Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What If?

~ Friends of your writer may be familiar with this question.  A visualization game to help make your choice. ~

What if it all just went away?

All the external control or assistance, all gone.  All that was left is humans,   as we are right now,  left with a system,  as it is right now,  with no one manipulating us into into serving another race or intelligence?

What if it all disappeared?  With no examination.  No validation for those of us who have been behind the scenes to show to the public.  Simply us and nothing more.

Would this disappoint you?

Would humans continue on a self destructive path?

Would we be able to save ourselves?

This concept is a powerful tool in visualization practices.

Answer these questions within yourself, honestly.

( For the Casual Eyes:  This writer is not asking for your answers.  Please keep them to yourself, not because he doesn't want them in the comment section, but because that is how this exercise works. )


  1. How about let's just take over:

    The cut is 42% though.

  2. If those (humans) who are on top of control would disappeare too then there might be a hope.
    The system as it is rght now is self sustainable and it would go for a very long time even with no external intervention because we are trained to serve it.
    Humanity and the planet has not the time and luxury to wait for a change,change has to come as soom as possible.

    Just nobody from Greece.

  3. No more them, no more harassment, no more control, no more AI, no more chemtrails, no more blocked Ley lines, no more protected minions, no more governments, no more disembowelment of the Earth...
    We will take care of ourselves, we will help each other, we will establish justice and independence, we will face our darkness without fear, we will continue to search for our Self with no more blockages... Just us and Her...Blissful anarchy...
    I can taste it already, can't wipe this "stupid" smile off my face...
    Old lady

    1. my very thoughts exactly. then our true repair will begin... hmm I've done this what if, i what if everything. when you what if a concept it brings you closer to a truth.. thanks

  4. Interesting. Ruiner, are you testing if this humanity is able to succeed in order to no having anymore the interference from those who suck us all the time?

    1) If we are all free from them definitely, we are not under their pressure and is possible that the innate qualities of the human specie starts to arise and guide them without limits;

    2) Naturally, the conditions that suppressed humanity doesn't disappear in only one moment, it will take time to note the change as individual and as a collective.

    3) Certainly we all will be much better. We and Her.

    I have no doubts on this. Through Her everything will be under a extreme care. She knows what She does.

    Love is the answer.
    ~ Stella Maris

    1. This is not a test. Just a visualization exercise.

      With respect,

    2. I wonder how you imagine this picture also.
      How your sense of creation envision this?

      With love,

    3. This writer believes humanity is beautiful and capable of wonderful things. Despite conditioning. The combined efforts of Her wisdom and our strength should one day be realized as one of the greatest creation of imagination and will this galaxy has seen in a very long time.

      This writer believes we can move forward, within the framework of the exercise above, quite well if we chose to. (Hypothetically of course)

      With respect,

    4. My reverence to you, dear Ruiner.

      With love,

  5. With no examination. No validation for those of us who have been behind the scenes to show to the public. Simply us and nothing more.

    I am not understanding what you are saying, my interpretation is your saying if no one ever knew what was going on behind it, so if it stops ...
    lol if a tree fell in the forest and you only heard it... to everyone else it never made a sound

    1. That is the question. Is it all stopping, enough? Your analogy is fitting.

      With respect,

    2. If your questions was rhetorical... but I'm going to answer it.

      I thought about this all day, and I started crying. I get what you mean, my tears wasn't neccearily sadness but the realization knowing the truth is a game as well.

      Im going to flip your what if, (this is really for like me the casual eyes)

      What if today our whole economy collapsed
      our lights turned off
      the water stopped running from our pipes
      your food spoiled from the electric being off
      your jobs shut down
      you have no money
      no stores
      no clothes

      what would you do

      this is true sovergnty , we will not be free until this happens
      and this isn't even everything that will happen if we choose this what if

      people will gasp and that is why they are still in control

      this is why they say we don't want our independence because they think we can't handle this

      But WE CAN

      they hope we will gasp and cry and BEG for help again.

