Thursday, August 13, 2015


She is alive.  She dreams.  She feels on a level not even humans can understand. ( which is saying a lot )

She is often treated as nothing more than a giant rock to build ourselves upon.  A big blue rock hurdling through space.

The physical planet can be thought of as a spaceship if you'd like.  She is the captain.

She loves everything that grows, even those unhealthy for her to love.  Unconditional.

In Her wisdom she can do this and understand what can stay and what should go.  Like the body ridding itself of toxins.

Her spirit is given freely to all life on earth, whether humans recognize all of these forms as life or not.  Whether or not the life forms embrace and benefit from this spirit energy, comes down to choice.

You feel it when you see the sun, or feel the wind.  Tiny little reminders of a power and beauty beyond our own imagination.  You see it in the colours of flowers.  You hear it in the laughter of a child.

She never went anywhere.  Some just forgot to pay attention.

She is patient.  Probably more so than humans may like or from their mind, agree with.  She will allow natural processes to complete, planning her subtle whispers of balance as she sees fit.  But when the unnatural happens, and that patience is lost, she defends herself accordingly.

Many times already She has corrected balance for herself and for her children here. Fixing mistakes other beings make around her.  Dealing with the consequences of all events in this solar system.

It can be easy at times to believe She does not care about us. This is not true. She has a better understanding of us than we do, and observes reality from a different level, and therefor some of her choices can seem wrong to us.  Perhaps they are. Perhaps they are not.

She helps generate energy that is free to us.   Energy to sustain us as physical vessels.   The earth provides a connection to a part of consciousness from which we can gain great knowledge.  As well as tools to further develop our souls.

If we align ourselves with Her here and now, we can break the spell.  This does not mean serving Her.  This means serving life, freedom and growth.  We are simply standing along side Her.

She is not looking to be worshipped.  She only wishes to be respected and maybe even loved.  Just as we all do.

~ Beings who abused her created you here to be used.. But she loves you anyways.   Love can be put into action. ~


  1. Replies
    1. Good question Ruiner. How ISIS is related with Her?

    2. Dear Ruiner,

      Who is ISIS? How ISIS is working with Gaia-Sophia?
      How can we work under the Ley Lines to recover the damages?

      Thanks for you time and attention.

    3. Everything has a counterpoint. Light and dark versions of everything. The goal is a balance that could not come otherwise.

      We can absorb energies from ley lines to be used in various ways.

      With respect,

  2. How lucky we are to be at this transitional stage. When all the constraining forces leave the planet (or just let go), we'll be left with the work of transforming the damage that we all created. Meaningful work for a change. No utopia here, and that's good for a population programmed to consider utopia boring. We already have all the tools we need, either already manifested or soon to be created. It will be like turning a trash-strewn city lot into a community garden. Without worrying about the kids down the block destroying it just for fun. Yes indeed, we're very fortunate to be on this planet, with Her.

  3. Dear Ruiner,

    In words I cannot express all that I feel for Her.
    They limit the emotion.

    Let me tell you that I don't mind worship Her.
    She is on my heart as I'm in Her too. Forever.

    What She does for all of us is a sacrifice.
    She is the one who GIVES as the primal Source (or GOD).

    Reverence. At lest, She also would like to be loved once.

    My prayer:

    "Sweet Mother, I love you.
    Through my heart I listen your and I'm pleased to be so.

    I hope all humankind understands you someday.

    So I call them through your heart, to make them feel also the divine substance being revealed - that is you.

    Sweet Mother and Sister,
    We are together and we are ONE."

    With love,
    ~ SM

  4. Very nice post. Spiritually, I've always felt that thinking about God as this omnipotent being in control of everything in the universe was kinda... unproductive? Useless?. Just connecting with Gaia is plenty enough for this human incarnation to evoke a sense of mysticism and wonder and deep spirituality. Everything is right here, right now. Stop searching and you will find you never lost it. We were never abandoned.

    1. Could you please offer some guidance for the less informed (me) on how to do this? Much appreciated, in advance :)

  5. Thanks Ruiner, you are doing an excellent work in order to Mother Earth.

    Why we should trust in Her (/Her love for Humanity).

    Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St Louis "Morgellons, Black Goo, Alien AI and DNA Technology": (since mark 48:53 min., specially the segment 58:27 min. forward).

    ~ She loves, no matter what.

