Sunday, April 12, 2015

Compassion for The Programmed

Many of you readers, if not all, have been spending a vast amount of time and energy trying to deprogram.

Whether it's from the cultural conditioning or more aggressive styles of programming or self inflicted patterns and traps, deprogramming is a very difficult and often long task.

For victims of aggressive programming as is involved with some major celebrities, or human slaves, or clone center toys, or shadow program ( military and space and science )  and MILABS and Monarchs - this can be near impossible for some to heal from well enough to effectively deprogram.

They break these people in ways most cannot fathom.  Not even the level of violence in your media compares.  Your writer recalls a decorated military killer seeing for himself what some of the clone toys go through and he said "I would watch 100 unarmed men be beheaded over watching that again any day."

All are bad, some worse than others in some ways but it's literally just picking a poison.

For some it's a violation of the body. For some it's a violation of the mind. For some it's the violation of their very will.

For some it's all of the above.

So let us remember this when dealing with or listening to or simply viewing these people.

From your Pop Stars and BlockBuster Needle Movers, to your clones and shadow program victims, Politicians and MILABS.  Everyone you can think of.

Let us send them love, understanding that their actions are inexcusable but can be forgiven, so that perhaps they can have the strength to admit their own weakness.  Let go of their delusions and illusions.

And Heal.


  1. "Let us send them love, understanding that their actions are inexcusable but can be forgiven"

    I had a very heated argument last nigh about the idea of "forgiveness" … quite synchronistic … I say, the idea of forgiveness … the way most people think of it … is nothing more than "stockholm syndrome" … what is your definition of this term?

    1. Your writer considers forgiveness an art. He also considers the process partially complete if the transgressor has not asked for forgiveness.

      With that said he would define forgiveness as the art of understanding wrongdoing well and choosing to release the emotional/energetic charge you hold from the actions of the one you are looking to forgive.

      Your writer believes we forgive others, for our own well being. Which in turn becomes our well being.

      Opinion of course. It's about making a choice. To hold a grudge or resentment, can be giving away power. If you do not have the will to forgive, don't.

      To forgive is not to forget. Fool me twice... Because you are forgiven does not excuse your actions.

      If you would like to share your thoughts on this, they would be welcomed.

      Your writer is not asking you to forgive anyone here. Understanding and learning only. Oh, and love.

    2. I 100% agree with ruiner here. This is exactly my experience and is one of the most valuable lessons that I share with people regularly.

      Forgiveness is not about the person that wronged us. Regardless of the nature or how deeply they wronged us, forgiveness is for OUR benefit and healing.

      When we hold on to anger/bitterness towards a person (even ourselves) it literally creates a spiritual energy between the two of you that is entirely negative. the result is that we subconsciensly allow "triggers" to become present. This means that certain names, images, smells, tastes, memories, people will trigger extreme negative reactions to both our physical body, but also mentally and can even afdect our soul. The ONLY way to break free of this is to forgive and allow ourselves to let go of those situations.

      It is very rarely that one "deserves" forgiveness, as many times the wrongdoing is both grievous AND ongoing. Thats still irrelevant when it comes to how we choose to react. If we hold on to anger and bitterness, we are handing that person power over us. when we refuse to forgive, we are actually, in a metaphysical sense, forcing them to have power over you.

      Our society thinks the exact opposite. "They don't deserve forgiveness." "You're weak if you forgive" "you better get back at them" - All these concepts being reinforced by reality tv and other media IS a form of mind control. If we are focused on hating each other, we will be the cause of our own ruin and/or we will never look beyond these petty situations to matters of true importance.

      They WANT a society that resembles the Jerry Springer show. It's a LOT easier for them that way. It also justifies their actions. Forgiveness breaks down negative walls and barriers.

  2. For me, I’ve never understood “A Course in Miracles” LOL (always thought of it as some sort of “psyops” operation) … Forgiveness, in my opinion would have to require the “transgressors” to play a role … I am not sure the “mind” that you talk about is even capable of that …

    I would have to go with the idea of “forgiveness” as being a mute point anyway … to get an idea of what I am talking about please consider the following …

    "Forgiveness Is Not True Compassion"
    (J. Krishnamurti)

    "What is it to be compassionate? … [F]eel it out, whether a mind that is hurt, that can be hurt, can ever forgive. Can a mind that is capable of being hurt, ever forgive? And can such a mind which is capable of being hurt, which is cultivating virtue, which is conscious of generosity, can such a mind be compassionate? Compassion, as love, is something which is not of the mind. The mind is not conscious of itself as being compassionate, as loving. But the moment you forgive consciously, the mind is strengthening its own center in its own hurt. So the mind which consciously forgives can never forgive; it does not know forgiveness; it forgives in order not to be further hurt. So it is very important to find out why the mind actually remembers, stores away. Because the mind is everlastingly seeking to aggrandize itself, to become big, to be something When the mind is willing not to be anything, to be nothing, completely nothing, then in that state there is compassion. In that state there is neither forgiveness nor the state of hurt; but to understand that, one has to understand the conscious development of the 'me'. So, as long as there is the conscious cultivation of any particular influence, any particular virtue, there can be no love, there can be no compassion, because love and compassion are not the result of conscious effort."

    1. Your writer actually fully agrees that forgiveness is not of the mind. Rather something that comes from the heart and soul. Not something that we must TRY to do. If it is not a natural process, it is not true.

