Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Disclaimer

This is still not disclosure.  This is not to be taken seriously.  Consider it a work of fiction, forget about it, and move on.

This won't go on forever.  It will not predict any dates or expose any characters or crimes.

It is not meant to be taken seriously by anyone who does not choose to.

The writer of this blog has never claimed otherwise.

This is not meant to be a part of the Alternative Community, Truther Movement, Disclosure Movement,  or any other source for public exposure of truth,  it is just a blog.

Stop reading.  Don't follow.  Do whatever it is you were doing before some one showed you this blog.  These are free words.

The purpose is not to call anyone out or prove or disprove anything.  The purpose is not to provide facts about any person, place or thing.  The purpose is not provide the public with facts or information.

The Ruiner is a fictional character created by a human being.   The experiences shared are unverifiable and therefor not to be taken as facts.  This blog is not making any official claims or promises.  Neither is the writer.

The writer is not asking anyone to read it believe anything here.  The intention is not nefarious in nature or geared to create issues in any of the above named communities or movements.  If it is, simple solution - STOP reading or discussing it.   This body of work was never presented to your audience by this writer.  This writer is not looking for an audience at all.  He cannot and does not wish to answer all the questions of the universe.

Pretend this is a living room.  The living room and house do not have doors, anyone can come and go as they please.

In this living room is a small gathering of people who ask one person in the group to speak about something.

That is all that is going on here.

Within your communities are great storytellers and some very passionate researchers.  This writer is not one of them.  He has not even read or heard of many of them.  Questions come in all the time about this personality or that,  he often has to look them up to even know who they are.  You have researchers who have read everything under the sun that they can find and pieced together as best they can all of those pieces.  This writer hasn't read most of those books it works. His hat is off to many of those who have.

He doesn't know the full story behind many Whistleblowers or Contactees either.  He can see nonsense from too far away and trusts himself.  ( So many unpublished comments - apologies )  Millions have some interaction with these things yet, only a few become known to these crowds and those that do are lifted up and questioned about everything in the universe.  Care to hear an opinion on "why"?  It doesn't even matter,  they are speaking.

So go listen to them.  They are over there asking you to listen, this writer is here, right now, telling you not to.

~Truth does not need to be disclosed it needs to be remembered~


  1. I take your point. This should be treated as more fiction than reality as it is so far removed from the reality that normal people experience everyday.

    So far, however, it is a good story, and is worth reading in my opinion (even if you're not a good story-teller, the material is definitely interesting enough).

  2. ~Truth does not need to be disclosed it needs to be remembered~

    Really love this quote! And is why I read . . . stuff . . . here and elsewhere.

    I predominantly look for two things when I read:
    Compatibility of another's remembrances with my own, and
    Emerging potential cultural/societal leaders. Leaders that I can support who are worthy of leadership measured by consistent demonstrations of behavioural wisdom . . . sadly, still looking . . . but do notice many potentials.

    Oh, and to enjoy reading stuff as a replacement form of chatting ~ for the stuff I like to talk about doesn't reach a vast audience in my local environment.

    Thanks for the chats . . . and I look forward to however many more you desire to continue with.

  3. My First post here

    I have followed your blog from the beginning. I have read all the comments. I saw all the questions. It does not matter whether your story is truth or fiction, I will follow it to the very end. I am always searching for my true identity and over the past 30 years I have researched everything from the origin of humanity to UFO's and aliens.
    I came across people and writings that was in the beginning just too amazing to be true, but the deeper I dug into it, the more real and true it appeared to be. Sometimes a story is just a story, but sometimes it is a mirror to reality. It depends on what the reader wants from it. From your blog I will take what I need from it just as I am taking from many other blogs and websites. I am not connecting myself to any entity, religion or group. I do not blindly believe everything that I see, hear and read. I do my own research and connect the dots. I follow your blog because up to now there was something in it for me. Please do not allow trolls and disinformation agents to stop you from what you are doing on your blog.


