Monday, May 25, 2015

Cults and Projects and Programs (Oh my)

Please, stop the fighting amongst yourselves.  

 You've all been reading here for the same reason. You know your writer even if you don't know each other and the whole reason he has created this network for you, is so you can come together, because you asked him to.  Not so you can continue the same fights.  Not to save the world.  To save your own mind.  Disconnect it from theirs, and hopefully move on with your lives.
Whether you are in a cult, a project, or a program, you have all been a part of the same structure.  You are all members within the umbrella of the "Illuminati".  All of you. ( Not just the cults.)

Your controllers are all the same people/ beings. This structure has been outlined.  Draco control Parents. Parents control Covens.  Covens control bloodlines and all cults, projects and programs.

Cultists, you do not know more than your counterparts in projects and programs. You've weaved their magic for them, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

Project members, you do not know more than the cults or programs.  You may have had more influence on society, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

Program members (you are the worst for this) you do not know more than the cults or programs. You may have had a lot of direct experience they have not, but that is all.  Your lies have been different.

None of you are in anyways more informed than the others. You're all simply given a different set of lies.

Program members: your groups are by far the youngest.  You really think the last 50-100 years of playing with technology has taught us all more than the thousands of years the cults and projects have been active?  Please give your head a shake.  They set up the foundation you play upon now.  Everything you have done has been done long ago as well.

Project Members:  your groups have been told only what they need to know to carry out the actions you've been charged with.  You are likely the least informed but the most experienced.  Your work has changed and you are almost obsolete. 

Cultists:  the majority of what you believe is based on half truths. Which is why it doesn't work for you.  Your function is to control minds and emotions, not provide information.  Conjurers.

The Parents do exactly as they are told by the Draco.

Covens do exactly what they are told by the Parents.

You have all been led astray just like the dead.   Even if you have witnessed  more, experienced more, had access to more, the entire reason this structure has succeeded for well over ten thousand years is:

You are all deceived in specific and strategic ways.

You know as well as your writer does the only reason this is even being written is that this structure is soon to be all that is left.

Did you ever question why all the deals for technology were being made despite having Draco tech all along?  Why did you have to recover all of the old broken toys and make them new, when your masters have some of the best toys in the galaxy?

The Parents have for the last 200 years been slowly developing their own methods of control.  The Draco have been indifferent to this, it does not matter to them.  The Parents have been setting up their own matrix and technology is their core.

They have been using all of you to achieve this.  You've done their work for them.   Running their simulations. Running their programs. Engineering their structures.  Testing their toys.  Developing their plan.

So stop the arguments.  Stop sending emails disputing each other.  Your writer knows, but does not care.  We have all been wrong about a great many things.

What is real, and what is not, will be obvious in a hurry.  Then we can all have a laugh about how wrong we were.


  1. How would one go about leaving this prison planet and this part of the Galaxy? Also, how would I end my own existence? I need to know this please.

    1. Make a different choice. And please do not end your existence, this is the opposite of what you truly want.

      With love - and respect,

    2. I am not talking about suicide. I would have already killed my self if that were to give me what I want.

      Which is the end of my soul, spirit, or existence w/e you wanna name that. I crave this so badly and seek this with truthfully. I am not sure why I came here, but regardless I vastly underestimated satan and his or her most powerful demons. I need to escape this planet NOW, or end my own existence.

      I doubt your authenticity at times. What do you know about Moloch? What do you know about Shinigami and their relation with suicide sacrifices?

    3. Your meaning was understood. This writer cannot help you.

      With respect,

  2. I would imagine (for what it's worth) is in discovering "the gold" when answering the question, "why do I find myself here at this time?"

    I can only answer for myself... the incredible challenge of ensuring the future I wish to experience is the one that comes forth as opposed to what, perhaps, may be the desires of at least some of those few who are left in charge of the structure and who have taken measures to implement a structure they feel may achieve their own goals.

    Yet I also have a strange inner voice that tells me some of those left in charge are also actually rooting for "us" and if we do not disappoint, even they may experience relief... and personal freedom.

    1. remind me of the Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider.


  3. ”What is real, and what is not, will be obvious in a hurry. Then we can all have a laugh about how wrong we were.”

    Oh how I long for that moment of laughter! But does Truth exist at all? Or is truth just another set of lies?

    1. Your writer cannot imagine how truth would not exist. Things happen and reasons exist, which is truth. There are individual perceptions of events, and then there is the truth of the occurrence, as example. Perhaps stepping outside the hologram and seeing this all as it is could lead one to believe none of it is true. This doesn't seem right to say, though. For whatever the reason may be, physical creation is happening even if just as a structured and interactive simulation.

      Perhaps understanding your meaning requires a larger conversation.

      With respect,

    2. There are layers of meaning, difficult to express clearly. "Multidimensional-cause-complex" (a direct and apt translation of a german friend) :-))
      I guess my question was prompted by your post about "Reality of Facts" in which you mention:
      "On top of this reality, we live in a world where all of these histories have been rewritten and re-adapted to fit later cultures and translate into various languages and social dialects. Creating a huge mess. A tangled web of truth colored by perceptions and intentions, allegory and archetypes."
      I couldn't agree more and guess I'm just trying to find a point of truth which allows exiting this maze-like mess which has been created in our brains so we can really heal and change and not create more convoluted mess, inside and outside.
      Thank you for all your posts. They are really helpful and truly appreciated.

    3. This writer thinks your questions show.. You are doing just fine. If this blog is meant to emphasis anything it is that you can make sense of enough to live your life in harmony with all around you, and this is all we truly need to focus on. Making sense of every detail is unimportant albeit exciting and interesting, but what we learn and do with what we learn is always paramount.

      You are most welcome. Always appreciate your comments here observer.

      With respect,


    Hello Sir,

    Do you know the material presented by Lee Caroll > Kryon's channel ?

    1) For whom Kryon&Lee is working ?

    2) How ( concrete tips ) to free ourselves from Parents & Dracos ? Are you succeeded to do so ?

    3) "Our specific version of humans" do you mean race of illuminati or all humans on Earth ?

    4) Do you practice the Tiny-Secret-Space of Heart ?


    1. Your writer prefers not to comment directly on the work of others and is not very familiar with that material.

      The best way to free ourselves from the Parents is to destroy the illusion that they are more powerful or knowing or in any way better than us. The control they have and will try to maintain is pure illusion. Knowing yourself and working through your shadow is the only advice this writer can give for now. Your writer allows no beings to hold power over him.

      We, call ourselves human which is correct although there have been many versions of Human brought up on this planet. So yes, our specific version of human means all of us, our current version.

      Your writer practices many things and has definitely played with those concepts as well :)

      With respect,

  5. Do you know anything about Tori Smith? He was just interviewed by Alexandra Meadors, I think her site is called Galactic Connections (not sure). He said that 94% of the reptilians, who were controlling us, are now gone and we are only left with 6%. He also said that we are the last place in the Galaxy that still has reptilian control. Can you confirm any of this please? Many thanks.

    1. This writer is unsure about the exact numbers... But they are very low right now ;)

      With respect,

  6. I would say. You have to hunker down. Find a group of logical people. Test them out, make sure you know a lot about them. Fight in this life, get strong. And hammer the mutants out of your group world. Knock down their establishment.

    But be careful, people on the side of logic are bent by this world. They are usually the weaker ones. They may not act exactly normal, but you will work it out.

    The stronger your connection to logic and the fight you put up. The better chance of coming back to fight again.

    When the level and power of mutants fades you will enter a new phase of normalisation of the planet. Trees will grow, you will have an easier life.