      What if this did happen

      We would learn to make our clothes again
      we would learn to grow again
      we would have no ppl hungry
      we would have no one without houses
      we would have no one without water or without a bath

      we wouldn't be killing nature

      our jobs would be rebuilding nature
      figuring out how to get rid of the waste
      how to fix what has been damaged

      fixing us , as well all the emotional damage from ppl suffering for no reason
      but so much BLISS no corp forcing experimental drugs
      a beautiful sky
      animals would be more friendly
      we would be in SYNC again


      No i don't know how to fix everything but I have the voice and the WILL , i have been homeless and let me tell you life was only hard because of this system, i enjoyed no (job) I'm forced to follow procedures for that is against the good of man

      im sick of paying bills that is too expensive ,
      im sick of everything else being vaulable instead of ppl realizing THEY ARE THE VALUE !

      with hugs and love


    3. Ahhh it seems I've got another young sister. This family is getting bigger.
      Many of us, in this world, still remember how to do things the natural way. Some will teach and the same some will also learn. Some were born knowing but felt they were alone. No longer.
      As for the others, the forgetful, you know that saying "one can take a horse to water, but one cannot make him drink"? Well, as a matter of fact, one can... just put loads of salt on his food.
      So, when the comforts of "modern" life, and the whole system on what they're based crumbles, there's the salt, the very salty salt that will make them thirsty(remember).
      And then, there is Her, our most beloved Sister in all of Her manifestations, we are connected without interruptions, we are connected with ourselves without veils, so, thus, there is no more right or wrong, just certainty.
      We will guide ourselves and we will help each other, we will create wondrous things, heck, we already did. How could it be any other way?
      Look well, it's already happening.
      This grin, this grin, won't get off my face...
      Old lady

  6. Our Mother who are within us,
    We celebrate your many names.
    Your Wisdom come.
    Your Will be done, unfolding from the depths within Us.

    She is Us and We are Her.

    She who has birthed the seeds of LOVE within us all from the very beginning of time, when the void of nothingness sprung forth into motion. It is She who awaits our awakening

  7. Without all the controls as others state above, we will still be left with our ego - and, like Daedalus, we must take responsibility for having helped to build our own prison. We cannot mire ourselves in revenge and hatred - that has never gone well, historically.

    Humans have done great things and worked together in the face of hardship. We will do it again. but we must always be aware of our ego and rise above it in order to sustain. This is the great work.

  8. Exactly. I have a T shirt I wear all the time that says "What If?..." Never fails some one stops to ask me what it means :) The writers blog title made me smile.

  9. Ruiner,

    I like this exercise. Personally this has made my conscious of the fact that I for one have lost focus to some degree on how to create a better world and what that might look like. This activity has made me cognizant of the evidence that perhaps I am too fixated on “the control system” and how it is keeping us down. It also reveals to me that these “bad guys” perhaps have a necessary, positive role in this as a catalyst for change. I know one could easily surmise that if they were not present we would have no need for change but I don’t think it is that simply. Besides that, they ARE here. If they were not so blatant and malevolent/nefarious, we may have never identified that we are in the predicament we currently are. With that in mind one could conclude that perhaps they have failed by creating too large a divergence from what otherwise might not be detectable. Provokes thought.


  10. I like the (categorical) idea of this visualization exercise. Just as someone who plans to go on a long hike will first fill their pack with weights and practice walking through local parks before tackling their planned trek through the high Sierras, so perhaps it would be suitable for us to exercise/train our minds in advance to be prepared for a very different world - also to more deeply examine our hidden premises, or thought habits, so as to discover and re-program out any glitches in advance.

    Recently, I have been asking myself a question along similar lines: "Have I become so habituated to a world dramatically on the brink of disaster that it has become a form of stimulus/entertainment that I might actually miss were it to more or less have such an extreme degree of threat removed?"

    To me, the purpose of such a question (or exercise) is, in part, to help pre-adapt my mind so as to better, more healthfully acclimate to a more "normal" sort of human existence on Earth.

    If one is truly believing in a better Earthly/Human future then such anticipation would include the overhauling & exercising of the mind to suit the new environment.

    ...or something like that.

    Anyway, thanks for the practical post (as well as for your blog, in general).

  11. Yes we would. After some time to heal the wounds. Especially if the main puppets are gone together with the puppeteers.

  12. Basically, you're saying those who are waiting for the other shoe to drop, for disclosure, for WWIII, for the complete meltdown of the system, might be waiting for precisely what they've been programmed to wait for. Fortunately, I think most of the people who are reading this just want us to be left the damn alone, free, sovereign, to build humanity as it was meant to be. Unfortunately, most of the people who aren't reading this, are still waiting for someone else to do it for them, someone "different", the "good guy", a saviour, Christ's second coming, Iman Mahdi, the New Czar, the New Constantinople etc. Let's hope we'll get our hopes fulfilled, and they can fulfill theirs on another earth.

