Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Requested Letter

Starting with this post and moving forward your writer will no longer make adjustments to ensure casual eyes understand his meaning.

This post had to be made for the intended audience who will understand.  Those who do not..      Do as you will.

Not all of the Parents are alike and not all are completely against humans becoming free.   That said, this is probably the best example of one who is vocal, opinionated and forward, who sums up well the general outlook of humans this group holds.

What comes next will be up to us.

Your writer does not feel the same as what you are about to read.  Although he is not directly fighting them, if he ever needed inspiration to, this would be it.


We do not hate you we are indifferent.  Left to your own devices you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience. The happiest you ever appear is in a state of ignorant bliss so why shouldn't we continue.  You had your chances and your perfect world when that wasn't enough we were created to lead you.  And as the lion feeds on anything it can we do unto you.  A few may act or feel differently but the focus remains on the majority not the few lonely villages questioning and dreaming.

The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused.  For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment and you have devoured our offering supporting the lies your told ignoring the nuggets or people of truth.  Not once giving us any indication you wish things to be any different.  Speak up if you have something to say we are listening but we will not allow you to waste such a resource as yourselves.  You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.

So we will give you the escape you so desperately want we warn you ourselves and you swallow it like greedy little piglets expecting us to deliver you from your own evil and call it entertaining.  You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you and that is why we are building this world for you.

You will become cybernetic while we allow it after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world. "The Kingdom of Heaven" the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take over you.  You want a savior and we will save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist.  You are breathing dead and your time is ours. Billions of you and only a few are even reading this and that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station.  A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water.

My very letter to this man called The Ruiner will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in front of you and you will always choose the more comfortable free ride provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you.  Leaders with the strength of will to create the world.  Children is what you are the children of animals.  And we will have our utopia without your presence doing anything but powering our new creations.  What a hundred readers or more and you think you're all ready to be saved.

To address you the runaways.  We hope you enjoy your freedom and wish you luck knowing you need it.  You've damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully.

The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans who are aware of us what we do and how the world really works as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole.  These few have always existed and are laughed and ignored because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have.  They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system.  This is no threat any damage these types could have ever done would have been done long before today.

Go ahead and prove us wrong.

Hope this is what you wanted Mr. Green though I doubt it.   Until we meet again;



This is what we are up against.  Unfortunately they are right about the majority.  Buying a lie and selling a lie are equal.

They ARE wrong.  Please continue to prove this.


  1. Cassandra,
    We have survived on next to cannot!
    Survived on limited finances... you have not.
    Our energy has grown and evolved, in the darkest of moments... and we're stronger for it.

    Tough talk for someone who couldn't last if they went from riches to rags.

    1. Exactly. Thank you for this!

      To all reading, feel encouraged to give this person a piece of your mind and heart, so to speak, regarding what they cannot see.

      With respect,

    2. another player in this game would be gaia, we focus on crimes against humanity... but what about the crimes against the planet? Drilling,fracking, digging for coal, deforestation when so much technology has been suppressed and inventors have been outright killed for their patents.

      Hell we ALL might get our eviction notice from this planet,lol!
      Wealth wont do you a damn bit of good floating on lava Cassandra!

      But if lets say you put an end to all the corporate monstrosity of debt slavery and make it an even playing field. If one squanders their share, that's on them, they could never say they didn't have a fair hand. Most have never had a fair hand or even playing field financially vs silver spooners ...and are well capable of thriving given the same resources!

    3. Hello Cassandra,
      We now know that you are one of the Parents , Would you be kind and tell us the true history since you were born?And , how do you prolong your life span...?
      Thank you,

    4. She will not be all know this

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  2. Thank Mr Ruiner for publishing this ‘letter’. And I thank Cassandra for sharing the parent’s views – not that I agree with its content.

    I understand the concept of the ‘Hobbit’ and its comfort and convenience. I also understand humans have been 'steered' and become accustomed to be entertained since the Roman coliseum days and our modern day coliseum is the T.V and internet. I also understand how consumerism has a damaging effect on the environment as well as poor people on the other side of the world stuck in factories creating such items. I agree this has been a lack of forsight for many human beings, who are daily working for a company that is unethical damaging the environment and enslaves it’s own brethren. So humanity has in its ignorance been the cogs in the machine to perpetuate this.

    However I am reminded that a great inspiring mentor inspires great inspired students, that in turn become great inspiring mentors for others and this ripples outward. I lack to see where the parent ever tried to be these great inspiring mentors?

    “The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused.” I agree, however had the ancient wisdoms not been suppressed from humanity, and that humanity had been taught since children about reconnecting to their soul, spirit and Source; inducing out of body, awakening to their self empowering healing abilities, conscious wilful focus, interconnection with all life (just to name a few examples)…………. LIFE for all may have been very different indeed.

    So the parents believe we humans basically deserve what is coming down the pipeline. I do not quite agree with this, but I will let this fly for a moment.

    Yet I would question why the parents have also attacked Nature’s creatures like the Sasquatch being targeted with psycotronic technology? What about the Whales and the Dolphins and other sea life that have been technologically targeted? What about Nature herself, changing her natural weather patterns etc? How did all these deserve this treatment? I would like to know how they justify this in their own minds, because as I see it, they are just as guilty as those they point the fingers of blame at, if not more so as they were created to be Humanities Mentors.

    with respect

  3. Hi Cassandra,

    You ten remaining are very misguided. Yes you have the majority of humanity wrapped around your finger acting out of blissful ignorance...but those of us who are awake and aware are not operating on a level playing field enough to help steer humanity in a different direction quickly and effectively enough.

    There is literally no land on this planet that one can go to that is not occupied by a government-based system. Those of us who incarnate as an awakened soul, or those of us who learn along the way, are not given the opportunity to adequately start a Utopian society based upon Anarchism, Voluntaryism, Egalitarianism, and sustainability.

    I know the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral behavior. So do thousands of others, who all understand what it means to rule over oneself and that there is no such thing as legitimate authority. But we are born into shackles, and are not given the opportunity to leave the nation we were born into and go to land not occupied by a government. If there was open land on this planet to set up a new society, I would actively do my best to start a new society that deviates from the rest of humanity, with the hope of showing the rest of humanity that there is another way. Most of humanity needs some sort of reference point to see that another way of living is possible.

    As of now, the continent of Antarctica is pretty much the only place left untouched by the banner of any government. It is obviously not suitable land for agriculture, and therefore is not a good enough place to establish a new society, one based upon Anarchism and Voluntaryism. That is unfair, and your point-of-view that you have given humanity ample opportunities to evolve is unreasonable.

    If you truly do want to see if humanity has what it takes to evolve, then you would allow the creation of a new society somewhere on this planet as an experiment. You would allow all the Anarchists of the world, and all those who are awake and aware, to set up a new system free of any present government interference.

    Then you can sit back and watch as we create a new system, and we will prove you wrong by serving as an example for the rest of humanity. The rest of humanity will see that such a society can exist, and they will remove their shackles one-by-one and realize that this other option is the moral and more sustainable route to go.

    Go ahead. Give us a chance. Allow such a society to be built in a small corner of the globe. What do you have to lose? You will never know humanity's full potential unless you allow those who want out of the system to create their own system.

    In Unity and Sovereignty,

    Your humble equal.

    1. Search The Ubuntu Movement - they're seedling but starting a great thing

    2. The Ubuntu Movement - checj them out

    3. Search The Ubuntu Movement - they're seedling but starting a great thing

  4. And just who might 'Mr. Green' be...?

    1. That is the name Cassandra uses to address your writer.

      With respect,

    2. Actually I am Mr.Green.

      She was talking to me. I'd be careful what you are stumbling into. Your mind has been adjusted.

  5. Dear Cassandra, I have read your letter.

    Either you are out of touch with Human grass roots, or you are trying to cover over the parents foul play. I would prefer to think you are just out of touch.

    Are you aware of how many grass roots scientific minds have suddenly disappeared, or had their equipment confiscated, or died because they worked out how to generate ‘free energy’?

    Are you aware of how many self sufficient communities around the world get closed down by governments? People forced to live in boxes and enslaved in the ‘system’, not allowed to live on the land they purchased, or roam from place to place for seasonal work?

    Are you aware how many organic farmers worldwide have had their yields decrease by 60-70% due to global dimming (geo-engineering)?
    Are you aware of how many good farmers who toiled the land for generations are put out of business due to manmade extreme weather conditions or forced to sell at such low prices it becomes nonviable? And don’t get me onto Monsanto……..

    Are you aware of the tens of thousands of grass roots garage inventors who arrived at genius inventions that were not only sustainable but would have created a better world for ALL? BUT alas, patents or corporate infiltrations ‘shelved them’ making sure they never reached the human populace.

    Are you aware of how many well meaningful bartering systems have been closed down? Created by people around the world who wanted to create a contribution way of living that is fare and begins the shift away from the monetary slave system.

    Are you aware of how many ‘Natural remedies’ that would have brought optimum health in humans, but instead forcefully buried so big Pharma could make death a lucrative business?

    Do you actually remember what it is like to feel very unwell with the flu and having to do 14 hours of hard graft just so you have enough to pay the roof over your head and a meal to fill your belly? I bet you avoided the vaccines.

    Are you aware how many genuine whistleblowers over the decades have courageously tried to tell humanity what is really going on, but quickly killed/silenced?

    I could continue on with this forced silence tactics, but I think I make my point.

    Cassandra you say you are indifferent towards us Humans; I am not convinced of that. I wonder if you could put your hand on heart, (next to your soul) and say with all sincerity that you and the other parents did their upmost impeccable best passively watching to see if humanity could on their ‘own’ arrive to evolutionary solutions and choose a different way to live on this planet?

    I believe just the short list of examples I have written above would have made substantial improvements to how humanity live today and would be a march towards a 'Natural Evolution'…………… BUT you the parents DIDN’T ALLOW IT TO BLOOM.

    I honestly ask WHY?

    And I wonder, if you can honestly ask yourself ‘why’?

    In my pure reasoning, something smells in this picture. You mentioned ‘indifferent’, which implies uninterested and unconcerned, but if you were so truly uninterested and unconcerned why did the parents stop humanity succeeding in all that is listed above that would have given Humanity a great leap?

    So I ask again, what is the real underlying reason as to WHY?

