Saturday, April 11, 2015

Structure - The Parents

Your writer has been having an internal debate as to how to order this information.  Whether to start with the Bloodline and work back to the Parents.

The only reason that approach would be used would be to take it easy on the readers;

Fuck it.  You are NOT children anymore.

The Parents:

~~The following information will go against a great deal of research and drawn conclusions. With that said your writer is confident that this will not matter in time~~

There are 21 Parents even though there are only 13 Main Bloodlines.  13 of the Parents focus on the 13 Main Bloodlines. The other 8 have more of a dual responsibility.  There are other Bloodlines respected as part of The Family who have been tangled up with the 13, by way of marriage or other form of partnership.  The remaining 8 focus on these entangled Bloodlines. (How many additional bloodlines make up the number of entangled bloodlines your writer is unsure of)  The Family Masters of these 8 Parents' Covens are the main contact for multiple entangled bloodlines.  (Entangled Bloodlines are considered lesser than the 13 Bluebloods or Pure Bloodlines.)

The Parents are not human like your writer or yourself are now.  Once they were Human, although they are different versions of Human from us having been earlier genetic manipulations than we are physically.

To sum this up quickly:  Your history - the texts available to the public - doesn't fully identify the different attempts to create the version of human we are now, which is meant to be dumbed down and metaphysically crippled.  It required several attempts to get us 'just right'. 

~To interject some good news - They were not as clever as they believed with our version of Humanity.~

The Parents are a slightly less manipulated version of Human from us.  Yes, they are a human variation.  Not a Hybrid.  There is a difference that will be explained another time.

To reward the Parents for their loyalty The Draco taught each a different trick.  How to prolong their lives.  They are not immortal.  They simply live longer due to enhanced cellular regeneration.  (This became their own collar and leash.)

They all hold knowledge of a different method for accomplishing this.  Yes, you are reading me correctly, 21 different ways to prolong the life of an organic being.  Unfortunately I cannot share all of these methods and honestly only know a few and others only in theory.  These are deeply kept secrets shared almost exclusively with the selected Coven Members of each Parent. 

~~If you are reading between the lines I am telling you Vampires as written in fiction do not exist, the stories originate from The Parents and their Covens. This said, I am sure some may want to turn this around. We all make choices.~~

The Parents interact directly with the Draco Royalty in charge of this Planet.  The Draco are their Superiors, their Masters.  They carry out the orders of the Draco as they are directed to do, when they are directed to.  Punishment takes on a whole different meaning when your body is not easy to kill, so the fear makes them obey.  They are loyal despite having minds of their own, and as a collective unit, (some) different desires than their masters.

Draco Royalty make all the decisions and do not like to interact with humans beyond the Parents and select others.  The Draco structure would require another post another time but for now, they have a group they appoint as representatives for themselves when they do wish to have face to face meetings with human groups beyond the Parents and Covens.  Their Soldiers and Hunters spend a great deal of time interacting with humans inside Shadow Programs, mainly related to military and space programs. They have geneticists that are heavily involved with many of our human groups as well,  mostly related to Cloning, Regeneration and hybrid programs.

For the most part, the furthering of agendas and programs is the duty of the Parents.  This is a big job as there is a lot to manage. 

They divide all of the required actions up between them based on the skill-set of each Parent.  The Draco set a goal, they devise the plan of action with the aide of The Parents,  and The Parents then delegate the duties associated with each goal down through the ranks of their Coven and related Bloodlines. 

Living thousands of years is no picnic.  Having met and interacted with (some more than others) these Parents I can say with reasonable certainty they do not have a pleasant existence and many regret their choice to become as they are.  Although there are a few who embrace it fully and enjoy what they do, most do not.  The moral of the story kids, don't make deals with snakes.

At times the passing of vast amounts of time will break most of them down and they will need to, literally, rest.  This results in what they call 'long sleeps'.  Just as it sounds, they will sleep for long periods of time, leaving behind for their Covens detailed instructions, to act in their stead.  The Covens then carry out the assigned actions while The Parent sleeps.

