Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hominid (one)

 ~Finally your writer meets your request.  By popular demand, here is the Sasquatch~

Although this is deliberately simplifying here:

The quickest (but still light) path to unlocking psychic ability is by connecting to the rhythm of the Universe.

Achieving this by starting with a connection to this nature and the being we call the planet, our telekinetic abilities unlock as well.

A race, such as this we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot, who have been here so long (longer than most might think) and exist in harmony with nature, have learned to adapt or tune almost perfectly to this planet.  In doing so, most of them have mastered some psychic and telekinetic abilities along the way.

The benefits are plenty.  A physical being which as "dead weight" would weigh hundreds of pounds can walk silently.  Prints remain due to error or occasional clumsiness or even sometimes by intent, but many can walk without leaving them as well. A form of mild levitation.

Creating projections or illusions which help you evade sight are another benefit.  Knowing where an intruder in your area is thanks to the ability to perceive their thoughts, or hear them make noise,  breathe,  cough,  or break a branch from a mile away if paying attention.

Physically they have other advantages. Much more powerful than a gorilla and able to move very fast despite their size.

All this combined allows them to avoid being seen by most people unless they want to or make a major mistake.  They even seems to regulate their body temperature so well that technology had to be created to detect them which works best at close range.

Part of their psychic ability includes domination over most technology.  They can have incredible effects on non organic materials.

Deep in our forests are many many caves humans haven't explored (at least not recently) and many many tunnels within these caves. Therefor nothing to stop them from having their own "underground bases" of sorts.

Not everything that remains on this planet is the result of an Annunaki experimentation.  Some were here before that all occurred.

We've caught them.  Killed them.  Studied them.  Even released them afterwards.  Because.. that's what we do. -shrugs-

What your writer is saying is some groups have studied these beings but don't publish books on what they find.

They are not all the same.  Some groups in different areas have become, different from each other.  Some are much more primal in nature and others are much more deliberate.  One group will be much like any other wild animal.  Another would seem almost otherworldly.

They like humans but fear them, which makes sense when you remember how many times and in so many ways we have hunted them.  When your writer was young a family he was aware of in the wild was killed by shadow military types.  Several places he has been aware of these beings living have suffered the same.  So it is best they continue to hide.

This is all kept from the public of course due to all the questions which would arise, and the answers they have.  This is not s missing link in our evolution.  This is a species much older than our current version of humanity.  Even more native to the planet than humans.  Although they have been seeded in different parts of the Galaxy as well.

At one time they lived out in the open, forming their own types of independent - what they call - "tribes".  Each tribe followed their own path and have developed along their own path while adapting to other activities on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. This is why different groups can be so different.

These beings will also suffer or benefit from this time of choice.  Their own choice is set but their will does not have the force our own does when it comes to this change.  In fact one of our choices could mean they can no longer live on this planet.

Some of you have encountered these beings before.  Some know where and how to find them.  This can be encouraged.  If you're still going to keep secrets, this is one worth keeping for now.

~Let us follow their lead.  (re)Connect with our nature/self,  nature / our planet.   She loves us as she does them.  They are a much better example than many of our visitors.~

Further posts on this subject will come at your request, based on your questions.


  1. Once upon a time I lived on the West coast of Tasmania, Australia, for a year and was overwhelmed and enamored by the sheer vastness, density, and beauty of its forests. From the small fringe "civilized" town we lived in it was not hard to wonder and imagine what beings lived within what seemed to be a natural kingdom sophisticatedly protected by nature itself.

    I travelled one day to a small "ghost mining town, pop. less than 300" and was intrigued by a small woman pushing a shopping trolley who was flanked by "three men" in the grocery store. Instinctive curiosity drew me to them, although I also instinctively felt to not "invade" their space; so much so that I "knew" I had to pause and wait at certain times before moving along to a shelf that I needed which was close to where the woman had stopped. But I did seem to arrive in relative close proximity a couple of times and oddly enough, felt this was "allowed" - as if it was okay because I was deemed not to be a "threatening" spectator. I actually felt humbled and graced that my close proximity was permitted. It felt as though they were "on high alert" so to speak - ready to run at any moment - for they seemed to deliberately maneuver avoidance of other shoppers; which of course wasn't many as far as locals, but there were tourists like myself.

    The "three men" hovered around the woman and were unusual in physical appearance. Tall, robust, strong - and although they had some exposed skin on their heads it was mostly covered in thick, course hair. Wild and powerful is the best I can describe with - an appearance one would not necessarily like to meet down a dark alley. What was unusual though was their demeanour/presence - wary, edgy, shy. I was unsuccessful with only two attempts where I tried to make eye contact and share a friendly hello smile as they would quickly avert their own gaze, turn away, and drop their heads - almost as if they wished they had not been seen. It struck me as though they were on a "field trip" being curious . . . but did not want the curiosity returned.

    For sure there are many humans who could fall into this category in extremely remote environments so it is a stretch to imagine anything "outrageous" but what I would like to know is whether you are aware of interbreeding between "sasquatch" and humans.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes there have been several occasions when they have interbred with humans.

      What you have described sounds like something else, but the answer to your question remains the same.

      Thank you for sharing this experience.

      With respect,

  2. "Achieving this by starting with a connection to this nature and the being
    we call the planet, our telekinetic abilities unlock as well."

    I'm curious what you mean by establishing a connection with nature. Is it
    being aware of it? Maybe talking/thinking to every spirit
    (animals, trees, [...]) as shamans tend to do? I'm sure that there are
    many ways of achiving this state of conectedness and maybe everyone has theirs own. Nonetheless, could you elaborate a bit on this? (btw. I guess it isn't driving a Prius ... or is it? ;) )

    Best wishes

    1. Awareness and attention to nature. Acknowledging how your actions may impact all of these natural systems. Trying to find ways to balance this interactions. Being grateful and showing appreciation for all forms of nature. Saying Thanks. Hug some treats. Try to communicate.

      The path of the shaman is a great example (not perfect as nothing is here but great).

      Don't drive a Prius your friends will make fun of you (joke).

      With respect,

  3. Hi Ruiner! about connecting with nature for enlightment. What can you say about sun gazing? I've started to do it once in a while and love the feeling but would like to be sure it is something that brings energy to physicality and connection to source. Last time I did it had a bit of pain in the back of my eyes maybe stayed gazing for too long. When you look at the sun your mind and soul feels so good it's hard to stop. What have you been told about the benefits we can achieve after a while practicing this connection with the sun? Should or shouldn't we sun gaze?
    With love and respect,

    1. Sun Gazing creates a connection with the sun. Very much like the connection to this planet, just a different type of energy. Any practice is worth exploring for yourself.

      With love and respect,

  4. What are the drawbacks you see in the shamanic path? (from the previous comments where you mention it to be not perfect.

    1. It is possible that this path can result in giving your power away to another.

      With love and respect,

  5. Bigfoots are not = indigenous peoples, are they?

    Why didn't they (bigfoots) turn into a huge bigfooty/humanity like we did instead of us (desconnected ignorants) proliferating as we did? it doesn't make sense! it's like they are the belongers of earth and we are some cancer. and the cancer has to change itself to change the earth. so strange.

    1. They could be called that, but they are not in the way we typically use that phrase. They are a different species and do not operate the way humans do. They are much better suited to exist in harmony with nature.

      With love and respect,

  6. Once again, VERY in line with the Law Of One. I remember Ra saying something about a kind of being, similar to Bigfoot, or maybe abother type of Bigfoot, don't remember it clear now, that these beings could endure Nuclear wars, bombs, in case of total madness from the powers in charge. And in that case, these beings could live in an environment full of radioactivity.