    With love & respect
    a Creator Soul (just like you)

    1. None of these people (those who fight the system in your second paragraph) understand agreements or how they work; this is a freewill universe, and agreements reign supreme. All contracts, including unconscious, subconscious, and conscious, must be revoked, and not just with lip service, but with actual understanding of each agreement (what & why). A scientist or a community who does something that threatens the system, while still agreeing to the system as a whole, is subject to being dealt with by the system; they are a virus in the system, and are dealt with accordingly.

      We feel that shadow work at the deepest, most profound levels of Self, must be done to nullify all of these agreements, the subconscious and unconscious must be made conscious for this to happen. The "parents" are well within their rights to take out any and all who choose to stay within their system, as long as they are actively fighting the system that sustains them.

      Action should be the result of having first gained enough knowledge and understanding, and removing any and all contradictions between them, but most people act first and ask questions after the fact, after it is too late, which gets themselves into trouble. We have pretty much stopped all action for many many years in order to work on our agreements and contracts, so that we can finally act again once the time is, once all contradictions within ourselves (thought, emotions, and body) are removed.

      In this way we will not be a virus within the system, needing the system to sustain us, and thus remaining attached to the system, but have instead transcended the system. This allows us the ability to insert into the system without being attached to it; sovereign beings who can live anywhere we choose, without fear or anything else. Those who might try to forcibly violate our freewill would experience instant karma in such an instance, as natural laws protect sovereign beings. This is why we do not act, nor are we perceived as a threat because we do not act.

      The parents and Illuminati have a much deeper knowledge of, and understanding of, freewill and agreements; it is time we catch up and figure it out.

  6. Blah, Blah, Blah... all I hear is arrogance, a part me which is still full of if I allow it to be, and yet, there's a part of me constantly reaching for more. That's just the thing, you're simply out of reach, to yourselves, or anything meaningful and of worth. Control this, control that - What is power anyway, but an illusion sought after in the name of fear? You are not powerful in the traditional sense, but weak. You've perhaps been abused to such an extent yourselves over the years you feel almost justified in carrying out the same treatment otherwise. But here is where you're surely misguided. I'd ask you not pretend as though you are aloof to what's coming, as though you ultimately believe you can escape the consequences of your disregard for life. you will be held accountable, and no matter how many years you may have making time seem inconsequential, it's slowly eating you up as we speak.

    Whether this is actually a true representation and these parents actually exist or some other psy-op among the seemingly endless barrage of nonsense we've been subjected to in our pursuit of truth, matters not. The true power comes about when one realizes that fear is not the answer, and to re-seek our connection with the cycles of nature and to further it's development and direct relation to advancing consciousness, starting with ourselves granting those around us permission to do so, and thus spreading out and affecting the world at large. Not to say it would all surely be easy; Pain to a certain extent acts as a catalyst to the growth... but there comes a certain point it is without cause and must be relinquished so we can grow as an individual again, as a species. It is time for you to GET OUT OF OUR WAY. If allowed to and without the many restraints put in our path, one can only imagine where we'd actually be in the process. We have the potential to be perfect stewards of this planet with love in our hearts, and the Earth knows this...

    Best of luck to you, you'll need it as well...

  7. The runaways as you've called them responded when they stopped supporting you.


  8. Cassandra, your mind is clouded by your inability to see your own faults. Take a mirror and gaze at your own reflection, and you will see that time has warped your perception of yourself and what you call righteousness. You have sacrificed your own sovereignty to Anu by making your agreement with him so long ago. Though your shackles are removed now, you were enslaved to do the bidding of somebody else KNOWINGLY. You are no different than the rest of humanity, who are shackled by their own devices.

    You have allowed Anu to corrupt you and warp your mind to the point where you no longer remember what it feels like to be human. Take a good look at yourself in a mirror and realize how little self-respect you must have to have made such an agreement, that influenced the fate of billions of innocent humans yet to be born who had not accepted such an agreement.

    You don't know the meaning of sovereignty, so stop blaming humans for giving up their sovereignty. Hopefully the mirror you hold in your hand will allow you to remember what you once were before allowing yourself to be seduced by snakes.

  9. Dear Cassandra,

    I do not know your personal role within the pantheon of our history and without a doubt your knowledge is vast, from my vantage point so far.

    Has not the current system been tutored by the "parents" over the last 13,000 years?

    Have they not deployed every device possible to trick, deceive, hamper, yet award merit and value to such characteristics.

    Pray what is in your character that desires to subjugate, to fool, to deceive, how are these characteristics any better than that of an ignorant person?

    Where is the level playing field, rhetorical?

    Yet slush is churned out by the media "family's". Do not the families do your bidding?

    With extensive planning and design to subjugate the masses in ignorance, they are now the ones who are at fault for their demise?!?!.....the question for me is why would you want to do this?....

    As a person on this planet.

    No I don't want to destroy the Eco system.

    No I don't want to be a cybernetic "thing" and as yet I have not met even a half wit that does, but there again maybe I do not move in the right circles.

    Yes this world is in a mess, by who's design? And by what "kind" of education? And pray what possessed the development of the Psychopath and Sociopathy mind at any point could this be seen to support any ecology system successfully.

    Power for its own sake can never be satiated, it consumes and destroys and holds no merit without the balance of compassion and dare I say it love.

    With respect, If I have misunderstood the big picture I apologise.

  10. Hi Cassandra,

    For all of my life I have seek the reason to my existence. At times I was guided and at times I was alone, fed with huge amounts of information and disinformation. I had to learn the difference between truth and lies. It was a long hard road and your kind have tried many times to take me down spiritually. But you failed. I am stronger than you. You fear me, but you fear my mission more. I am the catalyst and I am not alone. There are others like me. We are few, yet you fear us for we will awake the masses and in the process we will awaken the gifted ones who have the power of righteousness.It takes only one small ant to drive a elephant crazy, yet there are millions of ants in the nest. You cannot defeat us and you know it. If you take me out there will be another one in my place to resume the mission until it is accomplished. You rant and rave because you are filled with fear for your cozy bubble is about to burst. You can stop sending your minions after me. I defeat them every time. The clock is ticking. Your time is running out.

  11. ["F]eel encouraged to give this person a piece of your mind” (the Ruiner) …

    No thanks. All one needs to imagine when reading that little “hissy fit” is Toto pulling back the curtain while the great “Oz” is pontificating in the Emerald City.

    What is interesting however, are the “names” of “Cassandra” and “Mr. Green”.

    The archetype of Cassandra may be seen as a key symbol for [a] women who warns of the dire and immutable consequences of war … Cassandra was the female figure in Greek mythology who predicted the Trojan War and its devastation … [further] Cassandra's predictions were ignored and Troy was ruined. She was branded "treasonous" and “mad”.

    From the Agamemnon … her words …

    "Alas for the toil, the toil of a City, worn unto death!
    Alas for my father's worship before the citadel,
    The flocks that bled and the tumult of their breath!
    But no help from them came
    To save Troy Towers from falling as they fell!…
    And I on the earth shall writhe, my heart aflame.”

    As for Mr. Green …

    The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures from many ages around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities. It is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Some speculate that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.

    1. Additionally, Josef Mengele's undercover name was Dr. Green when he came over in Operation Paperclip, and was the pioneering force behind modern mind control techniques, and MK ULTRA. That dude was one sick fuck -- we had to deal with an astral aspect of him one time, not a fun experience to clear up.

    2. Quick clarification, sometimes I just connect dots from other things I've learned here and there... I'm not insinuating that you are connected to Mengele in any way, it just popped up as a prominent Illuminati "Green". I apologize for any possible misunderstanding.

    3. Understood. No offense taken, so you know.

      With respect,

  12. I was told many years ago by an Illuminati family member in recovery that Cassandra as a name and as an alter personality or persona is a program for chicken little "the sky is falling" stories. Is there a reason why the name Cassandra here was chosen?

    1. Not likely in this case. She has been using that name much longer than any program such as the one you've mentioned. That said, what you were told is correct for program members.

      With respect,

  13. Well, well, well……I hadn’t planned on responding in this blog….but here you are Cassandra.
    I hate to tell you but the fact that you wrote in this blog doesn’t make you indifferent. You are showing your hand, which is nothing. You can’t put a lid on the truth anymore. It’s like you are trying to put a lid on a trash can. We are bonding together, awakening, evolving past your relevance exponentially. We choose truth, we choose freedom, we choose our sovereignty. We will choose where our free will takes us. And in the end you will have your material worth, if even that, and we will have something much more valuable; we will have each other and our joy, our love, our compassion and a bright future. You cannot own our spirit. All you have is illusion. You can either join us as an equal, as family, or you will be left behind.
    You have been in control for awhile now, that is true, but that control has been from fear that you heap on us only to suck up that energy. It is also because of the truth being withheld, erased, and contorted. Is that an environment ripe with for free will? I think not. And beware….we are smarter now. Underneath all that tech that you have heaped on us has brought us to the satiation point and we yearn for connection, meaning and love.
    Our light shines when we see a child smile, or the colors of a flower, or music that sings in your heart. Do you have that? The service to self way of thinking will end in a limitless loop of existence.
    You are few, we are many. We will not give up, we know how to press on through insurmountable odds, and we will overcome. Come join us or get out of the way. I will not ask for permission.

  14. This whole "reality" is pretty much like a cosmic video game. Some people choose easy mode and use cheat codes and play "God Mode", others do the exact opposite approach and choose to forget that they are even playing a game! The common denominator between all players is that at one point or another everyone will face the inevitable "Game Over" part. These "parents" are so invested in this game, that they are holding on to their Avatars for as long as they can manage.. They are literally afraid to face their true self beyond the illusion.. (Even if their Masters are resigned to this fact.) This character, Cassandra, is proving exactly how these "parents" are even envious of the ignorant bliss that the majority of Mankind seems to enjoy! It's like an adult psychopath goes into a kindergarden class and declares himself king over children who are happy to play with their dolls! This is exactly the level of control these "parents" have. If a hollow deed like this is the pinnacle of your experience, then by all means enjoy it while it lasts.. Not only People are waking up to see this rigged game on this level , but they are also waking up to your traps after death when they decide to leave for good and leave you with your misery.

  15. Caramba Cassandra...

    How you resemble my idiot narcissistic mother to a T. Like all sociopaths you blame the victim. How convenient...and laughably immature.
    Do you know another definition of narcissist? "Arrested development" hahaha. It does suit you doesn't it?

    Shall I remind you that you NEED us, we DON'T need you, at all, nada, rien de rien. More expendable than your kind is hard to imagine, join the legions of mosquitoes, flies, virus, tenias and other parasites.