Some can just sleep.  Literally, lay down and sleep.  Some require assistance either from an organic substance or by means of technology.  The technology is almost universally called Stasis.  "Just sleep", is no different than an animal hibernating.  The tech or substance induced sleep lasts much longer than the hibernation.  The tech can be set for  specific amount of time and can be interrupted at any time.  The sleep, takes a bit longer to wake up from and the Parent must choose to awaken.

From what I have heard from these Parents the longest 'sleep' is approximately 200 years.  The longest induced sleep was 700 years.  Fascinated by this your writer had to ask how conscious they remain during these sleeps. 

The technology method puts them into a dream-state where they are only aware of the dreams within it.  In case of emergency, the Coven members are able to wake up The Parent.

The organic substance method sends them basically into a coma type of state.  They recall nothing, see nothing, feel nothing.  Time just goes missing for them.  This method can be reversed with a sort of antidote to the organic substance at a set time or in case of emergency.

The hibernation seems the most intense.  Those who use this method claim they are in between awake and dreaming.  Aware of the events of the world to some extent telepathically absorbing images and thoughts from the population.  They are able to communicate with other Parents or other telepathically adept beings.  In case of emergency the Coven can telepathically request The Parent to awaken.

The Parents vary in age.  The oldest two are about 13,000 years old, the next is only 100 younger and from there they are randomly spaced apart in age, the youngest being 7000 year old approximately.

Although they all serve the same masters they are not all like minded.  They have some things in common, but also many differences.  Each has their own distinct personalities encompassing different likes and dislikes and behaviors. 

Your writer has jokingly called them The Abused Dogs of the Draco because they often 'act out' like a traumatized dog might. Pissing on the rug and biting the neighbors. The abuse that has occurred to them they take out on others in various ways.

An example of this is their 'Hidden Hand Interrogation" ritual (Likely where the author of "The Hidden Hand" material came up with his name as this interrogation ritual is utilized by all levels and orders/cults of Illuminati members - your writer has even stumbled across pictures, possibly staged, possibly real, that show this ritual, or ceremony if you will).  Your writer does not feel gruesome details will benefit you readers, so he will leave them in silence.  To sum up:  They do some very unpleasant things to their followers and this pattern of abuse echos all the way down to the bottom levels with varying degrees of intensity.  Terrible, and inexcusable.  Although your writer does believe anything is forgivable - I will expand on this another time I promise.

Some of them love their creation, some not so much.  Some have a wide variety of personal interests, some not so much.  Perhaps sometime I will tell some of their personal stories, however your writer would need two things assured:

1 - They give their permission.  2 - The dictation can be honest.

Contrary to popular belief even amongst members of this dark family, The Parents are always in touch with various ET races or civilizations both 'friendly' from the reader perspective and 'unfriendly' from the same perspective. 

The world of exopolitics within the galactic community is mirrored on earth much more than we may personally imagine or desire.  [insert broken record sound] We will return to this subject another time in more detail.

Politics and compensation and ownership and many of the systems given to us by the Draco exist in different versions all throughout the game in this density.  [insert bubble bursting noises, followed by crickets]

The Parents operate as collective council who manage the property of Earth - currently 'owned' by the Draco.

There is MUCH more to everything here than I am attempting to explain at this moment as you can see, there is no mention of anything beyond the material aspects of this game.  Your writer prefers as always to keep things simple.  Yes, again the broken record. My apologies, please try to become used to it.  All in due time.

The Parents have access to much more technology than anything your writer has taken time to read, out in the public, has claimed.  They have had this access all along.  More than 13,000 years. Despite all of the information leaks from members both unintentional and intentional, they have managed to keep this much at least from becoming common knowledge.

These beings coined the phrase, and live up to it - "The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn't exist." This unfortunate truth will cause as much cognitive dissonance in a Bloodline member or Program member as someone happily plugged into the matrix would if they were forced to visit a ritual ceremony.  As was said earlier, most members below the Parents and Covens do not believe they even exist much less that they are as involved as they are.  Common knowledge is the occultists have their cults and play with magic and wear costumes, drowning in their own arrogance, filth and sucking on the blood of the Human race.  While all true,  your writer assures you it is much more as well.