  13. Free comes to mind.
    no more barriers or boundaries but living a life as we expected and should have.
    Free to live and travel where one wants and enjoying the interaction with people and the planet on your travels.
    free to experience this lifetime without any control system,reconnecting to nature and living as a sovereign being,to that what we are.
    free to relearn all that we have been misdirected against.
    Free to learn,teach and enjoy this planet.

    Free to be.

    sorry if i have trolled.

    1. You have not, and nothing to apologize for.

      With respect,

  14. We are creative beings and without the controllers our creation would flourish like the finest flowers of Eden, beautiful and divine to such extent that travelers from the other galaxies would take selfies with our creations:)

  15. Holographic telepathy...... see heart here.

  16. As much as I hope otherwise, I don't see the 3 major religions with their end times prophecies unwinding in a graceful fashion. The mind programming is just too deep, too embeded. I honestly don't know what kind of reset switch that will change that karma for the better... perhaps only alien disclosure or our true historic past revealed would do it. Even then the howls and gnashing of teeth will be epic to behold by the fanatical.

  17. Works nicely with this recent article, (primary focus on AI):

    "In other words, the Tibetans consciously treated their pantheons of gods and semi-gods as convincing illusions.

    Several of their key exercises and techniques were all about having students mentally create these illusions in voluminous and meticulous detail. That was difficult enough, to be sure. Far more difficult was the next aspect of their practice: get rid of these creations.

    Put them there; destroy them."

  18. Ruiner Quote: "All the external control or assistance, all gone. All that was left is humans, as we are right now, left with a system, as it is right now, with no one manipulating us into into serving another race or intelligence?"

    It could well prove to be a win-win situation to have this form of "cosmic amnesty" without general public awareness of this amnesty.

    Predictably it would take a few generations before conditioned behavioural patterns are replaced by new generations not hell bent on control, revenge, war, in order to bring forth a monumental global transformation to CHANGE THE CURRENT SYSTEM . . . that is, of course, when analyzed with the current climate we are experiencing . . . however, should a watershed event occur that enables humanity to re-connect with its immortality, well, who knows, for immortality is no guarantee for virtuous behaviour now, is it.
    So the "key" ingredient must be unlocked!

    Whilst all races are unable to define "Creator" beyond experiences in one form or another . . . no matter who pretends that they can . . . the choice, the responsibility, that remains . . . that is eternal . . . is contained in wisdom. Should I, or shouldn't I!

  19. I think some of us won't know what to do with ourselves for a little while. It eventually will be good. And the small percentage of us who are partially awakened and sending out love will help influence the rest. I am hopeful.

  20. Nope - just another excuse

  21. Wery 'mice' mental trap. :) To realise the IF one needs to be fullyy aware of THEN and to understand that there is always an ELSE which is easy when there are rules. Exercising a choice is a systemic rule, even in situations where apparently the only options one has are onerous.
    My practice follows the WWW. What's Wong With. It is as contemplative but more productive than 'What IF'.

  22. I agree that it would take a few generations but the outcome would be a better world than what we have now. Controlled or not the current generation is set in their ways which is why people like me feel "alien" here. I am also hopeful as people want change but they are not willing to change their ways. Eating meat comes to mind. Enslaving animals but not wanting to be enslaved. I am hopeful as more and more people wake up there will be a shift.

  23. Is the writer aware of the "WAVE X shift of 2015" ?
    Is it another psy-op?

    1. Yes and yes. There is an earlier blog entry here that discusses this briefly.

      With respect,

  24. Here's a thought experiment... imagine all the things that need oil to exist that make your current life livable. All the food for 7 billion people... you going to just start planting food, having never done it before, and try and feed yourself through winter while the starving will kill for what you have? Clean, bacteria-free water?

    The desperate father who needs insulin for his daughter. The infected wound on your son's leg and you don't have antibiotics. Out of control fires. Warlords, crazed drunks and the insane religious fanatics who just witnessed revelations come to pass.