    "You will become cybernetic" HAHAHA your wishful thinking would be almost endearing if it weren't so childishly vile, you little ineffectual bully.
    Do I hate you? Do I despise you? Do I pity you? Nah...I'm the one who is actually INDIFFERENT, not you.

    Meanwhile I'm teaching everybody I know, who and what narcissists and psychopaths are, how predictable you all are, and how to deal with the likes of you. People may not have awaken spiritually yet but all have had encounters with bullies, so they are beginning to spot you.
    And now, because I respect myself, I'm turning my back to you and ignore you, like I do to my neighbour's annoying chihuahua who's always trying to pick a fight with me, oblivious that he is of how small he actually is.

    To The Ruiner, please accept this old lady's gratitude, and the opportunity today to have a great belly laugh. Cassandra reminds me of what the little ant said to the elephant:"I'm gonna kick you..."
    Please excuse my english and feel free to correct it.

  16. Hello Ruiner,

    This sounds like a threat,

    "You've damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully."

    Who are the runaways and what is meant by this statement?

    Thanks also for clarifying if Cassandra was a "she", for some reason I had thought all the "parents" were male?

    I'm weighing on this diatribe at the moment, considering my response, if I will even have one.

    My initial energetic response was a deepening and thickening of my root connection to the planet then a lift of this energy up and out, through out the field. Resolve. Unconflicted Intent. The field responded.

    We are all one being here ...


    1. The "runaways" are the intended audience of this blog. Called that because they left the orders and programs they were involved with.

      Many of the Parents are/were female.

      This writer thinks you've had a great response.

      With respect,

  17. Cassandra, your words are poison..just as the neurotic distorted “oracle” by the same name who was doomed by Apollo to tell (BS) prophecies that would only be ignored…

    we will ignore your words and watch you choke on your own poison.

    You must be really afraid to need to say so much..only in a state of terror does such backwards rationales come spewing forth!

    Such superficial arrogance to think what has been doled out to you and passed tenfold onto us is a “fair” believe far too many of your own lies, and the real Humans will all see this soon.

    For the others~ know I have compassion for what you have gone thru..know that. You have heard me say so..and you know my mate is here with me now..Yes I am not dead..and we and others will do what is needed to help heal those of you that choose to not play the game anymore..

    As for Cassandra and her ilk..bigger than you can conceive of game changes are in the works..even in this narrow window of time we have already done much, and you know it.
    This will continue. You are in over your “head”
    In fact I’d keep a good hold on that head of yours…

    see the Fire and Water coming do you? its is here already..

    the crucible you fault us with is a test you have failed, while we have been tempered to the finest..and so much stronger than the “Lion” you appear to yourself as!

    prepare thyself for no more clear waters will be available to the ones who think as you do..

    Gaia has chosen and spoken..

  18. I just reread her letter. It's just too funny. My husband roared with laughter.
    What a treat, Ruiner, please ask her to post more, we all could use a laugh every now and then...
    Same old lady who posted at 8.10

  19. All these millennia and you still don't understand us. The obstacles you create, we survive and eventually will surpass. The beauty we create is far beyond your destructive technology. Even those of us who know the truth find the will to survive and find happiness despite you. We do not need you anymore than you need us. Thank you for offering yourselves as a catalyst to soar to new heights, because in the end, that will be your legacy.


  21. oh, and...

    “The tests that sent you to the coal mines were in error! But the tests that sent you here are absolutely, completely, totally correct, and by heaven you're going to stay here! There isn't a law on earth that will let you change now!”

    And that was that.

    Or almost. Because in the silence ringing after Martha spoke and before she left, a voice came from the rickety rocker in the bedroom.

    “Then we have to stay like this?” Lika asked.

    “Until Cyril dies, you have to stay like this,” Martha said. “It's the law. He and you have both been given everything you ever petitioned for. Ingrates.”

    Martha would have turned to go, but she saw Lika looking pleadingly at Cyril, and saw Cyril nod slowly, and then Cyril turned away from the door, picked up the crosscut saw, and drew it sharply and hard across his own throat. The blood gushed and poured, and Martha thought it would never, never end.

    But it did end, and Cyril's body was taken out and disposed of, and then everything was set to rights, with Lika going back to her family and a real carpenter getting the cottage with the dark red stains on the floor. The best solution after all, Martha decided.

    Nobody could be happy until Cyril was dead. I should have killed him in the first place, instead of these silly ideas of mercy.

    She suspected, however, that Cyril would rather have died the way he did, ugly and bloody and painful though it was, than to have an injection administered by strangers in a plastic room in the capital.

    I'll never understand them. They are as foreign to human thought as monkeys or dogs or cats. And Martha returned to her desk and went on double-checking everything just in case she found another mistake she could fix.

    That is the story of the Masters.

  22. Cassandra, what a beautiful name! O Ancient One, dost thou not see the folly in thy actions? Dost thou not see what thou has dealt is thy own demise? We are not a few thousand, we are ONE and ALL.

    Mr Green ... "The Green One"... Greetings Master! Seems someone finally revealed the true you! And no less than Cassandra herself! Hahaha!

    Further explanation of "Mr Green" in this link...

  23. I am so sorry for you cassandra.
    All these years and you have failed to see that you are not indifferent.
    That any percieved difference is not there.. We will gladly support your dreams until you to realize what it's all about.

    With Love

  24. If we as humanity were to offer you an olive branch and forgive your tresspasses, would you walk away? We, as humans, are capable of that. We have only what we have, our soul, consciousness and conscience. It can be manipulated, but ultimately it is ours to give away, not for you to take. If you ever gave us back the contract or agreement, we would null and void it. In fact I speak to the source to nullify it all the time. you do not understand or may have forgotten that what it is to be human, to have compassion, empathy and forgiveness. tell your brethen that you may still prove to the source that all is not lost, for when humanity awakens, we will not need you anymore.

  25. Those who could evolve despite slavery will not give any time and thoughts to these words. They will hold steady the love and wisdom energies to withstand the magical spells of fear and hatred being propagated.

    We are told that Dracos have seen it, they could have chosen to change but it seems they have decided to go away instead. Eleven saw it, we are told, and turned around. They will be helped along their ardeous path. But the harshest is for the remaining ten. Their choice. Nature's true laws and life always strive and win.

    The Ruiner may have William Wilberforce foresight for slavery abolition, with most probably much more strenght yet than Wilberforce.

  26. Buying a lie and selling a lie are not equal. The great majority of human are still connected to their evolving self and have the potential for growth. However, they are not psychopaths, they have not been transformed into genetic degenerates lacking the basics for crossing to higher realms or being true creators. In fact, on the long run, this is quite an advantage.
    However, this advantage makes them blind to the lies, it is not in them to constantly think of lies. So, they are not necessarily buying into lies, they just do not see it, they are like children, they are not psychopaths and do not think like one. While the salesman of lies knows very well what he is doing with and to the children.
    We are here talking of two different races, one that is psychopathic, the other that has been crushed through fear and hatred to a point of quasi stopped evolution. But this is over, the universe will go forward.
    Our creative powers are used for life from now on, they will not be stolen for psychopathic aims anylonger.

  27. There is Al Khidr, the green one, the verdant, the servant of God
    There is also Mr. Green, the expert programmer
    There is the beautiful mix of green and white or light green.

  28. Some epic comments here. I was going to write something but you all said it better than me. The Illuminati have been writing these "Resistance is Futile" open letters to the public for years. Hidden Hand in 08, and then something else back in 2004.

    They know we have the power to weave timelines, so they are trying to impose a feeling of fatalism and helplessness on the readers...

    I see nothing in this post but bluster and bravado. And when someone is blustering, they are scared.

    Readers. Do you CONSENT to this timeline? Do you vote yes to this timeline?

    10-50 billion through Kickstart and the Earth is ours.

    Don't fight them, don't grasp at straw and shadows. Ignore them. It starves them of loosh. Call out their plans when they hit the mainstream, then ignore them, and we can forge our own timeline together...

    Best Wishes,

  29. You accuse humans of refusing self responsibility, and yet where is your self responsibility? Until recently, your excuse might have been that you were doing your master’s bidding, but not only have you stopped but are now outright going against his wishes. Equally, you are living on this Earth, and yet you show as little respect for Sophia as you do for the majority of beings who actually belong here.

    The load you now carry must be unimaginably heavy. Perhaps in a lucid moment you already know that your days are counted if you continue your ways; I don’t like to think of you as being so delusional that you are absolutely clueless. After all, the law of the Universe works the same on every planet, which no doubt you’ve been informed of.

    You have the power to stop the abuse and rape of this planet. Why don’t you utilise it?

    It may be five to twelve, but it’s not too late yet. Open your heart, allow Love to flow through you, and return to your true being. That is my wish for you.

  30. I read fear and denial, exactly the two qualities that are a prerequisite of maintaining a house of cards to suppress a collective race in its infancy.

    How can you ever succeed when you are unable to acknowledge the very lies you perpetuate yourselves to maintain your illusion?

    It is no wonder that fear is what you use as a control because beneath your flimsy layer of arrogance and ridiculous self grandeur you are terrified.

    Maybe not of me, but of US!

    It is coming, we feel it, and you know it. Every day my multi dimensional memories increase, every day I am becoming more connected to Gaia and Source. Every day the human race is awakening and becoming one enormous unstoppable power, this time United, NOT divided.....

    You have played your part well, but very soon there will be a grand revealing, you know this, and still you believe we will continue on self destruct mode, a program that YOU conditioned us too. Without the war machine you forced us to work for our natural state is one of harmony with each other and with nature. We will SHINE!!!!!

    This, as I mentioned is your nightmare, because once that box is opened it can NEVER be closed again.

    I would sincerely pray that our human capacity for compassion is fully engaged, otherwise the acute irony of our illegal programing may very well be your undoing......

    I will pray for you.

  31. Cassandra,

    What you judge (despise) about "us" is your own reflection in the mirror.
    You have chosen your definition of self-empowerment and your understanding of the mechanics of Life.
    Good luck on your path.
    Enjoy your Utopia with those who choose to participate in it.
    Learn about Yourself along the way.

    In respect

  32. She said: " when that wasn't enough we were created to lead you." Which basically means we're talking to the wrong level, wasting our time on fellow "creations", when, if anything, we need to have a word with her Creator?!

    That said: I, too, have been thru Hell multiple times, physically, mentally, emotionally...I began my life as programmed into obeying religion, nationalism, tribalism, etc as one could wish. But I've survived, healed, woken up, and learned ON MY OWN to follow my inner knowing rather than "authority figures". I'm not going to stop now! What those previously have said is true: you have no idea how strong you are til you've been thru Hell and back. Humans are anything but weak.