  4. This writer will continue to write. The trolls and disinformation agents are not bothering this writer, he is well aware of their practices and tendencies. Anyone who wishes to read, will be welcomed to. Anyone looking for a great leader or Disclosure agent from X, Y or Z should move along to another blog.

    This writer loves and respects you all,

  5. "Anyone looking for a great leader . . . should move along to another blog."

    On the contrary, for me anyway, as I find your writings highly suggestible and warrantable as tools of measurement for observing trends in our global leadership bases.
    So thank you.

  6. Please continue to write. There are some people on this planet who value your words more than anything else . . .

    Assuming what you write is false, well, I have only lost some "minutes" of my time reading your blog. It is good reading at least!

    But if what you write is true, I have indeed found REAL treasure worth the keep!

    I say, let "IT" loose! ... I can't wait to read anything and everything you write!

    May you always be in good health!

  7. This is a fascinating blog, and most certainly not for everyone. Many will reject much of what you say simply due to the cognitive dissonance elicited by triggering memories on the various planes of consciousness while rigid programming/conditioning remains hidden in place to contradict this "new" (forgotten) information. No matter. This is not for the masses. It seems that much of this "programming" relies heavily upon the Seventh Hermetic Principle - the Principle of Gender; specifically, Mental Gender.

    "In the same way Suggestion and Hypnotism operates. The Masculine Principle of the person giving the suggestions directs a stream of Vibratory Energy or Will-Power toward the Feminine Principle of the other person, and the latter accepting it makes it its own and acts and thinks accordingly. An idea thus lodged in the mind of another person grows and develops, and in time is regarded as the rightful mental offspring of the individual, whereas it is in reality like the cuckoo egg placed in the sparrow's nest, where it destroys the rightful offspring and makes itself at home."

    "He (the masses) is polarized in his Feminine Principle of Mind, and the Masculine Principle, in which is lodged the Will, is allowed to remain inactive and not employed."

    - The Kybalion

    Much respect and gratitude

  8. “There is the house whose people sit in darkness; dust is their food and clay is their meat. They are clothed like birds with wings for covering, they see no light, they sit in darkness. I entered the house of dust and I saw the kings of the earth, their crowns put away for ever...”
    The Epic of Gilgamesh

  9. Dear Ruiner,
    I just know that everything you write in this blog , is true...
    Please keep on doing so , love you and wishes the best for you,

  10. Keep on keeping on ruiner, we are listening
    In gratitude

  11. I prefer a libray in a log cabin, on a forrested lake side. ... music theme from Forrest Gump. Although, my questios fade, as Iknow allready the answers. I was afterall born knowing. :-)

  12. "In this living room is a small gathering of people who ask one person in the group to speak about something."

    Speak about the positive, please.

    1. This writer does his best to do so.

      With respect,

  13. respectfully, this reader is valuing this room for speaking, listening, feeling, responding, thinking and acting...for fresh water streaming...Yes!

  14. Dear Ruiner,
    Thank you for your efforts with this blog. The material is always fascinating and refreshing; and I look forward to every new post; as well as the comments and dialog that follow.
    Take good care and best regards always.

  15. Almost a week now, when is the next post please? I'm tired of waiting.

    Just write . ... positive, negative, neutral, whatever....just write!

    Whoever can, will be able to mine gold from whatever you write! And to those who can't....try harder!


    Let it flow bro! hahahah!

    1. Be the update you wish to see in the world.

      Maybe the author needs a break....

    2. This writer has been busy living. Not taking a break for any reason, just busy.

      With respect,

  16. What a great place this 'living room' is and whatever has been spoken about so far, be it fact or fiction, story or allegory, it has already brought about a greater understanding and re-membering.

    The disclaimer is very well understood and appreciated.

    Endorsing Anonymous (June 16) above:"There are some people on this planet who value your words more than anything else ".

    So much gratitude for everything.