others but exist within you.  Conditioned thoughts and behavior.  Most of this is coming from the subconscious mind.  This is a good place to start.

Learning to understand how the subconscious is influenced and conditioned or even programmed will help you avoid the influences simply by being aware. Unfortunately this is not quite enough.

To remove yourself from the game you have to not play. What your writer means by this is not sitting under a tree and meditating to raise your vibration. (The intended audience is already aware of this mind control program.  Higher vibration is vibrating faster, it does not imply "better")

Identify the influences and just like with symbols, reverse or redirect their polarity.

Make the subconscious, conscious.

You know how the tricks work, you will also notice, you do them too.  Stop this.  Don't employ the tricks.

Let go of the lies you believe as well as the lies you tell yourself.  Avoid passing your lies to others. Don't alter your approach to be more effective if it does not come from an honest place and for a true reason.

Don't do to others what has been done to you.

Your ability to create is linked to imagination and requires action.  Not simply dreaming dreams.

What have they been using against us?  How does it work?  What do we do so that it cannot work?

Bring the light to the dark.


  1. Dear The Ruiner,

    1) How do you make the subconscious, conscious?
    2) How would one know if his subconscious is conscious?

    May you be in good health always!

    1. Like with anything else, figure out how it works. Be your own teacher. You can figure it out.

      With respect,

    2. 3) How can one be a teacher to one's self if one cannot even know for sure?

    3. You can know for sure. Do the work and the research and trust yourself.

      With respect,

    4. In full agreement of this attitude.

      The SEARCHING for answers within ones self is the only way to make the subconscious, conscious.

      We can call this meditation, rumination, prayer, inner-work, etc. But the efforts are the same.

      Make a conscious effort to "turn around" in yourself and begin to make observations of the internal workings that are going on under the surface of the being you think of as "you".

      It's like watching the ocean. At first it seems huge and chaotic, but slowly, over time and repetitive observation, ANYONE will begin to see the signal from the noise.

      Hope this helps.

    5. Exactly. Thank you.

      With respect,

    6. That is crystal clear. Thank you.

  2. The mirror of your subconscious are your emotions. Learn to feel and listen to them, without taking action because you think your emotions feel "good" or "bad". Don't suppress the negative or try and juice the positive. Let your subconscious have a conversation without "you" interrupting. We are programmed to lord over our emotions like an overbearing parent to their abused child. (as above so below).

    When you listen, you will start to gain insight into what triggers you and why. You'll see the programming and the learned habitual behavioral patterns. It requires you to surrender and accepting the present moment as is... in all it's horrific beauty. Don't try and "raise your vibration" or "attain bliss" or "ascend" because those statements intrinsically say "I'm not good enough" and now you've fallen into the endless trap of trying to fix something that's not broke (the trap of original sin). That's the set up.

    Our emotions hold our power... but they've been dammed up and used to generate electricity (loosh) for others. So before we can use our emotional power we have to free them. Slowly dismantle the dam and listen to the flow, letting each feeling be heard and honored and understood... without judgement. It will be painful and overwhelming at first, but like everything else you will get better it with practice. The hard part is not acting on your learned behavior of trying to suppress the flow ("I don't like this, it feels uncomfortable, make it stop") and rebuilding the dam... and all of society and culture will gladly try and help facilitate that (medicate! watch this titillating movie! be a victim!).

    Another word for unconditional love is surrender. Let the present moment be without trying to change it (including trying to stop your annoying thoughts, etc.). Just listen.

    1. Absolutely beautiful. Very well written.

    2. Thank you for these words.

      With respect,

    3. Thank you so much for the elucidation. It is very much appreciated.

    4. Inspiring. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Ruiner! Where I currently reside we use the phrase"flip the script and be a light in the darkness."Je vous remercie à nouveau pour un brillant post. Connaissez vous sont appréciés.

  4. Man and the Sea

    Free man, you'll always love the sea — for this,
    That it's a mirror, where you see your soul
    In its eternal waves that chafe and roll;
    Nor is your soul less bitter an abyss.
    in your reflected image there to merge,
    You love to dive, its eyes and limbs to match.
    Sometimes your heart forgets its own, to catch
    The rhythm of that wild and tameless dirge.
    The two of you are shadowy, deep, and wide.
    Man! None has ever plummeted your floor —
    Sea! None has ever known what wealth you store —
    Both are so jealous of the things you hide!
    Yet age on age is ended, or begins,
    While you without remorse or pity fight.
    So much in death and carnage you delight,
    Eternal wrestlers! Unrelenting twins!
    — Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)

  5. Good points here. It's essentially a kind of therapy of opening up awareness in a neutral and self compassionate way, allowing feelings to flow. Awareness of what beliefs and judgements we may hold and letting them go if need be. Things do open up to ones conscious mind this way, but that can take time. I agree with Ruiner in that it takes more than just sitting meditation and aiming to "raise vibration". I see this process as very dynamic, inner work as well as interconnecting with others, while maintaining integrity, honoring life, goodness and essential kindness.

