Thursday, April 23, 2015

~"You're so vain.. I bet you think this song is about you."~

It must become exhausting, constantly tracking your words.  Constantly adjusting your story.  Constantly looking over your shoulder to see what is being said.  Always having to add something new to remain relevant.  Taking what seems to work for others, and adding it to your own tales.  Changing alliances.  Updates.  Edits.  Rewriting.  Caring so much what they think.  You must be very tired.

Do you not see we can love you without your Crown?

Desire to help is negated by doing what you are.  Unfortunate, but true.  Karma?

Karma will cause you pain.   Karma sees everything you do and say.  Karma is why you are stuck in your cycle.  Karma will keep you up at night.  Karma will keep you from what you love.  Karma continues your struggle.

Truth will set you free from what you cause for yourself.  You can do this on your own, you do not need others to do it for you.  All you need to do is be honest. Even if you have to honestly say "I was wrong".

Let go of your lies and join the rest of us, and the pain will subside. 

~..Don't you, don't you, don't you, don't you?~


  1. So, we need to escape from the karmic circle. Do you have any specific methods in mind? Or maybe we shouldn't create our own tales and realize our oneness with all. But could you elaborate on how to approach this matter? Maybe the shamanic path is the right one to start with?

    1. Ensuring we do not repeat mistakes is very important. So much so it's safe to say this should be a goal. These mistakes may stretch back over several cycles and are very personal.

      Oneness with all is important. So is your tale. What we all do matters to the Oneness, They are of equal value.

      There is no one path. Some are more convenient than others, perhaps. Another choice. Sometimes the way to where you're going will require you to access many paths.

      So this is another method: Adaptation. Riding this wave.

      Excellent question you have asked for us.

      with respect,

    2. Many people say we should escape from this karmic circle, but is there really a way out? What i want to ask is if it is like that:
      1. You don't make mistakes in your life/s and karma is good with you therefore you don't see it messing with your life.
      2. The same as above but after all you realise that acting according to karma rules is the best way of life and you wouldn't even think to make different choices.
      3. Karma is something They put us through and by not making mistakes we can get to a point where it is game over for our playing with it and it no longer affects us.
      4. As above but Karma is an omnipresent force that affects everybody to some point of life and is there to teach us.

      Or is it different than any of the above?

    3. Karma tends to occur after repeated mistakes not single mistakes, unless the single mistake is very severe. We do not have to avoid all mistakes, that could be impossible, but we should always ensure we do our best to avoid repeating them, and make amends when they do happen.

      It is here to teach us or help us learn rather, not to punish us.

      The only way out. Is through. As has been said.

      Karma is definitely not controlled by anyone or group. This is the universes natural immune system. This process unfolding, of which we are all a part and is set in imperfection, has become to perfect the universe, not any one race or being.