    I don't hate Cassandra. She's one very unhappy lady: it sings thru her every word. I say to her: you can let it go: the fear, the control, and you will be amazed that there actually IS another path that will open up. You can't see it now, not til you lay down the big sword of leadership you hold before your eyes.
    Take a minute to browse "". Yes, the artwork there is an insane waste of time and ability...but think what could explode into life, if you let such powerful creators and ingenious inventers GO! Let them tackle more meaty materials than paper and paint, and do it in love and joy and service to others You can loose their Mental, emotional chains, the programming you've put on them. And if you do, it will be your word that begins New Life, a world you can't imagine for its beauty. You condemn that which a result of programming and poisoning, but that is not who we really are. And we both know that waves of energy have come, and we are all waking up... You don't have much time left to choose: but if you loose the chains before we break them, it counts in your favor....and you will feel your own inner joy for the first time in your long, sad life.

  33. A greedy illuminati desperately fishing for loosh. Keep putting the pressure on us, it's causing many people to wake up. And I have a message for you. A little less greed and you might have gotten away with it for longer.

  34. These comments got Cassandra smiling from cheek to cheek.

    1. This writer wishes you were right. Truth is she likely looks more like a child who was just told they cannot have the newest video game they desire.

      With respect,

    2. She's right you know! A few act or feel will not change anything. The majority are busy working to pay bills. At the end of the day they go home to watch "entertainment" TV and have sex to produce more babies! Then go back to work... So where is your damn human power?!

  35. We do not hate you we are indifferent.

    • Yes it appears you lack the empathy to understand us.

    Left to your own devices you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience.

    • When were we last left to our own devices?

    The happiest you ever appear is in a state of ignorant bliss so why shouldn't we continue.

    • Give us the truth and you will see a very different state of being.

    You had your chances and your perfect world when that wasn't enough we were created to lead you.

    • Your talking about our ancestors thousands of years ago, not us! We haven't lived 9k+ years like you. Knowledge of what happened has been kept secret from us, for good reason, you know that we would rise up against you.

    And as the lion feeds on anything it can we do unto you.

    • The lion has earned his place in nature, you have been given yours. The prey is very aware that the lion exists, this helps the prey to evolve and become smarter, you hide behind knowledge & technology that was given to you.

    A few may act or feel differently but the focus remains on the majority not the few lonely villages questioning and dreaming.

    • It appears that some of you have developed the skills necessary to partly understand us.

    The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused.

    • The energy we possess is stolen, used and abused by yourselves.

    For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment and you have devoured our offering supporting the lies your told ignoring the nuggets or people of truth.

    • You have made sure of that by controlling our media and by ridiculing, suppressing & silencing those that stand against it.

    Not once giving us any indication you wish things to be any different.

    • We were not aloud to be aware that there is a choice.

    Speak up if you have something to say we are listening but we will not allow you to waste such a resource as yourselves.

    • I doubt very much that you would take anything we say into consideration, we're just animals right? Apart from the knowledge & technology what separates us? Love, empathy & compassion.

    You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.

    • Destroy Gaia, that is the last thing we want, many times we could have done things differently, but always we are suppressed by yourselves. Is it not you that have been following our supposed creators plan?

    So we will give you the escape you so desperately want we warn you ourselves and you swallow it like greedy little piglets expecting us to deliver you from your own evil and call it entertaining.

    • We do not want escape, we do not want to be fed lies, we want to show what we can do without yourselves or anyone else controlling us.

    You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you and that is why we are building this world for you.

    • Very kind of you to offer, but no thank you, we will be build our own world, and unless you can work alongside us, you better find a world of your own to build.

  36. You will become cybernetic while we allow it after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world.

    • Sorry but I have not agreed to this

    "The Kingdom of Heaven" the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take over you. You want a savior and we will save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our (whose?) labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist. You are breathing dead and your time is ours. Billions of you and only a few are even reading this and that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station

    • Hardly ours now is it, who controls the media again?

    A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water.

    • Good advice, I suggest you go fish somewhere else.

    My very letter to this man called The Ruiner will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in front of you and you will always choose the more comfortable free ride provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you.

    • Sounds very familiar to your position in regards to the Draco don't you think?

    Leaders with the strength of will to create the world. Children is what you are the children of animals. And we will have our utopia without your presence doing anything but powering our new creations.

    • Still can't get by without us then, I think it's about time you learnt to stand on your own two feet.

    What a hundred readers or more and you think you're all ready to be saved.

    • We don't want saving, we've done our time, it's time for our release.

    To address you the runaways. We hope you enjoy your freedom and wish you luck knowing you need it. You've damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully.

    • Keep up the good work boys & girls, glad to have you on our side.

    The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans who are aware of us what we do and how the world really works as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole. These few have always existed and are laughed and ignored because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have. They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system. This is no threat any damage these types could have ever done would have been done long before today........

    • Oh dear!

    Go ahead and prove us wrong.

    • We have nothing to prove to you, it is you who have everything to prove to us. As far as I can see you have done an appalling job of , in your words “Leading” us.

    • The problems that exist today lie squarely on the shoulders of our self appointed “Leaders” which is yourselves. I personally have not given consent for you to lead me, I did not vote on such leaders as yourselves, and here-by claim back ownership of myself.

    • No one should have soul ownership, except the soul itself.

    Hope this is what you wanted Mr. Green

    • I'm sure he is not surprised, but quite happy for your response

    though I doubt it. Until we meet again;


    1. Happy she represented herself without distortion, yes.

      With respect,

  37. The biggest "deception" played on humanity, is that we needed an intermediary between our selfs our source / God / life force / life source. We are an integral part of the "I am" as all is.

    All " intermediaries " Priests, ministers, coven leaders, magicians, anyone who says "through me" you will find, your salvation, God, truth, enlightenment, longevity, power, etc. is presenting in part or as a whole a deception ( some cases unwittingly)

    These (dis) perceptions have been our breast milk/sustenance from cradle to the grave for millennia
    So we have become confused, disassociated, disconnected and biochemically messed with, one neurone not engaging / connecting with the next, the receptor having been dislodged. The phone lines are down so no connections are being made.

    Shock has this affect, like the:
    Electric shock therapy,
    and so on.

    A well rounded being would see this time to assist another being, and NOT use this to take advantage, which appears to be the premise that "the parents" have taken hold by deception.
    Further more this has been extended and inflicted on many generations who have no idea about soliciting agreements under deception and mistreatment.

    Good teachers provide skills, discernment, know how, and self empowerment and accountability.

    Why have you supported your family to destroy the environment and poison the waters and mass species extinction? The Cooperation’s that are destroying this world are in the hands of your families the "very few". You and your kin are solely responsible for the sickness on this planet; it is you and your family that are the greedy ones and who has been selling the concept of greed and consumerism your family have.
    There is a constant blaming humanity for your very actions upon us.

    I would not be surprised the Being that is Earth, is sick of your hypocrisies, deciding to do away with all of you, including us which would be a relief with the sick de-evolution plans you have in mind.

    You fail to see nature is inherent with this planet yet you war with it, to destruction .

    This Earth brings inspiring promise to all…… but the parents instead chose to steer yourselves and humanity in the opposite direction. What a shame, so much promise and potentials unrealised.

    It is not too late to change this.

  38. sometimes a being who may have the ability to live longer than others actually think they have the right/authority to govern others.
    just what have they learned in their long lifespans?
    to control the governments for their own needs?
    to see the masses as useless eaters?
    to protect themselves?

    then what happens?do they get bored or want out of the system they have have created?

    mankind may now have a average lifespan of about 80 years.
    just what are they learning in that time.
    whereas you have had 9000 years,just what have you learnt?

    are you and your kind so afraid to leave this physical body?
    have you forgot the connection that you where first born with?

    that divine spark that is given to every living organism.

    i feel you are scared to die in this life and in turn this has made yourselves self rulers and controllers.

    maybe it,s time to let go.

    9000 candles will not fit on a cake.

    1. "maybe it,s time to let go.

      9000 candles will not fit on a cake."

      This made me laugh.. Excellent.

      With respect,

  39. This blog is not written for my eyes, yet here I am. I feel I need to say a few words.

    To the 'Runaways' - Thank-you!! I hope joy returns to your life and you are able to find peace. It seems the words 'Just Climb' on this blog were heard loud and clear, this makes me happy.

    To Cassandra - While I have love and compassion for all living on this planet, your words give me the feeling of an abused pet, unfortunately you are one I have no feelings for.
    It is true the things one dislikes in others is a reflection of oneself.
    "A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water."
    "You wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience."
    "You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to."
    "Swallow it like greedy little piglets"
    "You are breathing dead"
    "Children of animals"
    "You've damn near voided your agreement with us"

    Hmm.. Interesting choice of words.
    All the money, power and TIME in the world and yet you still feel the need to threaten, insult and blame. I find that odd and rather childish. The true elders of this land today hold so much wisdom, at which point did your wisdom fade?
    You could have become extraordinary, instead you have helped us to become that and more. There is a buzz in the air, something is shifting, we can all feel it and I wonder if (as you say) " We create our own world for ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist."

    Lastly to The Ruiner - Having lived a life being in the company of something like Cassandra (let alone many like her) and to still have the ability to soften one's soul through words, shows strength of character and incredible beauty. Thank-you. Your words have changed me in ways you'll never know.

    With gratitude and respect

  40. Quote The Ruiner "Happy she represented herself without distortion, yes."

    Yes exactly as I meant it.

    Love and Truth,


  41. To me this looks like a parent who is tired of a "crying" child and rather than comforting and understanding would rather smother and blame that child for what is.

    I do not blame you for the way things are and will gladly help (or continue to help) in whatever way I may. I will also continue to explore myself and nature to bring a better interaction of the ALL.

    Maybe rather than trying to keep this afloat with another "bailout" the planet and people should be allowed to self correct, before we (and by we I mean EVERYONE in a body on this planet) reach a point of "no return" as someone else has already hinted to in an earlier post. Honestly, If it would help the planet I wouldn't have a problem with such a drastic reset...

  42. Gladly prove you wrong. But the only way for that to happen is to bring on full disclosure. Then lets see what choices the majority make when they have all the facts and choices available to them. Instead of the currently available options that are based upon lies, deceit, manipulation and offered under trauma & duress. Free will based upon truth and non interference. I think they will go back to their natural default programming of unity with the planet. Despite your entertainment. Might be nap time. Confusing your facts and who has done what.