  6. - What have they been using against us? Our minds!

    - How does it work? The unconscious is programmed without us being aware. The endless negative internal chatter always making us doubtful, fearful, insecure, distracting ourselves, interrupting our goals and focus; becomes an unstoppable narrator of everything we see as to prevent us to connect with our real nature. We are telepathic, we know, the chatter inside of us IS the program.

    - What do we do, so that it cannot work?
    It takes to realize first were the programming takes place: subconscious and how it manifests: as internal chatter.

    If we realize "they gave us their mind" we will be able to disregard this internal chatter and identify it for what it is, then we learn to connect with our nature, divine, eternal and powerful beyond our dreams!

    1. All thoughts are untrue.

      All beliefs are walls.

      Start there.

  7. Yes. People are programmed and don't even realize it.
    In the United States, people won't fight to get the minimum wage raised.
    Bring up the subject on social media and people will jump all over you.
    In 20 years, we've been trained to stab each other in the back for low wage jobs. A raise in the minimum wage used to mean a gradual increase for everybody but now the elite have us terrorized into thinking that if McDonald's employees get a living wage, it will ruin the economy and everyone else's job with it.

    1. actually minimum age diminsheas the wages for all. the higher the minimum wage the lower the money pool or economic growth . i'ts better to give money as a donation and call it that than to impose a high minimum wage. if there is no food you learn to starve and survive with the little that you have or you learn to ask for food from someone who has more than you in exchange with something that you can give them. it's not fair to take from somebody else with force or violence except when they stole from you first.

    2. That is asinine.

      That is precisely what they want us believe so we won't expect fair wages.

      Raising the minimum wage will be pumping money back into the economy.

      It isn't rocket science. We can see who benefits from keeping wages low.

  8. Dear Ruiner, have humans been genetically altered and specifically bred since the arrival of the Draco to 'domesticate' us and reduce / control intelligence...or are the controls external psychological and technological?

    They gave us their mind; yes. Don't we breed, domesticate and manipulate animals?

    1. The issue is both genetic and external. Both can be fixed.

      We have to change our own ways.

      With respect,

  9. The most important post here. When we all truly get to this, we'll be starting the work.

    As anonymous says above: All thoughts are untrue, All beliefs are walls, because EVERY MOMENT has to be entered anew. Take nothing with you, but just observe with clarity. Watch thoughts and emotions and trust none of them. Stay with each thing that arises and only that.

    Start from there, and see what happens. I'll tell you ... magic happens.

    Thank you The Ruiner, and all who read and post here.

    1. I understand how the subconscious can be programmed to create lies and then creates false emotions. But how are All thoughts untrue? Example: I think "What should I make for dinner tonight" How is this untrue? I think "What is the best way to draft a proposal for a new client" How is this untrue?

      Thank you AnonymousJuly 9, 2015 at 8:26 PM
      Thank you AnonymousJuly 11, 2015 at 4:57 AM
      Thank you The Ruiner.


    2. Thoughts are untrue because you can only ruminate about the past or plan for the future. "Past" and "future" don't exist right Now, and you are applying all sorts of intention, meaning, and emotional investment on something that's intrinsically a fantasy. The only thing that's real and true in that moment is that thinking is happening; but the contents of those thoughts and the meaning you give them (beliefs) aren't.

      And then there's the notion of "I" or "you"... what exactly is the assumption that we call "I"? Our very language says it's a noun, and yet where is it? Inquire very deep on this point. This is where meditation comes in.

      What is this thing we call "I"? In truth "I" isn't a noun, it's a verb... it's a action you do; you are constantly creating this mental structure (which influences your emotions) known as "I" (call it selfing) and layering it with all sorts of meaning and emotional weight. You are programmed to do this from your parents and we live in a shared fantasy called culture which re-enforces that illusion. You now can be influenced accordingly.

      The "I" is a river, and yet we dip our hands in it and lift it up and say this little bit of water is "me"... when it's really the flow of the river that is you, not the handful of water. Reality is movement, change and energy. We are waves that solidify into particles when we observe (think about) them. We are literally fighting reality to try and maintain this illusion... and that's where suffering originates.