This can all change.

The time they had to hide from you all is ending.  Although they are not a mythical creature who will vanish when seen. They will be seen.  They know they will and have shaped their plan around this inevitability.   

For now, your writer will leave it at this. 

You've been told and informed.  Everything else is your own choice.  


  1. "The Parents operate as collective council who manage the property of Earth - currently 'owned' by the Draco."

    "owned" or "usurped"?

    1. After carefully cosidering this question your writer chooses to stick with "owned". It is easy today to feel usurped is more accurate as there is no one who wants the Draco to remain in power (aside from some Draconians) today. The Parents and all of the Illuminati below them, humans and even Draco themselves, would prefer to see the rightful owners take back control. Why the choice to stick with owned has been made will be very clear once it is explained how this "ownership" came to be. There was a deal made which will eventually be discussed here. Perhaps even then you may find usurped the better word. We will see.

  2. Hi,
    Are the Dracos and the Annunaki the same?
    Thank you,

    1. The short answer is yes. The long answer will come soon. This process will take some time but your writer hopes to give enough understanding of their mind to you readers so that we can all change this mess.

  3. One wishes to thank the writer for sharing this information. Feeling deeply into the space between the words one intuits keys to remembrance. Time, now, embrace. Re-Being our divine self, Source. Zero point completion.

  4. Are the parents on Earth?
    Where are they kept when "resting"?
    If they were to reveal themselves, what would be their physical appearance/s?

    Cheers and many thanks again.

    1. The Parents vary in appearance. Some look perfectly normal. Some do not.

      They have places on earth they rest your writer will not identify these locations.

      They are on earth yes, and will be as long as she's here.

      With respect,

  5. Hello ruiner,
    This is very important for me...what do you mean by bubble bursting noises and the sound of crickets?
    I hope your answer (if you can tell) can give me some knowledge about my own experiences?

  6. That was dramatic effect. Meant to represent inserting a sound effect. Nothing too serious. "Burst the bubble" followed by "the sound of crickets".

    With respect,

  7. Hello Ruiner

    1. Where do you fit in with the controlling families?

    2. What is the Truth about the Avians?


    1. This writer truly has nothing to do with the Bloodlines (assuming you mean the Bloodlines as "controlling families" ) besides being born into one and refusing to participate.

      Avians are a race who work closely with the Draco. They perform Harvests, mostly. "The Feathered Serpents".

      With respect,

    2. Hello Ruiner,
      Since the Draco are leaving, will these ones you call "Feathered Serpents" also be leaving?
      What is a "Harvest"? Is this still something humanity must contend with?

      Thank you

    3. Your questions are connected. They are here, right now, trying to entice some into consenting to a "Harvest". A Harvest is where a race literally harvests humans (or other beings) like they are a crop. Let's hope no one chooses to surrender to them. If they do not, this group will leave too, yes.

      With respect,

  8. Replies
    1. She is Gaia. This planet, Earth.

      With respect,

  9. Seeing as they inject their systems and practices into our society on a microcosmic level, does the mass killing of animals and abuse that is so widespread today, including the general disregard for our environment at large, in a way, grant them permission to do what they do to us as we do the same thing to "lesser beings" and our general surroundings? What are your general thoughts of consuming meat as sustenance?

    1. Very good observation, yes, you are correct in your thinking above.

      Life feeds on life and this is part of the physical universe and common on (likely billions) many planets. There are much better ways to go about consuming meats than how we have here. We over consume meat, which is what causes the problems. Because of all of this, your writer chooses to consume less meat than the average person, and prefers wild game in population controlled areas. The brain, does require fats that are typically found in meats which is they only reason he hesitates from saying, we should not consume meat.

      Humans are at a point where we could circumvent meat consumption as well, with some major adjustments of course.

      Difficult topic to properly reply to in a comment, but hopefully this helps at least a little.