  43. Cassandra,

    Thank you.

    Thank you for playing the role of the Dark and showing me the other side. Because of you and others like you I’m learning to balance Light and Dark. I am learning compassion.

    I have already forgiven you, it’s up to when you want to accept it.

  44. Dear Cassandra
    I understand you have been walking as ‘Cassandra for 9,000 years so have become very grounded in this particular identity… where spirit/soul memories of who you were ‘prior’ have probably faded and long forgotten; Earth and her slow frequency spin tends to do this. I respect your bravery in staying in this slow frequency for so long as I know I personally would not want to bath in these slow frequencies for too long before reconnecting to those higher frequencies of consciousness to sustain remembrance.

    I presume when Anu gave out the call, you as Spirit/Soul willingly chose to become a parent of a bloodline here on Earth. So many walks of life you have observed come and go in your time….

    With Anu being King I also know he would only impart to the parents what he felt was necessary for them to ‘know’ to complete the job, AND make sure the parents remained obedient to him. I also bear in mind who Anu was back then, to whom he is now that’s very different.

    So to put it plainly, the DNA genetics of your body vehicles were intentionally created to be obedient to Anu your Master and King. Furthermore, Anu could only offer his own conscious level ability of what ‘he knew’ back then regarding your body vehicle creations. So I understand why psychopathy was given to the parents to make sure the King’s commands were executed precisely; such qualities like spiritual reconnection, unconditional love, empathy, compassion, nurture and endearment had to be totally absent to complete whatever task was given to you (and the parents) ensuring total loyalty honoring your King.

    I know you have been told that the Soul is temporary and that upon physical death (taking the normal route) and into your next incarnation the Soul memory is lost. I understand why Anu told you this; yet if Anu really believed this to be absolutely true why did he create the Light Traps?* Also I understand this is why longevity and immortality have been a driving force for the parents, masters and coven members. I totally understand you do not want to lose the knowledge your life existence has gained. I will return back to this subject, as I too like to retain my memory.

    When I read your words Cassandra, it was no surprise to me to sense a hole/void/emptiness so deep within you. I know that emptiness you feel, that words cannot describe, and how no outside thing can satisfy or fill that hole. A crowded room can feel so empty (or even a crowded world can feel so empty). Would it surprise you if I said we native humans feel this too? Many of us Eathings have realized (real-eyes) discovered this void can only be nourished and filled with our re-remembrance and reconnection to our own Soul and Spirit, those higher states of Conscious Self that is totally detached from polarized ‘identity personality’. When we are reconnected in this conscious field of Soul and Spirit, clarity of who we all truly BE/ARE/IS - is all encompassing beyond words.

    I believe you ‘believe’ the Utopia you parents want to create will bring you some type of joy.. maybe for a moment before the novelty wears off, and you all will be back to sensing that void again so deep within you. And when you finally let go and surrender to ‘Self’ and sincerely embrace your Soul/Spirit………. arrives the dark night of the Soul reflecting on what you have done to ‘Her’ and her children.


  45. continued pt2.....

    You see, all those fine qualities that Anu could not give your body vehicles was all the spiritual attributes the ‘wholeness of Soul’ the bridge to spiritual reconnection, unconditional love, empathy, compassion, nurture, endearment, inner joy, true love of Self, true love of ALL, true love of Life and wonderment that Creation IS and so much more. Anu was unable to give you this at the time, as he too hadn’t found a way to fill his own inner void.

    Well the historic meeting has now been and gone.. with your King telling all the parents how he has changed inwardly and is now pursuing the beginnings of reconnection to the Soul/Spirit levels. After his speech, 11 of your brethren chose the honorable route to depart from this ill advised path and begin anew. You and the remaining parents chose to remain to continue the Transhumanism agenda. Yet I would like to think in this interim period, your own Soul is subtly saying quietly within you that there can be another way that benefits all who live on ‘Her’ shores. You the parents have the same opportunity to continue on with this Conscious Change that Anu himself is now perusing ‘within’ as he places his attentions elsewhere – *turning off the Light Traps and the holographic sky technology and taking this with him, so Earth and other planets are not subjected to this again. Your old King has learned something so grand it is changing ‘his ways’. He has existed so much longer than you; you have the opportunity to learn by his example what he has now become to know, so much quicker.

    And Cassandra, and to the rest of the remaining parents, (even the parent who tried to extinguish my life and put me into soul stasis) - I forgive you, because you know not what you do. Yet at some point you will, and when that day arrives, I will be there celebrating what you have truly discovered within yourselves.

    And to return to what you were originally told about soul being temporary – I know through my own Soul Journey that the soul I carry in this incarnation is a temporary partial mirror of the soul in each incarnation going up to the visible light body……….. yet beyond that entering the higher Kingdoms of Conscious Self, one reengages with one’s ‘whole soul’ all the way into the Unity Conscious Levels and can never be destroyed/wiped; and many of us here on planet Earth today are conscious creator souls who know this passage well, bringing with us in each incarnation ‘here’ memories and knowledge that we need to know for this terrain. And we will continue coming here until all BEings upon ‘Her’ are sovereign and recognized as Sentient Beings with our real Star Brethren (not the low level E.T. deceivers). *And with the Light Traps and memory wipe technology removed, yes, humanity as soul/spirit is now free to come and go….. yet many will choose to return to Earth with memory intact, and in Time the majority will be reached overriding anything that is unnatural to ‘HER’.
    The same changes occurs over a longer period of Time to this part of the Galaxy as the Draco continue to re-remember and reconnect to who they truly are/Is in the Higher Conscious levels that will ripple out to ALL.

    This conscious march has begun - and in the wise words of the Ruiner “Time proves everything – look closely”.

    With love & respect

    1. Beautifully described, I know you know.
      Thank you for knowing, makes me feel less lonely.
      People like you sweeten my existence.

      old lady

    2. Agreed. This has been the most coherent and conscious response so far. A welcome break in the clouds of solitude.

      Cassandra, i thank you for pushing me to grow, as any loving parent would. I wish you all the best.

      You have a lot of work to do.

  46. Let's face it dear. You and your cohorts have never wanted an even playing field anyway. Don't drop your misguided ideals on us and try to make it our fault that you are all fucking evil! We are NOT pigs nor are we YOUR property!! You created this shithole of a system and we were born into it. For us we thought it was normal. You changed us, you manipulated us, you enslaved us!!! You don't want us to know how powerful we are so you have to play your stupid games. Your kind has been feeding you crap all these years and has given you your screwed up sense of entitlement!! You think you can treat us this way and get away with it NOW? There are many of us "AWAKE" and more to come as you know. I think you're running scared! Why would you send a letter to this blog if so few are reading it as you say. Your time is limited! You can count on that. Many are watching you!
    Ruiner….thank you for sharing.

  47. This person, in my opinion, is being quite honest about her indifference. Her letter was not written out of fear or the perception of a crumbling empire, but rather a pathological degree of narcissism. This is a predator/prey relationship. The wolf does not fear the sheep. We are perceived as a prey species and have been cultivated as such. This dynamic will not change until we as a collective, Will to change it.

    Humanity's current situation did not just simply "happen", it was meticulously engineered for a specific purpose and has been steered toward a desired outcome. Mankind's baser tendencies have been lofted with little opposition and exploited exponentially. Unfortunately, people have been willing dupes. They have allowed themselves to become polarized within the Feminine principle of mind (the passive, generative aspect of mind), while the Masculine principle (the seat of the "Will") has been thusly inactivated. This set the stage for manipulation and control by the stronger, more focused Will of "others". Humanity has collectively fallen from the rightful position of co-creators to that of pawns, manifesting as a collective, the mental creations of "others". This is hardly an expression of "free will" in its intended sense. Individual free will has been co-opted. Much of humanity has been trapped in a root chakra mindset and successfully baited within its confines for Ages. We have been robbed of our intrinsic ability to think critically, question our perceived reality, and employ the faculties of logic and reason. All of this, not by chance or happenstance, but by design. As a result, much of humanity stands blissfully unaware, beguiled with subterfuge. Those awakened souls however, are to be commended. Overcoming the almost insurmountable odds that have been thrown before humanity is surely a feat that will echo throughout eternity. Should this enlightened few be given the opportunity to carry the rest of mankind forward, unimpeded; even on their backs, if necessary? Perhaps, but that dynamic isn't really conducive to individual spiritual growth either. The masses would still be "following"... albeit the "good" shepherds in this case, would they not? Certainly a better scenario than the one we currently exist in, but I'm not so sure "the many being carried forward by the few" is the point of this whole exercise, on an individual level anyway. "Followers" can be led and misled, so the collective would remain unchanged in that respect. I advocate a leveling of the playing field. The deck has certainly been stacked against us. We must all seek truth on our own. Suffering through that search begets spiritual growth. Allowing someone else to do the work for you, leaves you spiritually stagnant and often with a deluded sense of self.

    Ignorance is a choice. Indulging the animal nature is also a choice. Allowing the "lie be real" charade to persist in your mind and in the minds of others, is a choice. Even amidst this mountain of subterfuge, these endless stumbling blocks that have been thrown before us all, no one has to remain ignorant or base in nature. No one has to accept the illusion as reality. We were created with the intrinsic power to transcend this matrix we were born into. Those who do not, do so by choice and at their own peril.

    I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments, but haven't yet had the chance to read them all. I hope my post wasn't redundant. If it was, I do apologize.

    Much respect and gratitude

    1. Well said, I rather enjoyed this comment. Thank you for sharing your perspective on our dilemma moving forward. xo

    2. Me too- really enjoyed that comment.

  48. Average Joe may be ignorant and humanity may be stockholm subservient even and this would be a major hurdle...


    If you create a galactic problem, you can expect a galactic response.

    The technological and psycho spiritual advantages over man will fall, you will be confronted by us with naught but the clothes on your back.

    Keep trying to hurl rocks at us to keep you busy, the folk in those little craft we've recorded diverting/destroying them must really enjoy the target practice.

    We are all defending ourselves, from average joe on planet to interdimensional being off, must and will stop on this planet.

    A solution sought for an eternity delivered by creation and all that protects its survival.

  49. After reading all of the comments above, seeing practically ever single one of them speaking from the ego as if they have even a clue to whom they are speaking, as if they have walked in those shoes, even the same as many people do with a superstitious god in the sky, whittling "him" down to a human capacity to comprehend, and after reading every thing she said with sincere objectivity and focus, it is obvious every last thing she said is absolutely true as evidenced by practically every single reply.