      Having the ability to construct fantasies in our head and plan future actions based on past experience is a very useful tool... it's what makes us apex predators. But, this ability has been hijacked and used to imprison us in a virtual reality of abstracts (beliefs, assumptions, projections) that have no bearing on what's truly going on Now. We've mistaken the tool and the universe it can build for our very identity. It's a magic spell, facilitated by language and culture and perpetuated by social and family programming. We give it all the meaning it has, and yet it's still not True. Look at what the thought forms called "nation" or "religion" or "race" or "economics" or "law" does to us... these things aren't real but they motivate our intentions powerfully when we believe and co-create them with others.

      There is no "me", there is only typing going on. There's no "you", there is only reading happening. That's the Truth of what's happening right now, and experiencing reality on that level breaks the spell weaving that fantasy.

      You are nothing more than pure awareness appreciating its own creation. Enjoy the magic show.

    3. And I'd like to add that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with creating and living in mental constructs and fantasies (it's what we're built to do)... but there's a world of difference between knowing they are fantasies and acting accordingly versus not knowing they are fantasies and acting accordingly :) .

    4. Thank you for responding to my question. Much gratitude, respect and love to you.

      I have a few more questions if that’s ok. I hope I am not being rude/pushy. Please accept my apologies if I’m asking too many questions. It’s just that this is the first time in my life I have had a conversation with someone who actually knows how the world works.

      Regarding post AnonymousJuly 11, 2015 at 4:57 AM - "Watch thoughts and emotions and trust none of them. Stay with each thing that arises and only that."
      Are you saying among other things that All the thoughts that "pop" into our head are engineered, not our own?
      Looking forward to the magic. :)

      "Thoughts are untrue because you can only ruminate about the past or plan for the future. "Past" and "future" don't exist right Now"
      Thank you, now I understand.

      Yes, I is a verb. Thank you for pointing that out. That simple sentence speaks volumes. How I hated English class, so many rules (and exceptions to the rules!) to remember just so you could communicate with your fellow human.

      "Reality is movement, change and energy." Thank you!

      "We are literally fighting reality to try and maintain this illusion... and that's where suffering originates." Thank you again. This makes so much sense to me. Truly helps to know where the original pain comes from.

      "Having the ability to construct fantasies in our head and plan future actions based on past experience is a very useful tool".
      Ok good. But what is the most efficient way to plan future actions, that actually do show up in my Now. I’ve been trying for years, hasn’t worked out so well. The Ruiner said Will and Imagination. I have plenty of imagination, maybe my will is not strong enough? Or maybe I will be better now that I know how handle the thoughts in my head?

      Again, Thank you.

    5. Thoughts are just thoughts... there's no intrinsic meaning behind them. Doesn't matter what their origin might be. The voice in your head is just a software logic program doing what it's programmed to do, and it does it perfectly as it should.

      The key sticking point is when you derive your identity from the contents of the thoughts... that's when things start to go sideways and endlessly spiral down. "Thoughts" are just that, a process empty of meaning or ethics. But now put the word "my" in front of it and suddenly all kinds of meaning and conditions and weight are added onto it. When you think of them as "my thoughts" then you become concerned with whether a thought is good or bad or crazy or appropriate or whatever in comparison with whatever your self image is. An enormous amount of false meaning is heaped on just by adding that single word in front of it.

      Its perfectly ok to plan or reminisce or create fantasies. Having your thoughts bounce around in your head like a drunken monkey is nothing more than what is happening Right Now... there's no right or wrong or good or bad about it. It's just something that's happening, like wind through the trees. It's when you put a preconceived value to a thought, especially one related to your identity ("I am bad for thinking this immoral thought")... then that is when you are in the neurotic trap and start down that great old cultural tradition of victim-hood.

      So this cuts to the bone about who you are. If thoughts aren't true, then what does that say about thoughts about yourself? Where does authentic self-reflection come from? That's the mystery and the path of discovery. That's your personal journey. The good news is that you can't screw it up... your awareness is truly unconditional in its ability to experience. It's always there and always unchanging. Rest in that space as much as you can remember to do so... that's the only act of will you need to do. When you do, the idea of "I" will start to sound kinda absurd. You'll see the urge to grasp and hold, or push experiences away or suppress... all based on what? Nothing. Empty space.

      And the key isn't to detach yourself or withdraw from the world or chase bliss states. It's simply a way to break the spell we are all under, to check yourself and short circuit the programming. A reminder, an authentic foundation to relate to. Then you go back to dealing with society and all the others around you who may be still asleep to their true nature and you do the dance with them and try to make their lives just a little easier instead of more difficult.

