Friday, April 10, 2015

Some Structure - overview

This has more or less all already been said.

The illuminati is the name people have associated with a group of Occultists.

When I say illuminati I am talking about something beyond just that. I will not use the name they use for themselves, illuminati is good enough.

Why it is good enough is because I see no point in separating some things when they are all interconnected.

At the top of the illuminati you have beings known as The Parents.

They have influence over everything on Planet Earth.

They have been the Operating System that supports the Draconian Virus.

The Draco created The Parents to carry out their will.  To accomplish their goals.

~~My intention is to come back to this later, so let it go for now at this, and start with:  The Parents are what I am calling the Illuminati. Again, because you know this word and I won't use the name(s) they have for themselves. ~~

I will say this again:

The Parents are aware of everything that is operating on Planet Earth.  They have created the very structure all of these many systems operate upon.

All of the Cults and Every Religion. Every government and secret society.  Every military and every secret program. All of it is within their operative control.

Any deal that involves this planet goes through them. They are the top of the conspiracy pyramid that exists on Planet Earth.

You may know them as a cult or an order. Another name often synonymously used is Cabal.  You may know them as a secret society or mystery tradition-school.  You may know them as Jay-Z and Beyonce or the OTO.

In essence they are all of these things. They have either created or nurtured all of it.

In your mind and the minds of their members they have created an illusion of separation between countries, and governments and religions and programs and projects. The Compartmentalized Pyramid of independent entities. This group verses That group.

The unfortunate truth is, it all comes back to these Parents.

This way, no matter who appears to win in the public view, or in the history books,  they still have control.

Yes this does not sound good.  It isn't.  It is however, not something that cannot change.

The Parents were named by the Draco when they created them - the word was different but in English today it means Parents - because that is what they believe themselves to be. The Parents of Humanity.  We are all their children, in their mind.

People say they treat us like cattle or sheep. They treat us like children.

Bright and learning but not ready to sit at the adult table.

Like some human parents do with their human children, even when making mistakes, or lying to their kids, they are not - except for on exceptional occasions - doing so because they do not care about the child.

We lie to kids about Santa Clause.  We shelter kids from uncomfortable truths.  We mislead kids to control their behavior. Punish them when they are bad. Reward them when they are good.

The Parents' approach is much the same.

~~Your writer will never ask you readers to feel any sort of Sympathy for these beings ever.  You will feel empathy however you do - your choice - but that is certainly not any part of the intention behind these words.  I trust many of you can feel my words as you read them. You will get this. Please remember this as you continue to read.~~

In society, parents follow patterns established by the society and culture or religion or government. The same as their parents did and their grandparents did.. You get the picture.

These Parents, follow patterns established by the Draco.

--Time to pause to declare something for the readers--

Your writer is well aware that if you are reading this, you likely do not fit into the generalizations about humans and society your writer tends to make.  Perhaps some do fit some, but I realize many of you have made changes that exclude you from these generalized groups.  Please forgive your writer if you have felt otherwise.

The Parents each have their own followers who serve their goals directly. Some call their own groups a word that means Coven - basically.  I will use the word Coven.

Each Coven has a Family Master who was selected by the Parent to become the main contact for each of the Illuminati Bloodlines.  These are the 13 Bloodlines you are likely aware of.  Some of you have likely read their family names and understand to some extent how they maintain their Bloodlines and how they influence all of the various institutions of society.

The size and order of each Coven tends to vary from Parent to Parent. The only staple is the Family Master being named.  Some have more than one Coven Member who perform that role in operation but to maintain their own structure between themselves The Parents all stick to giving one Coven Member the title of Family Master.

Names, names, names, so many names.

This gets downright silly.

The Parents speak varying languages. They have different words for various things that differ from Parent to Parent. So saying "Family Master" is just a name I am giving a position that goes by many, many, names but always means the same thing.


You may want to skip the next section as your writer is going to turn to a tangent about Names.

This is something that drives your writer nutty, all the names.

What's worse is people argue and fight or divide all because of names, or titles, or words.

Some ETs use a different name for every planet they contact.  Why? More variants!!! (Don't get me started) Some recreate their name to suit the language of the civilization they are contacting.

A dramatic example. Or, don't take this as literal:

Andromedians may call themselves Golden Horns or Whacking Balls in one of a billion different languages, if they are contacting a race who that name would be understandable to or if it's suitable for their communication style.