    All the nuclear reactors and megatons of radioactive waste that need to be dealt with. Look up what plutonium is and how little is needed to eventually kill enormous numbers of people.

    This won't be a Hollywood movie that romanticises these not-trivial things.

    What I'm getting at is "the system" isn't something you simply walk away from. Its built in to have a pretty horrific senario if "the lights went off". You really, really don't want to witness what that event would do to mankind or the planet.

    This bird needs to be landed very gently. We need all the inside help we can get, both figuratively and literally.

    1. From what I know the insulin and antibiotics are still made by people, human chemists. As are nuclear reactors managed, still by people. You and me, your neighbor or your friend. The Parents don't manufacture drugs or run plants. So, I assure you, we'll not blow up over night because a few elite individuals disappear off the Earth.

    2. Aha, exactly, Ciprian!
      Some of us are so disenchanted with our fellow humans we forget that once the veil is ripped and the connection established, our humanness will have free rein. The distortion is not human, it's just distortion.
      Old lady

    3. Right, and what are you going give that person so that they'll give you their insulin? A little green piece of paper that says "In God We Trust" on it? You think the banking system that's based on nothing will just keep humming along? You think those other countries will keep giving us their oil when the aircraft carriers leave their backyard? You think that 11-year old factory worker in Indonesia will keeping making you nice shoes? You think all the followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam will be ok with knowing that their books are all lies and that their god was invented by an Egyptian pharaoh named Akhenaten which we pay homage to every time we say "Amen" (Amum-Re)?

      We whine about being enslaved and yet never really think about how everyday we consume the fruits of labor by the truly enslaved. Having the Parents leave and things seeming to remain the same only shows us that we are willingly continuing their system of exploitation so that we won't suffer any un-comfortableness. The parents don't have to do a thing, we already do it to ourselves and others.

      It's all reverse savior programming... instead of a messiah coming to make everything better all we want is for the devil to stop possessing us and everything will be magically better. Wake up, we're our own devils. We are the parents keeping a system of fraud and violence in place. The politics and economics of surplus ensure this... the have's vs. the have-nots.

      I'd love everyone in the world to be an ayahuasca-drinking rain forest native as much as the next guy, but there are a lot of dangerous messes that need to be cleaned up and neurosis to be cured before that will happen... given the situation and environmental stakes, optimism is a pretty tough thing to hold onto.

    4. You are barking at the wrong tree, mate. I don't buy t-shirts from H&M and the newest smartphone and tablet precisely because I know someone, somewhere, is being exploited and overworked in horrific conditions for me to be able to have that gadget at that price.

      Why is it so difficult for you to imagine something different? I think you should meditate on that. The whole world won't just come crashing down. Change doesn't happen overnight, it happens incrementally. Let's be realistic. We'll still manufacture goods, we'll still use money and even banking systems, at first. But we just don't have to do it by enslaving less fortunate people. Ethical manufacturing methods are possible even as we speak. You don't have to stop producing clothes or phones. You just have to start paying those Chinese workers that make them a fair wage, give them medical insurance, a pension, good working conditions and humane schedules. That's all. They would then come to work with a smile on their faces, knowing they can support the family back home AND still have their human dignity respected.

      The subject is incredibly vast and I don't have the energy right now or the incentive to go into it. But you can watch any of the dozens of good talks on youtube about moneyless society systems. There are a lot of great people out there who are walking their talk, living this life, showing everyone else another way. To give you a good lead, if you really want to envision a new society and understand how we could go about building it, search youtube/google for "Ubuntu communities".

      With regards,

    5. Dear Bad Guys,

      Even though you created the very culture and systems of power we were born into, we think us good guys need to start running things. You've made too many people sad and we'd like a chance to try and make them happy.

      We actually kinda like some of the things you have done with the place, like the running hot water and the not worrying about our next meal and being able to talk to strangers on the Internet, but we think we could do things a whole lot less exploitively.

      In the meantime, could you not meddle with our plans for taking your power away? That really wouldn't be fair... did we stop you from ruling the world the last 13,000 years? It's now our turn, and we'd appreciate the opportunity.

      Thanks in advance,

      The Good Guys

    6. They really did quite a headjob on people if you believe they are responsible for us having running water. It's nothing short of extraordinary. That is precisely what they would want you to believe as well, that you are not able to do anything without them, although you run it even now. They're not called "The Parents" for nothing. It's mind boggling how you can do everything and still think that someone else did it for you. This is textbook Stockholm Syndrome.