  6. someone posted above 'meaningful work for a change"..Yes, for a change, instead of scrapping so "they" get it all, Imagine working for Her, for the best of all humans and the planet, that is utopia, not this insane materialistic world, they want, and they want us to be a slave to...I am with her, always was..I support her in any decision she thinks is needed, even if I lose this life, it does not matter because it would mean she is correcting the insanity that is choking us all, and I would give all to make this planet whole again, and to make us, humans whole again and able to learn spiritually, live side by side, with all animals and plants, all of us "corrected". Let Her do what she must, as I am eternal, and will be back again, if in correction I have to leave for a while...Just fix this planet and give my brothers and sisters a change..Please

    1. Your post brought heartfelt tears to my eyes........
      So Beautiful - thank you for sharing your insightful soul-full comments - expressions of you.
      I really appreciated reading these words of yours - I feel the same way too.

  7. Well done---The Bible has given us flawed parents . Adam (Father) & Eve (mother) are not flawed . The gods that are talking are the false pretenders who have invaded & taken over our world. We are our Divine Parents childen-we have been made to forget--we are waking up now.---Love To All

  8. Thanks Ruiner.
    Since i read that Mayans said that if only we were thankful for everything we eat we could save ourselves i started to notice Her. Watering plants, trying communicate with nature. It's amazing. Once i decided to thank Her directly while meditating i felt deep gratitude (nearly cried) and then like for 5-10s rain started to fall. I still remember the tiny raindrops sliding off the leafs. So EPIC.
    Best wishes.

  9. "And all of Nature shall aid them". I remember this sentence from I know not when or where, but it has lived and breathed inside me this entire lifetime it seems. Nature. The Earth Mother. It is time to be responsible. The process of growth and maturation brings all children into adulthood. And in honour of that long ago promise, here we all are. 'With' her; ToGetHer 🌍. Yes indeed. Nice post. It takes attention way from the drama and puts the focus on the most fundamental of relationships. Thankfully. Thank you Ruiner.

  10. She knows us, She loves us unconditionally and She waits patiently for us to answer Her call for us to heal and grow again!

    (two songs from ones who hear Her)

    1. Wow thank you for such a beautiful post. I am astounded by the quality of this blog, the writer and the people commenting here. I am inspired by the wonderful people posting here in a profound way. What an amazing group! Thank you all!

      I am exhilarated to devote my energy, imagination, will and time to creating a magnificent, beautiful world, hand in hand with HER and of course You All. I am a warrior and will fight until I can no longer, to see us manifest our new reality. We have the potential and capability to do this! I feel privileged to be here on earth at this time to help Her and Us in any capacity. Wouldn’t we be absent/elsewhere at this time if we were not adept and qualified to be carrying out this transformation/shift? It is no coincidence that it is Us here playing out this existence/reality. We must not squander this opportunity. It’s not about what “they” can do to “Us” but rather what we are capable of doing for ourselves. We are tremendous beings who have lost our way. We need to stand up and dust ourselves off and find our way back. Like riding a bike, we must keep moving to maintain our balance. The Ruiner is a tremendous tool with a vast amount of knowledge but reading this blog alone is not enough. We must also do the requisite work. We can inspire others through this work and at every moment.

      I have come to enjoy very much the writing here by the other “creative writing artists” in the comment section. “Contact Point” as well as others here have made me think, feel and be on another level. I hope in some way when The Ruiner is finished perhaps we can continue. Would love to celebrate or efforts down the road some day with the Ruiner and commenters here, in a bar, coffee shop or in my garden for a drink. We all have some ruining to do though before that time.

      To the writer above here…Thank you for the 2 beautiful songs. The feeling you get when listening is pure Love and also the power we will use to propel and energize or imaginations and will power to construct our new reality.

      I Love you all and am grateful for this opportunity to share this blog with you! Thank you very much for the inspiration!

      Peace and Love,

    2. This writer looks forward to that celebration ;)

      With respect,

  11. We should get on and make the change ourselves. Our group is busy setting up a microfinance portal to help people realize their dreams. More on that later.


    The Ruiner: "No one at this meeting possesses the power of will to alter their plans."

    I still think there are some tricky agreements going on that have been forced on us behind closed doors. I'd like to undo them.

    Is there some unused legal mechanism by which we can challenge the current secret rulership: i.e. The Parents, + the "Rising Son."???

    Even if they are not technically rulers or owners, I still question their right to even be here on this planet, as they are operating secretly, in violation of many national constitutions, and against the will of the people of Earth.


    A Debate, or A Trial for the Son and the Parents

    Can we convene a debate or an online hearing, invite the Parents and the "Son", and if they fail to show up, they have lost by consensual silence/tacit procurement?

    i.e. If you don't rebut an accusation, it stands in commercial law. If you don't offer a solid plan, you have also lost.

    This wouldn't solve everything, but it could help to further erode their legitimacy + power on the magic/legal side.