      That quote applies very well to the view of your writer.

      This subject is something your writer questions others on often when making contact. He has even had long talks with The Parents themselves regarding forgiveness as well as many many others. From all of that he has taken no "rules" for forgiveness. Do or don't do, there is not try - with forgiveness.

      If you cannot forgive with everything you are. Simply do not.

      Forgiving with the mind is often accepting that you are a victim. Forgiving with your whole being is remembering who and what you truly are. From that place, forgiveness is natural.

      This is of course opinion. Your writer is no oracle.

  3. "This subject is something your writer questions others on often ... He has even had long talks with The Parents themselves regarding forgiveness"

    Why would the "parents" be concerned with the idea of "forgiveness"?

    1. Several of them understand their faults or transgressions. Those who do wonder if they can be forgiven. Or even if they can forgive themselves.

      This conversation has also been had with what your writer considers "worse" beings.

      Thinking - When calling it an art, perhaps a better way to explain would be a form of magic.

  4. Due to the length this comment comes in three parts -
    Part 1:
    Depending on one’s preference or level of consciousness, there are many aspects and approaches towards forgiveness.
    Personally I prefer the Hawaiian traditional practice of Ho’Oponopono, often referred to as the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness. It is the ancient Hawaiian system of healing, problem solving and transformation. In Hawaiian the word means "to make right or to rectify an error."
    The premise of Ho-oponopono is that the subconscious mind rules our lives, which is true in a way. We are conscious of only 15 to 20 bits of information, but there are millions of things happening deeper down in the subconscious. If we can work on the subconscious to find a peace, the world changes as we do.
    Ho’Oponopono suggests that you take responsibility for everything you think, feel, see, do, and even smell in your life, as ultimately you are the creator and experiencer of same, albeit unconsciously. So there would be no exterior cause or person to forgive, only myself. At first glance this may seem hard to understand, even harder to accept that I should be responsible for all the suffering and torture that others have perpetrated upon me, but as we learn and understand more about the energy of light (+) and dark (-), positive (+) and negative (-) and what is conscious and unconscious within us, we come to understand that it is our purpose right here, right now, to make known the unknown side of ourselves and bring balance to our polarized thoughts and feelings, which is peace.

  5. Part 2:
    Like our planet Earth, has a pos (+) and a neg (-) pole and constantly restores equilibrium, it is this perfect equilibrium that brings forth nature and it's myriads of wonders. Nature is the result of energies in balance. So the further we go into the “positive” energy, the more “negative” energy it takes to restore balance again. If one contemplates this long and deeply enough, we come to realize that this is what the heart center is all about. (Or the heart Chakra, as it is known).
    Energetically speaking, the heart center can be compared to the center of a magnet, where there is a tiny "gap" (still point?) where energy is “neither… nor” but also “as well as”. This perfect moment of "nothingness", this short moment where energy is resting between the poles is the moment something new can spring forth. (Same principle as sex – “something new” is conceived)
    So by taking 100% responsibility as taught in Ho'Oponopono, I am taking back the energy, which then has no option but to go through that point of neutrality, thereby restoring balance within myself of the issue at hand. The emotional/energetic charges I may hold against anyone are miraculously transformed into something new: a new understanding or a new perception is born. This to me is how we evolve. And This way I don’t give anyone any emotion to feed upon.
    Sending "love & light" is sending energy, so whoever the recipient of this energy may be will have more energy to carry on doing what has been done up to now.
    I will not do that. I will most certainly not send any “love & light”, nor any ill wishes, to any of these .... (sorry, have no name for them) ..... It would only create an even greater unbalance. It doesn’t transform energy nor does it produce anything new.

  6. Part 3:
    Love IS. Love is something everyone and everything IS. Always. Everything. Everybody. Love is the glue that holds everything together – were this not so, each of our trillions of cells would float around in the universe without shape or form, without sense or purpose. So love is what and who we all are, what everyone and everything IS. Always. This needs to be recognized within each of us. This is what Jesus saw in us – he saw the hidden God, the perfection, the Love that all and everything IS, and maybe if we emulate this behavior and focus on the God/Love in everyone and everything, maybe the darker elements may remember one day and also find their way home. Until then, it would only be fair if they learn the way we are learning: by reaping what they have sown.
    For anyone interested, here are some links to learn more about Ho’Oponopono:
    Interview of Dr Hew Len with Rita Montgomery and Dr Rick Moss. Data is what is running us. It is at the root of what we experience. Change that within yourself and the outer world changes
    The only purpose in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identity—our Mind—back to its original state of void or zero (Buddha), of purity of heart (Jesus) and of blank (Shakespeare) through nonstop cleaning. It is in the void, at zero, Divine Love resides, providing inspiration for perfect relationships, perfect health and perfect wealth.
    100% Responsibility for what we are experiencing.
    Dr Hew Len says that when we are doing Ho’oponopono, we are clearly stating to The Divine “I am 100% responsible for what I am experiencing, and I am experiencing suffering in the form of judgment or whatever.
    Dr Hew Len went on to say that the conscious mind does not take responsibly, and resorts to blame.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us.

  7. so do the parents feel remorse? are you aware of parents (or parent like beigns) from past (specifically atlantean times) that have died and reincarnated here?

    1. Some of them did I believe.

      Yes I am aware of a group that would fit that bill. :)

      With love and respect,