      With respect,

  10. Can you address the Gnostic view that speaks about the imposter, creator, Archon god, Yahweh? Can the Archons be equated with the Dracos?

    peace and thank you

    1. Yahweh is both a benevolent being and an impersonated being so the story is muddied. Please read this for more of this writers take on Archon:

      You may also want to read this:

      Archons work with the Draco, but are not the same group.

      With respect,

  11. Thank you for all this! With the change coming to our DNA and bringing the planet to a higher vibration will that be to much for the drago and the Parents to handle? I am just wondering how this will ever end. Sure a lot of people have woken up but they could just wipe everyone out and start over. again thank you for everything reading all your stuff and hearing your interview is simply amazing..

    1. Draco and Parents will not be directly influenced by the frequency change. We should be and therefor our reactions to them should also change.

      With love and respect,

  12. "dont make deals with snakes" ... are ALL snake spirits bad? is there a difference between reptilians (lizzards and snakes)?
    many see the ayahuasca brew spirit as a benevolent - healing snake......

  13. These periods of "rest" that the Parents will take is very well depicted in the original Underworld movie, where the vampire "Elders" do this very same thing.

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  15. This may sound a bit crazy, but you seem to be the only one who could possibly give me some answers.

    All my life, I have always been different. A very old soul, different from all the other kids, extremely intelligent for my age, etc. In my mid 20's my health started to plummet in unusual ways . I started losing fairly large amounts of hair, would get extremely fatigued and have very low energy daily, immunities started plummeting and I would catch random illnesses very easily. All tests came back normal. I also started getting various abilities, such as mild telepathy, mild premonitions, extremely heightened senses, what I call extreme "persuasion" (especially if using eye contact), and others cannot look at me or my pictures in the eye for long or they start to lose their train of thought/forget what they were going to say. I've even had some "freak out" for lack of a better term. Long story short, I tried everything to heal myself, but nothing worked, and my instincts told me to do something I never thought I'd do-ingest blood. It took me months to come to terms with it and actually do it because it sounded completely crazy. I'm not gothic or into dark things and vampire flicks, and the thought of seeming like one of those weird poser kids you see dressed in black with fake fangs and contacts disgusted me.

    So I kept it a big secret and started to feed on willing donors, and my health bounced back immediately. My hair grew inches within weeks, my skin got color again, I had tons of energy, I finally felt satiated; but I also turned into a different person—a very sadistic, evil, misanthropic person with not much regard for humans free will or lives. I saw them as blood bags or potential things to manipulate, like play-toys.

    After years of doing this, I met a donor who claimed to be a Pleiadian walk-in. (I actually was the one who called him out on it as I sensed it, and he asked me with great surprise how I knew what he was.) He said he was going to help me; and he did. He changed my life. He taught me that what I was doing was putting me in a bad cycle of karma, and by taking life-force from others, the universe would have to even out the score somehow, and that I was lowering my vibration greatly, and that "this is what they want." The only way around it is if the feeding was done as an act of love-one giving a gift, and the other receiving it with appreciation and love. He also did something with my vibration with his hands on mine that felt crazy (he called it a "reset") and since then I have become a whole new person. Because of this, I have internally struggled with feeding, even though now I have met the love of my life (he started out as a donor) and he is perfectly okay with it, but something in me still beats myself up over it and I can't bring myself to do it. My health is starting to plummet again, but I can't bring myself to do it or hurt him in any way, no matter how small or consensual it may be.

    My main question is: What am I? The Pleiadian told me I am a diluted form of what humans call a "vampire" although we aren't entirely like the ones from folklore, and that Reptilians created this race and looked for certain genetic characteristics in certain locations and activated those genes for some big reason that would come into play later. The reason? I don't know. Is this true? Am I what he says? Or do I just sound like a complete nut job? Trust me, I've wrestled with that over and over again and tried to ignore it for years, tell myself I was crazy, my mind telling me it couldn't be real and that there HAD to be another explanation. But my INSTINCTS, have told me otherwise, and I just can't seem to ignore it. Deep down, it rings true. I'm hoping to get answers from you.

    I hope you receive this message as it was intended to be: in all sincerity and genuineness. Thank you for what you do.