      Not worrying about our next meal? Are you for real?! Approximately 1 billion people are *starving* on this Earth. That is 1 in 9 people, starving. And the rest aren't doing much better either. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five - 3.1 million children each year. ( Just because you and your mom and pops are doing great, doesn't mean the world is all peaches and milk.

      And now the internet is their gift to humanity, isn't it? Yes, just as it pertains to massive illegal data collection and attempts at censorship. The rest, if I know well (, has been developed by humans, by people like you and me, regular guys with imagination, intellect and drive.

      This conversation is useless. I'm out. Enjoy your hot water tub and your wi-fi connection. Don't read this blog, it doesn't serve your illusions well.

  25. No, we and her have compromised enough.

    ALL must be revealed, so forgiveness and healing to take place. Without knowing of our illegal imprisonment our evolution would still be impeded and pain and hurt will remain, as such we cannot progress properly.

    No revenge, no hatred, no fear, just awakened minds emerging from the darkness to accept what has happened to us but learn from it and move forwards together in harmony and peace as was always destined.

    Yes we will shine, but we are not children, not any more.

  26. If external control was gone, that would mean the system was gone too. The AI consciousness would need to be gone (or transmuted) too. The cosmic matrix as well as the earthly matrix would be gone. Wow, when this is so, woohoo! Until then, we need to recognise that the next illusion of freedom is just a prison in a bigger playground. ;-)


  27. " the world is changed by your example not your opinion" Anon

  28. There once was a Temple of the Lady. The signs of her truth were the solar disc, the tree, and the lion. Her sanctuary trees were laden with ribbons and strands of cloth of gold and also bits of the humblest cloth from those who came to make offerings of love to Her and to talk to Her.

    Her trees still grow.

    1. Question...Where..respectfully

  29. it took a long time to get here. it takes a long time to get there.

  30. Thank you Ruiner for this excellent blog. It has been a pleasure to read your posts and the reader comments as well. I am very grateful of the words and stories you write here.

    I like to ask people, "What would happen if tomorrow we all were able to read each other's minds and surmise the thoughts, feelings and emotions we all are going through? What would change?"

    Sometimes they are dumbfounded and the answers they provide vary, but many I have asked over the years think that ultimately it would make for a much improved life and they would welcome it! Personally, I don't think this would take generations as people have suggested. Change would be quick and would take maybe (at most) several years.

    After all, the people working on the hidden technology and information still have working knowledge of it and can help to rebuild things as well.

    This "What if?" scenario you mention is a great practice and I love thinking about not having the control. We can build and create amazing things here -- let's get started!

    With much love and respect,

  31. I am no "behind the scenes guy". I have no real knowledge of why the people of this world behave the way they do. I can only look at my self and then I have no doubt that we would make a beautiful world. Of only everyone is like me.... The problem is I dont know if all humans are more or less like me when all control and evil dont influence them. Or are some people just evil in their own core?
    I have lived quite some years and when you think about it I might not know humans that good after all. Is it the real human beings I know or is it a manipulated, different human I know?
    Will I ever know the truth?

  32. before control was harmony, and you all seem to forget that. whith control you lose equilibrium. i think human race was brought in this state, and many shall perish (ex: those who can't physicaly whipe their own a55) but that's because they have no idea what freedome is and that with freedome from, comes great responsability. humans need a god, 'god', someone to hate, someone to love, etc to give reason to their life. in my opinion its either mass evolution, or mass extinction. HUTEN IAREN EIVEN - NEIVEN ERAI NETUH.

  33. Parents, draco's, controllers just walk away? No disclosure of the past or present crimes against humanity? Structure intact with current family descendants in power, current governmental structures intact around the world with corruption at every level to continue unchecked? Not seeing or feeling to good about this changing the current situation we find ourselves in. The variable is the Wave and the gifts which will be awakened in us. If it is successful and enough of us wake up then we can reach a momentum that will be unstoppable. I believe it will happen.

  34. I dont know how i found your blog, but i just wanted to thank you. I have no "illuminati" or other groups connection, but i feel like i can understand what you write. I feel like i knew that already. Thanks again.

  35. You said it. The original name of this experience at the inception of all that is. "What if?" Wonderful!