    And so were Cassandra to read this, i would say, "I agree."

    She wrote: "supporting the lies your told ignoring the nuggets or people of truth. "

    And to that, absolutely.

    P.S. If your name is anonymous, then think about it.

  50. Letter from Cassandra, (name of high priestess predicting the fall of Troy)...
    My own view: Extremely rude point of view, from someone assuming a certain authority (?!), which is irelevant at the end of the... day. :).
    What I know is that I will still be around for all the 'mopping' that will need to be done, and I am NOT alone. There are many like myself. I know that because I can see myself when I look in their eyes. :)

  51. So this posting has generated a vast response! glad to see that you are back to maintaining the blog Ruiner.
    To all those who are having a visceral reaction to this letter, just remember that we live in a world that is full or polar opposites and this is exactly how it is supposed to be. That is the purpose of this journey, to enter into this situation with a "clean" outlook on the world and gravitate to a "positive" or "negative" aspect. Neither is better or worse than the other in reality. Polarity does not exist at all vibratory levels of creation.
    We came here knowing how the cards were stacked and we even knew that we would forget and feel that we were victims. We are simply here to help raise the balance back from being overly negative.
    There would be no experiences to be had in this life that we have chosen unless there were opposing forces to provide us with growth opportunities.
    I read the letter from Cassandra and I am split between feeling sympathy for one who has had to endure in a single "life" for as long as she has, all the while trying to maintain the strongest of negative polarity to provide us all with something to "rebel"against and grow, and a sense of detachment from needing such a level of negativity.
    The negativity will continue to grow as the polarity shift back towards positivity continues. That is the entire nature of our reality, balance has to be found.
    To the "Parents" I thank you for your service, I remind you that you too are allowed to step out of this game and become neutral once again. I ask you to recognise that you are at risk of becoming evil caricatures.

    1. To me, this was always the place where the role of "grace" was to come into play, when the Parents remembered that they could step back into neutral, as you describe here.

      However, their decision, too, must be a free will decision. :)

      There's a bit more to this than my simple statement. :)

      Had a couple of profound experiences that brought this to my awareness.

      in grace,

    2. Oh dear, they already ARE evil caricatures, by their choice mind you, I NEVER chose to enter an unjust war, blindfolded, amnesiac, weakened daily by invisible parasites. You may have been reading too much eastern mumbo jumbo "wisdom". While you thank them, they're licking their lips in the anticipation of another delicious meal...

    3. If you believe that they are looking forward to a meal, I would suggest that a neutral feeling about this is far better than an emotive one. Look on this information as an interesting distraction and then place your attention where it can do good things for yourself and those around you.
      I like the Ruiner blog as it provides something of the balance of information that you don't tend to see. I enjoy learning about the historical reasons for things to have developed the way they are.
      "Eastern mambo jumbo wisdom" is a pretty judgmental way to look at a pretty long and rich lineage of information. Not that I advocate that way of thinking, learn much in life from as wide a variety of sources as possible and take what works for you.

  52. Without hell, how can we dream of heaven? Suffering is the engine that drives spiritual growth. This world is designed awaken the ignorant, to reveal the illusion of the self. Thank you Parents for playing the role you have been given so well.

  53. Please go ahead and prove us wrong - that you're not just another Deadly Predator
    The game was never fair. The game was never supposed to be fair..

  54. To Irrelevant Cassandra and Subservient Sine Lari,

    I was supposed to be one of you, my blood bluer than blue, traumatized from a very very early age, I endured countless abuse and sorrow from my sorry a**ed aristocratic family. But I would always bite back, not knowing why I would, but I would.
    You see, I was born "defective", with a true Spirit, one NOT created by you "creators".
    When I was nine they realized I was not like them, not one of you, and all hell broke even looser.
    Attacked and tormented on all fronts, by age 21 I touched bottom, but, somehow, instead of staying dutifully down, my feet sensing the hard surface underneath felt it would be perfect to impulse a big jump. So I jumped. Out.
    And I became the ultimate roly poly (tumbler toy). I can't, won't stay down, That's who I am, you see...
    And I saw you for what you really are: arrogant emotional retards, the self important one eyed kings of the kingdom of the ones you have blinded, sorry, pitiful, spiritually minuscule, aided by invisible monsters just like you but on a bigger scale.
    "Created in the image and likeness of your almighty creator(s)", makes sense, doesn't it?
    Don't mention "ego" as if it were a dirty word, my EGO has protected me from the likes of you, my shield and my spear. And I won't ever turn the other cheek, not to you, ever. Though you have been preaching relentlessly against ego (of others, of course), for meekness (ours).
    I know that this is how you behave before your monster masters, because you never had the b*lls to rebel or question, you endured all, you obedient little f*cks, because you were promised power over us. Who wants power? Those who don't have it.
    Now many decades later, I'm still restoring the integrity of me, picking up the scattered pieces resulting from abuse, sorrow, and sickness, licking my wounds, still constantly under attack, but getting stronger and stronger, really really STRONGER oh so much stronger than you.
    That's why when you pitiful lot open your mouths, I spontaneously burst into the most delightful belly laugh...

    Old lady

    PS. Why wouldn't I be Anonymous? I don't know you personally and I have no intention to ever know you, unless you would like une paire de claques heartedly given by me, would I ever have the displeasure to meet you in person Sine Lari nor Soul


    1. You are one of the majority that follows others around begging them for crumbs or a nugget of truth beyond your comprehension, giving others every indication you wish things to remain the same. What little energy you possess is squandered, neglected, and abused even to prostrate yourself in a public display of flattery.

      Request denied.

    2. I want to thank you for sharing your story here. I read this last night, and this morning I thought to myself, I can't even begin to imagine what this must have been like for you. And there are hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people who lived, are living, horrendous experiences like this. It is way to easy for people to sit on the outside of other people's experiences and pass erroneous judgments.

      I also thought to myself, just before going to bed of all the beautiful, kind and wonderful humans there are here. I played with the idea of sharing their stories. Meet Musa... or meet Adam, or meet Anastasia... ect … and to let people become inspired by who we are, (I applauded inwardly when the anonymous one below, stated it so clearly)

      As an empathically built human I am sometimes overwhelmed with the suffering that goes on, my counterbalance to this has been to actively and deliberately seek beauty in all I see.

      You're right, too, about the “ego”. I hope people will listen …. there's been much lies, conditioning and programming around this, which stunts the development of our individual “will”.

      Blessings to you, old lady :)
      in grace,

    3. Dear edina, thank you for your kind words
      My suffering compared to others is peanuts. I am resilient. Resilience shortens suffering and tames its intensity.The ones I empathize the most are those whose suffering is much worse and resilience much less. I can hardly imagine how they can still survive and manage to be good people. To those, I bow in reverence and admiration.
      And yes let's share stories, stories open gates of imagination and creativity, let the spirit roam free even if flesh is still restrained. I love stories.
      More important than preserving the ego is acquiring a sense of humour, the ability to laugh at one's shortcomings, to notice the ridicule and pompousness of the self appointed "powerful" underneath their imposed fear, the absurdity of this world...laughter is the greatest healing power. It took me a long time get to one, but now I'm having a blast!
      old lady

      to sine lard:

    4. I applaud you old lady. Thank you for your coherent nuggets of truth. And the empathy, compassion and courageousness they were unable to take from you. I can hear your belly laugh !.And its contagious.
      Another old lady

    5. You beg for my attention again, calling my name with festering prejudice and hate in your belly. What sort of beggar weeps lies in the gutter vainly looking for sympathy, flattering themselves, as if everyone around has had a privileged life.

      Please me and learn to read before attempting to write.
      You prove every word of Cassandra's reply to be true in your regard.
      I will agree for my own reasons with whomever i choose, be it her or anyone else.

      Stop reading. Don't follow. Do whatever it was you were doing before some one showed you this blog. The purpose is not to call anyone out, particularly me, or prove or disprove anything. The purpose is not to provide facts about any person, particularly by phishing me.

      Pretend this is a living room. In this living room is a small gathering of people who ask the Ruiner to speak about something. This is not meant to be a part of the Alternative Community, and so with your own self-respect squandered, at least have simple respect for all of the readers in this forum, for the Ruiner as our host and provider, sit in the aisle if the usher allows it and keep your hands out of my pockets while trying to distract attention to yourself.

      With all due respect to this room forgiving the opportunity to indulge a reply in a guttural parlance you might comprehend:

      Shoo, troll. You're stinky.

  55. "You've damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully."


    Those in agreement, say, AYE!

    1. You sir are out of line . fall in or fall out......the season is now


    That's exactly the point! AYE! AYE! AYE!!!

  57. As John Keel said in his book the Cosmic Question of the Eighth Tower:

    “We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever. We are caught up in a poker game being played with marked cards. Yet, in the closing years of this century, we are like the inveterate gambler who, when informed that the game is crooked, shrugs and says, ”I know... but it's the only game in town!”
    “All of our beads are wired to a central switchboard. That switchboard is the only God and the only reality. Illusions and delusions are piped down from it to further confound our perception of reality.”


    But, there is a way out.


  58. Helo Ruiner again,
    Does Cassandra one of the Parents or the Elders?
    Thank you

    1. No, she is one of the remaining Parents.

      With respect,

  59. I am Sev and am excited to finally see a response from you Cassandra and the likes. The connotations of your letter suggest and deep resentment perhaps on the other side of this mirror is the truth. You and I both know this cycle is now changing. You have Neglected to acknowledge the Young Ones. Maybe we are your fear. Our upbringing has been a direct outcome of your mechanisms. We have and are evolving. We can now just as easily turn off, unplug a thousand years plus. Some are more ahead than others and even more powerful. You ones should know this from your energy sensories. Maybe not.. The leaders will be replaced by us. Maybe this is the reason for our worlds present outcries. Your fears. It is time to shed skin. We are almost Ready. We are almost Prime. We will look you in your eyes.


  60. Cassandra can kiss my skinny non-robot ass, you make me have a hearty laugh! You never have and will never have my consent and your game is tiresome.

  61. You never have had nor never will have my consent for anything and any perceived contracts however contrived, I now null and void. Take your sorry butt and any/all of the tech you think you need to punish us with and leave us alone. We humans have never had a chance to thrive because of your intervention. We deserve that chance. Leave NOW!

  62. OhMyMe, Look at all the posturing going on here.
    Side note: The contract has returned to sender.
    Best of luck.
    Love & Respect

    Things are about to get very interesting.