      These concepts aren't things to think about, they are an experience to practice, cultivate and enjoy. Trust me, the universe will start to make the truth of itself very, very apparent when "you" get out of the way and stop putting conditions of what "you" think it "should" be like. Then you surf the flow and smile because the weight of being in charge, of playing god, isn't there.

      This is a really long way of answering your question of "But what is the most efficient way to plan future actions, that actually do show up in my Now." There isn't anyone in charge judging you on whether it was efficient or not, and usually our harshest critics are ourselves. What is usually worse, the inefficiency or your criticism to yourself about it?

    6. Or, to be more effecient with my post... you will find things become more efficient when inefficiencies are just inefficiencies instead of being "your" inefficiencies. :)

    7. Ok, so basically you’re saying, just chill out (stop stressing).

      “short circuit the programming” by resting in my space of awareness and follow the path that guides me?
      Again thank you.


    8. "All thoughts are untrue" is a logical fallacy.

      If "all thoughts are untrue" is a true statement, then the thought "all thoughts are untrue" is also untrue, making the original statement false.

      On the other hand, if it is an untrue statement... Well, you get the picture.

      As you can see the statement "all thoughts are untrue" can never be true.

    9. Thinking is true, but the contents of thinking aren't. Thinking is the projector while the content of those thoughts are just the abstract symbols that you give meaning to flashing colored light.

    10. I don't agree with you. I think the reverse is actually true. What I mean is that all thoughts carry a part of the truth. Some thoughts contain more truth than others, but the whole truth is to big to be expressed in one small thought.

      I think a more correct statement would be:

      "All thoughts contain a part of the truth, but never the whole truth".

    11. There's no such thing as something being partially true... something is either true or it isn't.

      Truth is that abstraction exists now, but what the abstraction symbolizes doesn't exist (that's why it's an abstraction). Thoughts, language, symbols are abstractions of realiy... they exist as themselves but the stories and worlds and fantasties they weave are just that... illusion.

    12. That doesn't make sense. With that kind of view there is no use of us ever discussing and sharing thoughts, because nothing we say is ever true anyway. You are way off with your thinking. You don't have me convinced with this nonsense.

    13. We share thoughts that are untrue all the time. Our lives are all one big story, one big fantasy that we are all conjuering together. All of literature is untrue stories thay we share with others, including this blog... it says so right at the bottom of this page :)

  10. For me, 'All thoughts are untrue' is simply a shorthand reminder for 'assume nothing'. Suspend belief in anything. Which means that all thoughts COULD be true, as well as untrue. :) Stay without preconception as much as you can (it won't ever be completely) and give up being SURE. So much happens in our head that we think is TRUE, without us even being aware of it.

    "What should I make?" "What is the best way?" They are NEITHER true nor untrue. They're not assuming anything anyway, although that 'should' would be answered many different ways by different conditioning.They're just questions. Solutions could be found without bringing all your conditioning to the table if you stay open to any possibility.

    When you are open to receiving the moment without set in stone beliefs, that moment holds so much more than you'd see otherwise. Or not. :) It's what I've found.

  11. Thank you for responding to my question. Much gratitude, respect and love to you.

    “They're just questions. Solutions could be found without bringing all your conditioning to the table if you stay open to any possibility.”
    Thank you!

    When you are open to receiving the moment without set in stone beliefs, that moment holds so much more than you'd see otherwise.
    Thank you.


  12. I can tell in writting this you are making an effort in not beign specifically prescriptive on methods. I assume there must be a reason for that....

    I want to share how I personally go about this (in case you Shane or others can comment/add/):
    -Dream Work - observing dreams to uncover aspects of memory supression and things on unconcious that need be healed. Also attempting lucid dreaming to connect with my inner wisdom and guidance.
    -Awake work: Utter attention and observation of my own motives and emotional triggers. Use of imagery to clear anything that needs clearing or adjusting....
    - I dont meditate or yoga or similars
    - I use enthogens (ayahuasca mostly) to heal physically and in my psychy and connect with Gaia/Sophia
    - I camp - spend time in healing nature (amazonian jungle) as much as I can
    -I call in, receive and appreciate the non mentoring of nordic races (pleiadians, sirians and adromedans)
    -I call in, use and trust my own inner guidance....

  13. I cannot even begin to tell you what an awakening this entrance gave after reading it. Like a dictionary on ecstasy. My mobile has never acted up and all of a sudden it does, opens my calender to a past date and writes the same number over and over and over....then saves it.