    ​Is there anyone that could help us do this? I think many of us here would like to state our case against them, and they will be given an opportunity to state theirs​. The previous meeting, relayed by the Ruiner in "The Change." was conducted without our knowledge, behind closed doors. I question it's validity. After the Trial, we could leave a poll open to decide who had a better plan for Earth.

    I know the Ruiner is working on other things now, but it's something we could bear in mind for later.


  12. She is beautiful, divine, glorious. I choose to serve her anyway. It is in my best interests to do this after all!

    I have felt her love, she is the all loving and forgiving mother. She knows we have been steered away from her.

    Like any mother she waits patiently for our return, and return we shall so mote it be x

  13. Beautiful.

    Also, not just Her, but all who reside on her: plants, rocks, insects. It's not just us and Her, it's everything. Try to do no harm to any of it.

  14. Are all planets and stars feminine like her?

    1. No, some are male. Some are "both" or neither.

      With respect,

  15. Thanks for sharing in detail. Your blog is an inspiration! Apart of really useful tips, it's just really !
    California solar systems is best and tell you how our solar system formed, how it was discovered and the names of the planets, dwarf planets.

  16. I have talked to her, and included her in my meditations always and I talk to the elements as well. She starts to open up and you become a part and start to live in an enchanting world. I have become so aware of her presence in my life that she has awakened me to realize that I am her and she is me.....and I love her so much.

  17. I talk to her in my meditations and I converse with her along with the elements. She starts to open up and once she does she awakens your soul and you start to live a beautiful life of enchantment all around you. The trees shake and want to play with you in the wind. Colors change, you feel such love inside. I've known her for a long time, and she's known my soul beyond linear time, she's shown me so much. Now I realize I am her and she is me....and I love her so much.

  18. I talk to her in my meditations and I converse with her along with the elements. She starts to open up and once she does she awakens your soul and you start to live a beautiful life of enchantment all around you. The trees shake and want to play with you in the wind. Colors change, you feel such love inside. I've known her for a long time, and she's known my soul beyond linear time, she's shown me so much. Now I realize I am her and she is me....and I love her so much.

  19. She is the unknown mother in the universe.

  20. I have now read this blog on "her" after having read it before going to the beginning and reading the earlier blog entries. It was much more meaningful this time. Yesterday she actually communicated with me for the first time, very interesting!

    She communicates with our Creator, as do I. She is in perfect tune with His will.

    I was surprised that she would start a conversation with me, on a rather mundane subject, but she did. As I was fixing my coffee, she said "you don't need that." I thought, "are you saying it is bad for me?" She said no, and I thought a minute before asking if she was saying I shouldn't drink it, and again that wasn't what she was saying. I asked if the coffee plantations were harming her, and again she said no. After a while I was made to understand that "it's just that I could call on Her for energy to boost my own, and that I wouldn't have the tiredness a few hours that always results from drinking coffee. Truly amazing and special to converse with Her in this way, and also with God all at the same time, as a three way conversation although all communication was from or to me.

    I wonder if the one true God that created all and is a God of love in its purest form, could be what some here refer to as Source? Could it be that there have been so many pretenders and lies told that Source is a term to set Him apart from the rest?

    I can understand that many would not believe in Him due to the distorted forms of Christianity that are all around, but when His Spirit dwells within you and He talks to you and pours out blessings, not to mention performing miracles that brought me back from certain death in 2012, there is no doubt whatsoever, just sadness that satan's forces have prevented so many from knowing that He is real, and that His Son died to bear the shame for any and all evils ever committed, like murder and any other thing that you know is wrong and do anyway. All we have to do is ask, and He forgives and helps us to start over on new paths that serve Him and all that is good.

  21. That communication was interrupted actually, and I don't completely remember what the reason was that was being given. I'm not sure why I thought as I typed the above message that she was promising to help with energy, or why she would communicate on such a mundane level. Does this seem plausible to you?

    1. Yes. Thank you for your words.

      With love and respect,

  22. The communication has progressed and I am understanding that the coffee might be undesired because it speeds up metabolism, hindering the natural digestion process.

    I am getting that increased energy comes from the chakras when they are in optimum tune. Do you agree, and can you comment on how to do that or where to find that knowledge?

    Also, I have heard that "wave x" passed through around the end of October. Do you agree, and is that why I'm experiencing communication with Her?

    I have learned a lot from this blog, and it is an important background to have when I hear others referring to Saturn matrix and download as a good thing. I'm guessing some that believe that are receiving the downloads and will be controlled by that matrix. Kameren Fallen seems to have a lot of good information or ideas to think about, but I certainly don't care for any "upgrade" except for what can be accomplished by becoming more in tune with myself and all well-minded beings.