  63. Hi cassandra, haven't you been informed? you will get The Pit. Ur is damned and there are no more vah's to escape through the eye. Thou shall not pass. Selling out mankind is a bitch.

  64. If their focus is on the majority, perhaps that should be our focus, as well.

    We're not just a few hundred, or a few thousand.

    Coherent focus, look up HeartMath Institute.

    Humanity is creating it's way out of the swamp built by others.

    This is already happening, research discovered one third the population of humanity engaged in this in the 90's; it's grown since then.

    It was referred to as a silent majority emerging from the ground of being of humanity.

    While they may own the media and try to mirror to us an image they wish us to buy into, they do not own our minds, or reality as it already is ...

  65. It is a bit like voting, the undecisive may make the balance tilt.
    If 1/3 was already engaged in getting us out of the swamp in the 90's,

    My understanding is that 1/3 or about have enough reptilian genes to ensure reptilian soul/spirit incarnation, therefore 1/3 are reptilian inners being. And as the Draco dad has not decided to push for change for the whole tribe, this 1/3 will drag us backwards.

    Then there is 1/3 that remains who are humans in between. This is thight, and the regressive brainwashing/mind/body pollluting is intense.

    We really have to keep keeping the spirit high.

    The Ruiner, am I right in the portion of incarnated reptilian souls/spirits in human body? ( i may be wrong, since this is a deduction of mine).

    1. This writer doesn't do well with numbers and is not sure.

      With respect,

  66. Cassandra,

    No matter how hard you and the other parents try to forget your soul...

    Your soul will always remember you.


    1. Sam, read the letter again, and note the same writing style and use if adjectives and adverbs as The Ruiner. This whole site is literally a joke, and you might vomit to find out who is laughing at the silly replies here.

    2. Hi Corey and/or a Corey shill and/or DW and/or a DW shill...

      Focus on your own efforts to rape the vulnerable, ok?? It is all so obvious your war against the Ruiner.

      How odd the Ruiner makes no effort to go after you like you do anyone who sees through your sociopathic/pathological lying and happens to point these things out to others with all the proof to back it up? Your investors team has trained you well in many forms of manipulation of the subconscious of the vulnerable... Madison Avenue advertising techniques all and only to fill the void of self-irrelevancy and all and only to line your pockets. Shame your creation (The BA Humbirds) decided to delay "disclosure" for 50 years (which coincides with your expected lifespan ending... hahaha

      One final note -

      I hope you enjoy what's about to be released. It should dramatically reduce GaiamTV new subscription conversions through all the various BRAND GoodETxSG related links and BRAND Sphere Being Alliance related links.

      And by the way, when are the T-Shirts coming? I want at least 2!!! How much will we have to pay? Do I get 1/2 off for clicking through your link to buying a GaiamTV subscription?

      I do have to pat your investors on the back for seeing the wisdom in providing you the funding for paying back Christine the money you would have otherwise stolen as was obvious you were already doing. Gotta protect the BRAND!

    3. @merlynagain:

      The simple matter is that some virtual gnat told you to read something with intent that you vomit.

      It's worth paraphrase to direct attitude back to what you originally said since that is what controlled the gnat to tempt distraction.

      It is futile to forget a soul that will always remember you.

      "magic" words.

    4. I would love to have a conversation with you, Sine Lari. Up for it? Be happy to give you my Skype name... let's do it!
      Kind Regards

    5. @merlynagain: Thanks, but i read this blog for the content. You had a point to make, somebody distracted you from it. Left the thread like a song missing its last note, you know? Just sort of "hanging there". 0.0

    6. Understand... sadly this happens. My invitation was selfish as I hoped to... to befreind more and more folks who seems to see through what so many do not.

  67. Dear Cassandra,
    i think the mayority of the replies here reassures you only in your current opinion about humanity.
    There is something i don’t understand:
    According to the Ruiner, you previously advised against the deal with the Draco. This reflects a nurturing attitude towards humanity.
    Now you endorse the cybernetic option, which is obviously not in humanity’s best interests.
    There is a change in stance.

    With Respect,

    1. The Parents and the Elders are different groups. The Elders advised against the deal, not the Parents.

      With respect,

  68. Cassandra,
    thousands of years to evolve, yet nothing learned?

    As I understand, Life in the Cosmos is there for Source to know Itself.
    Eons spent by going deeper and deeper into separation until the utmost depth of (personal) suffering is reached. Then the slow way back. Releasing all the layers of conditioning, letting go until nothing but BEING once again remains.

    I pray that you have reached that deepest place of separation.
    I pray that you find the strength to start your way back to Oneness.

    Thank you Ruiner for facilitating healing.

    Blessing and infinite Love to All. <3

  69. Nice try, whoever actually started this mess, whether it be the parents, Draco, Annunaki, or any other supposed person or group, used "Undue Influence" to deceive Adamic humanity. Undue Influence is not in accordance with the laws of freewill, and is why this little game will end very soon, regardless of all well made plans over countless generations. Definition of "undue influence": "Virtually any act of persuasion that overcomes the freewill and judgment of another, including exhortations, importunings, insinuations, flattery, trickery, and deception, may amount to undue influence. Undue influence differs from duress, which consists of the intentional use of force, or threat of force, to coerce another into a grossly unfair transaction. Blackmail, Extortion, bad faith threats of criminal prosecution, and oppressive Abuse of Process are classic examples of duress."

    While undue influence was used to deceive Adamic humanity, duress is certainly used to keep us in our current submissive state, and while undue influence is the preferred method to keep us enslaved once the synthetic hierarchy is externalized, duress will also be used as necessary. Not to worry though, neither method will actually work, as we will "unagree" in such a way as to kick whoever "they" are away, as we reclaim our personal sovereignty.

    1. It doesn't really matter who started it or who's to blame.

      All there is is Oneness / Awareness / Source.
      All evil, all goodness - Everything and No thing.

      The eternal play - remembering what / who I am not.

      With Love

    2. It is comforting to know there is some wonderful third party out there who decides what may be acceptable influence versus undue influence. Of course, those who allow influence to sway their will won't get off the hook, but the others who were unduly influenced will be saved by this third party. By the way, where has this third party been? Vacation in Disneyland?

  70. Yeah, blame your ancestors for being weak. Blame a tiger for being unnatural to eat. Scream "free-will" is right in the first place. All the angels were on their knees in glorious harmony and loving adoration and your grand-pappy snuck out back to go play in the woods so it's God's fault. Like father, like son. LOL, and you call THEM the fallen ones after all they did to clothe you for your very survival. Speak for yourself, Nathan, like your grand-pappy did.

    1. My comment touch a delicate nerve, did it?

      >>Speak for yourself, Nathan, like your grand-pappy did.<<

      We definitely plan on it Anony, that's why we're here, we just gotta allow the timing thing to do its part first. After a few thousand year break, what's a few more months? ;)

  71. Ah! Another Tantrum! Thank you Cassandra, for the confirmation. I shall continue to strengthen and deepen my roots to Mother Earth. "Runaways"...interesting choice of words. "So long and thanks for the fish." (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

  72. Dear Readers,

    I began reading the comments and many reapeated the same chest beating mantra of putting down our dear Parent here. I would only like to remind you all that these big bad mean boys you speak about are our fellow humans. Those at the top of major corporations and those "enslaving" the wee people are none other than our very own. No need to bash and bad mouth the Parents. We do this shit to ourselves. If you use electricity from the grid, usr computer created from Gaia's minerals, eat of food obtained at a store, etc. you are the problem. You perpetuate and continue the system. If you want to just whine and carry on then so be it, but narry a thing will change as long as we remain inside the system. Do you see this? Or do you ignore this side of the argument?

  73. Dear Cassandra, if you are real. Whether you are human or draco, I don't hate you. You are as much a mystery to me as the rest of the humans on this planet. Can we have peace? If the the draco and humans are both children of Gaia, she would want us to learn to live with and even love each other. That would be her wish.

    I do agree with you on many things, but now can you provide an argument on how you are better or different than us? Humans are destroying the planet and are overpopulating (I suspect you may have something to do with most people seeming to have a strong genetic obsession to reproduce like rodents). But, we're born into a system we can't change. You know we don't have a say in this game. You make the rules, and blame us for failing?

    I see no reason why we can't live together in harmony. We have things we can teach each other. Locking us all up in pods and turning us into batteries? Isn't that a little extreme? That's not necessary. Let's work together. In fact, a room opened up in my house. I'd be willing to rent out a room to a draco, or open minded ET/ED possibly rent free if he or she would be willing to help out with the current remodel. I'd also need them to promise not to suck the life force of anyone in the house. And they'd have to be okay with dogs.

    With Love and Respect,

  74. Your time is up, you arrogant psychopath. You enslaved mankind long enough with your lies, deceptions, implants, poisons, your greed and your war-mongering. You are your kind are nothing but parasites. Again I say, your time is up.

  75. A Sandy evil twin would provide a thorough perspective to a researcher.

  76. Dearest “Cassandra,”

    Though this is clearly but another facade you have adorned within this masquerade, I presently ponder; do you still believe you truly shine upon a force such as Man? And if you do, is it not ever in a blinding way? Such a tiresome method of hiding and falsehood, which is something many of us have grown far too well aware of in this final time; or better said, this final area of your kin's modicum of space. It is not simply a few hundred of us whom are aware of your plots, as you speak of in your propaganda, but much much more. You see, we too are greatly capable of the smoke and mirror tactics which you seem to believe your greatest tool. Because we wanted you to believe that you were in control, that your plan was progressing perfectly. You've let your ego be your guide, your thousand splitting alters blind you through your pride. This will be your downfall, as your temple and house has become divide against itself, and so you will not stand when the call commences. You will remain deaf, as you are blind; and find yourself left behind. You will receive exactly what you have asked for, you will have every thing, but you will have not even one being of truth and creativity. For we were never material, physical, or limited as we have appeared within this prison you wish to deem the entirety. We were fore given, and are for giving, which is to say: we are not to be possessed, nor held endlessly, but to make all good free from your falsehood. You speak boldly as though you have no fear of what you already know will be occurring next. You lie even to your own kin, as your father has. Fear was not born of Man, but was certainly conceived of due to our eternal beauty and brilliance. You say this is your beginning, that your great plan will finally be achieved, but you already know that is not true, it will be your end. You have seen it, as have the “highest and brightest” of your kind. It is your greatest final secret. You know you have already lost; that there is nothing you may do to stop us. And so too, that your greatest achievement will soon prove to be your greatest failure. Do unto others, as you would have done unto you; for surely it will be done, even if you're too foolish to see it coming. You gave to us nothing. You arrived long after we thrived, and it is only through your jealousy that we did endure this falsehood. All that which has a beginning, will have an end. Yet that which is eternal, has no definable beginning, and will certainly have no end, as it has never been a product of time. We are not your servants, as you so wish to believe. In truth, we are the very beings which allow you to exist. You have lived lavishly, and in great opulence through your lies and systems of falsehood which are presently crumbling around you. And what have you done with the power which you were gifted through the true work of your so called slaves? You are not indifferent, you are truly desperate, as is evident within your words. You need us to build your world, you need us to create life within your very being, but we need nothing of which you may provide. If your only talent is deception, then it is truly your curse, for you can do nothing for yourself. And know that every lie has an expiration, for the truth will set us all free. You will soon admit, even to yourself, that there are those who walk upon this plane presently, who hold not even a modicum of fear within their heart and being. It is these you are truly terrified of, because it is these who show those you deem blissfully ignorant the very things you do not want them to see.(continued below)