Humans of earth right now, tend to identify with location, race and culture.  So most ET races that contact Earth tend to call themselves by the name of their planet or star system.

Your writer finds many contactees argue about information they receive from their ET contacts meanwhile the only real difference is the names they know the contact by and a slight variation of details. As often they are contacting different groups of the same race.

To complicate things further this planet has been used much longer and by many more races we now call ET, than most have discovered. Digression.

We have Asians, Americans, Greeks, Jews, Christians, Blacks, Whites, Democrats, Republicans, Freemasons, Templar, on and on and on we go with names.

Soda, pop, legal drugs, illegal drugs, booze, alcohol, tea, lunch, couch, sofa, biscuit, cracker, on and on we go with names and words for things.

Please stop debating words and names for things.  Focus on the visualization of objects and beings and the conceptualization of ideas and events.
/end tangent

Some Parents handle more than others personally.  Some expand their Coven so they can delegate the majority of responsibility to the Coven Members.

Most Bloodline Members either do not know the Parents exist or have only ever heard of them.

Most would know their Family Master (by some variation of wording/name) at least exists if they do not know them by name or have met them in person.

In the same way they may know, or know of,  some Coven Members as well.

I know that no member reading here would be able to deny that they don't always feel there is another curtain to be drawn back.

So to recap:

The Parents - Their Covens
The Bloodlines.

This is too long.  We will stop for now.  Go eat a piece of fruit.


  1. “The story you are about to hear is true … the names have been changed to protect the innocent” Joe Friday

    And quite a story you are going to tell (because for myself I can see where this is going). Pieces of this story are everywhere in our modern culture … told in full in many ancient texts, by entering the image of symbols and understanding that myth is truer than written history. If I am not mistaken, you are about to tell the “metastory” which is something we all must get a grip on if we are to know how to escape what you call the “Draconian virus”. It is the story that the “other” does not want to get out and so it gets literalized: gnosis was hijacked into “messianic” faith, and or our alternative thinkers it has morphed into a militarized “cosmic drama”.

    It is appropriate that you call yourself the “ruiner” … this narrative has ruined me, thrown me “off the railz” and I will never recover. And this comes from someone who was somehow able to understand it by means of reading what is not read in the empty spaces of “convention”. It will be fascinating to follow the story from someone “initiated into” it.

    Enough from the peanut gallery for now … I don’t care for fruit, so I will go have a coffee instead and wait for your next installment.

    1. Thank you for this. Your foresight is working well.

  2. Hello again,
    Your blog is vey very interesting and informative.I have some more questions to you(hope you could answer them...).
    I just reat and saw a two hours movie wich called 411 missing by David Paulides - do you know where these people might have dissapeared?
    Second , The contactee George Adamski and Randall Stevens - were they telling the truth?(As i am still fasinated with their stories of different planes and very wise humans).
    Thank you very much for your disclosure,
    May the force be with you

  3. Hello David.

    The answer to your first answer is that, it varies. Not all disappeared people have disappeared for the same reason or to the same place. Many factors. Common occurrences such as Humans hurting Humans. The Illuminati use humans for various activities and when they are done, well, let's just say these people cannot go home afterwards. ETs use people. There are also some animals and creatures in this world which are not catalogued which could be involved.

    Your second question I do not have an answer for. My apologies. Your writer does not research or read all contacee experiences and has never read anything regarding either person in question.

    with respect,
    Thank you.

  4. hoping later in your blog you explain what the draconian virus is and how to overcome it..... if you do - thanks fo r this and please ignore my comment - I will reach it - . If you dont, please provide some insight here...

    1. Really it is just a phrase I used to describe the infection/invasion of the Draco on our planet :)

      With love and respect,

  5. OK nice to hear your ramblings, it's nice to hear ones' ramblings sometimes, you get to know the person better...what a long strange life its' been eh?...Ya getting right to the point here, you are wrong on one very important aspect, my friend, and that is- these parents you refer to are manifestations of Yaldabaoth and Set and their various archons, they are NOT the REAL PARENTS the true God and Goddess or Mother Of All and Yod He Vau He as they are also known,please read the Nag Hamadi scriptures. It is very obvious to me that what you are talking about is an attempt of the archons to emulated and mimick the Divine Parents, and they are so clearly delusional as to what these Holy Beings are truly like or are simply their it were, these attitudes and personality profiles quite turn my stomache and it would be proper and pertinent to come to understand the outlying factors as to how and why we have been controlled for so long and get out from underneath that,