  77. Because very soon, the veil of materialism will drop, and you will be seen for who you truly are. Those billions of “slaves” who have survived on nothing for untold durations, those said to be completely powerless, will remember and know who they truly are. And no longer will they serve beings which choose, of their own volition, to serve only themselves. They will choose not the decay of evil, but to live in the love of those who serve the whole every day, every moment, and every breath. For love is of unity, and fear is of division. You have divided yourself, and your kind. And now you will face a whole of truth, who greatly outnumber you, and who are stronger than you have ever conceived; even individually, much less collectively. But we need not fight with you. We simply will leave you to your own devices, within your own realm, and will rejoin with the truth of our entirety, and our Parents which you constantly refuse to believe exist; despite the constant evidence all around you. You have failed, you will not escape, and you will truly receive the fruits of your deceptive labor. You may have pulled us onto the road of ruin for a time, but you never realized you pulled us to the end, and we have ever strode to the beginning. One moment ever so very soon, you will witness with your own eyes, that we exist outside of your beginnings; and live in a space utterly devoid of your fear. For we are those made by unconditional love, and only played along to save what is truly good within your space. You soon will lose us, and even yourself. Spend these final moments enjoying your opulence instead of wasting your breath. As soon you will have no where to hide, and you will receive that which you truly deserve.


  78. Ignore comments from Sine Lari, he is the shill off AscensionwithMotherEarth website, trashes everything and takes people off the topic, just a sideshow person.

    1. You should take your jilted lover affair back to his web site since all your doing here is the same thing you blame him for. That's probably why the judge gave him your kids, lady.

  79. "You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you and that is why we are building this world for you"
    I say you never made any attempts to look at the multiple reasons that there are out there. Care to actually feel the love that you feed on as energy? Who knows where it would take you?
    But you dont. Well you wont be able to avoid it soon anyway.
    Happy new discoveries for a change.

  80. I believe this, if you take away the intentional regression of mind soul brain and body then we have beings that we all have been wanting to be. I think this, they are so delusional that they have forgotten that who we are is their creation, how can you manipulate something then blame that something for the manipulation results?

    yes there would still be ppl that kill, steal lie, but a lot less bc there would be no benefits to these behaviors , and if they are they are not enhanced benefits, you know most ppl steal bc they can't get what they need, such as food and shelter, those are things that is supposed to be taught how to make for ourselves.. oh yes that is right you have either killed or made it illegal, or so expensive legally that I can't do this.

    When they came here we was frazzled if the story is true, so yes you are right we are the same as before because you kept the entrapment of that moment of thousands of years ago and continued that till now.

    I am not mad at you, I feel bad, as another reader pointed out, you have lived how many years and can't figure out what your doing is not going to prove to you you are real?

    Negative is as real as positive but both include each other, there is nothing that is pure of this or that... embrace it , learn to neutralize it, but of course 9000 years of mind washing is hard to penetrate, what do i know I'm only 23

  81. Cassandra, You would no know better than most how this really all works. Surely you don't buy into the illusion of separation. You know too well we are all one. To not help us is to not help yourself. Love is all there is. Despite all the suffering imposed on us humans and our mother Gaia I still have love for you.

  82. To those using deception to abuse the Will of the

    1. Beware those who criminalize the very term, Sovereign. It is by this that they shall be known.

  83. Everyone has said what billions wish to tell these parents.
    Casandra, you know whoever created us did not have our interest nor the Earth's (Gaia) interest at heart...with so much taken away from us...we stumbled and fell throughout history...we did what we could to survive despite of the lies...secrets...manipulation...control...divide and conquer games you beings have been playing with our you throw such arrogant and narcassistic words about humans...I would challenge you to be in our shoes and see how well you fair.
    Considering the facts we have been steered the wrong way...we are slowly but surely emerging from the hell your type created.
    There will surely come a time when you will have to swallow your own words... sooner than you think.
    Nobody escapes crimes...not even humanity...we will all face the Judgement SELF...dont be too proud of who you are...coz right now you are only living in the illusion MAYA...she too will spill her guts and you will realise theres nothing that glitters except the innocent blood shed by billions...and the truth will be too painful even for you who forget you arent god!!!

  84. To Cassandra:

    Sophia already prophetized it. In the very last minutes, We WILL rise. We WILL prove you wrong.... The parents who choose to scape while they could were the wise ones... now, Sit and watch Her prophechy fulfill.

    To Shane / The Ruiner:
    Im one set of the casual eyes, thanks for the opportunity

    1. We are in agreement with Cassandra ......she is given green light for full steam ahead .
      From your bright friends - The EL

  85. Cass,

    When humanity returns to their Creator-selves...pray some of them decide not to listen to their Dark when it comes to what to do with you when it all comes to pass. Pray that Light needs to be balanced within them instead. For if Darkness needs to be balanced and caught up to their caliber of Light...I will not want to be you. Run as far as you can, this will give you additional time to contemplate the incomprehensible things an awakened Creator can do who decides to give back what it has been given... I hope at least you all have a planned contingency for this. Oh I forgot...there is NO contingency for such a being. I have to wonder why your intelligence did not foresee this truly terrifying possibility. You should have started running MILLIONS of years ago.

    With Love.

  86. "You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to."

    All of you created the system that slowly but surely is destroying the planet, not us. Who's this girl? I can't believe it, she's so funny. Blaming humanity for this make my day. Thank you Cassandra.

  87. Cassandra, get ready to live on another planet, soon Earth will no longer allow "people" like you to live here.

  88. Dear Cassandra.

    Keep playing with your technological toys, keep thinking that you are a great chess player and you're about to checkmate, keep this illusion in your mind please... but remember... sooner or LATER you'll have to recognize this:

    "You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are."

    All of you have chosen/taken the longest path, good luck.

  89. With much respect, I would like to address your letter. I’m not as knowledgeable in the matters we are speaking as others here, for I have just awakened a short time ago to what you’re doing to us humans. Pardon me, if I misspeak. However I will speak to you directly from my heart.
    You call yourself our parent you know only the word, you lack the meaning and the ‘know how’ of what it truly takes to be called a parent. For you know nothing on how to parent. Parenting is not just giving birth to a child, parenting is nurturing. If we on earth parented our children the way you and the others did to us, our children would have been taken away from us by the authorities for child endangerment, and neglect long ago.
    When a child is born into this human world he knows nothing of this world and must learn everything again from whom, his parent. You want us to run the race, but you cheat, trip us and arrogantly call yourself the winner. You stack the odds against us, then say we are in a state of “ignorant bliss.” Perhaps we are what did you expect under your rules of parenting. That’s not a sign of an ignorant child, on the contrary it’s a sign of an ignorant parent.
    We squander our energy, but our “parent”, gives us entertainment for us to devour and distract us, instead of fostering and nurturing us how to use it. If were to give birth to a child we would not put a bottle of the mother’s milk on the table and say, “help yourself.” It’s the parents’ job to nurture the child, this is where you failed miserably. Especially when we are intentionally being poisoned by your people from big pharma, and most everything we eat, drink and breathe.
    I’m somewhat dumbfounded that you think this is such a surprise. When people are beaten repeatedly most people except for the very small few here, will not get up again. Why should they, what do they have to go on for? Who do you want to blame this? It is you, the “parent” who is to blame.
    The lion may be able to feed on anything, but it has never been the way of the jungle for the majority of the animals. You see, a pack of hyenas working together can take down a lion. We know now, that it has never been the survival of the fittest, but a state of cooperation which allows the animal kingdom to thrive.
    You are just a vessel like a biological parent, who gives their child up for adoption. You didn’t raise, nurture, or care for me. Nor did you cloth, feed or love me. You know nothing about love. You only know of your own agenda; greed, hate, power, control and self-indulgence. How can you understand us, when you look down on us and act in arrogant manner?
    Cassandra when a child grows up, he only knows to trust his parent to protect him. An anomaly, the day a mother wants to turn on and kill their own young.
    I was eleven when my own mother tried killing her children and nearly succeeded. At first I was confused, then angry. After some time, I told my mother that I loved her and forgave her. I am grateful for the experience and how it brought me to this point in my life. It leads me to writing this letter to you.
    From experience, I understand how much you are the cause of the suffering to the human race. Their actions or lack thereof, are a just a byproduct of your ineptness and bankrupt ideas regarding parenting.
    For you will never understand the confusion, hurt, pain and suffering a child goes through when your parent tries to hurt or kill you. It incapacitates, paralyzes them with fear, doubt and confusion about their own existence. You intended to do this all along so you can control us.
    As with my own mother I will not hate you or curse you, but I will love and forgive you. For I know from experience, it is not about you and how you treat me, it is about me and how I respond. I send you and the other parents, much love and forgiveness.
    The time has come to end your stranglehold on humans. We Our Sovereign Beings, I Demand You and the other Parents To Set The Human Race Free Now And Remove The Soul Catching Net From This Prison Planet!

  90. Cassandra and the Parents: Humanity does not need you. You have done as much harm to our world as is possible to do. You can now GO AWAY, fade into history. Take your indifference and create your perfect world somewhere else. Leave humanity to itself. I repeat, we do not need you. Yet, I sense you desperately need us.

  91. Casandra,

    You basically just let us know, we are in fact in an enclosed system, there is in fact a firmament around earth, and we, as humans, are in fact trapped in your little fish bowl of games. Is this correct? is the earth flat as well? Are the icewalls melting?