Wednesday, April 22, 2015

(Failed) Structure - Bloodlines

This is the part of the structure you probably know by now.  The named family Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

Years back now these names were released.  You would recognize them as banking families and the heads of many of this planets institutions.  Their families run deeper than that.  The names do not matter nearly as much as they are emphasized.

They are banking families, corporate families, but they are also military families, and NASA families and pretty much every major corporation or entity has Bloodline members at the top, or influencing the top.  Not all of the family names are known. They are global even representing/controlling or in power in what are considered undeveloped parts of the world. 

Starting from the beginning, and as example:  You would know R_th_child as such a name.  This name did not exist when the Bloodline was originated, so telling you this family is one of the Bloodlines is false.  Although they are included.

Publicly (for members, not really for the public) these names are at the head of each family today, although many other names are related to them.  Perhaps 90% are unidentified within most research in the public.   

How this worked was each of the the 13 Families were originally named to two beings (one male, one female) who had a higher percentage of Draco DNA than the rest of humanity.  As they bred, they would do so amongst themselves (inbreeding)  to maintain the Bloodline as was considered keeping it Pure. To demonstrate we will play with the name "Lotto" pretending a Bloodline began with a male and female "Lotto".

The male and female would breed giving birth to baby Lottos.  The males would keep the Lotto name and the females would assume an invented name.  Let's pretend the name they chose was "Matta".

If Lottos would breed with Mattas, those offspring would receive a new name.  One Lotto and one Matta have children, and they have in our pretend, world named those children with the last name "Bogga" for the males and "Wonka" for the females.  Boggas would then breed with Wonkas.

So far this Bloodline includes Lotto, Matta, Bogga and Wonka as last names.  This would continue as described above - for five to seven generations before members were forced to breed with members selected for them - adding more names. So long as both parents have originated in the same Bloodline the breeding would be approved. All breeding is overseen by the Family Master.

Yes.  That is right.  It's all ridiculous.  The idea was to try and maintain the genetics.  Eventually they realized the futility of this, but it was far too late.  Their structure was set.  Psychopathy was unleashed.

When they did notice the inbreeding was negating their intentions what we know now as the Line of Kings was born.  The male would carry forth the family name.  Of course this slowed the problems but did not reverse them. 

Over time other families were married into the 13 Bloodlines.  These created their own lineage and are a little more relaxed in terms of the breeding as they are not looking to maintain the Bloodline so much as remain in control of all aspects of civilization.  These members are not considered Pure/Blue Blood and are compartmentalized by The Parents and their Covens as well. Instead of breeding together they marry other Illuminati family members.  So basically, it's a huge mess and difficult to make sense of.  Your writer is trying to make the point that trying to identify members based on family names is ineffective.

They have more information available to them than the average human does, but are still in the dark about a great many things, often not even knowing that the guy they deal with in another organization they encounter is also a member.  Highly compartmentalized.  "The lie is different at every level".   They learn through the cults, led by Covens, acting for the Parents, just like the rest of the membership.  The only advantage they have (besides the obvious backing of their family) is they are started younger most of the time whereas most members start later in life. 

They have a difficult time accepting when they learn the pyramid still has several steps above them.

The Bloodline members benefit the most from the control in the material sense.  Money. All of the traditional treasures of flesh.  At most they understand that their actions maintain a system of control that allows them to maintain their lifestyle.

This Draco experiment is unanimously recognized as a complete failure.  These people are de-evovling, to be nice about things. A virus in the system for us and the Illuminati themselves.  The current course of action for the greater Illuminati structure is not including them.  The results are quite visible in society these days.  The Parents have more or less washed their hands of this part of the structure moving forward.   

The entire point of giving readers this basic outline of the structure is simply so you can understand that EVERYTHING that happens on earth, gets back to the Parents due to this structure and infiltration.  Everything!

Yes, sorry, but.. Everything. Cults and Programs.

Why?  Well, let's start back at the beginning. 


  1. Hello Ruiner would or could you say that the royal family are a part of this bloodline.was Princess Dianna used for her dna then killed when she had her children?
    we here of people being brought up from birth to join cults or sects even in collage such as the cross and bones who then will become our rulers is this all part of their plan.
    Boheiman grove,where the wealthy and rich partake in a dark occult knowledge.
    these are the persons the common man votes for unaware of their real intentions.
    why do they need to create so much war and misery apart from the money aspects of such operations.
    if so does that not mean that we are under a great evil influence?

    1. Dear author,

      Having read further i have found the answer to part of my question in the form of confirmation. There say there are 21 Parents and that they are an earlier form of human. Based on what you say about their 'undoing' i am aware of the ritual you speak, the metaphorical myths it spawned and the subsequent attempts to synthesize that alchemy.

      Are you also implying that the parents were in fact directly related to the biblical Cain/Kin bloodline.

      Im sure there is a lot of disinformation in your posts, but i know there is also a fair amount of truth, even if only in essence.

      I would be pleased if at one point you were to elaborate on the role, history, or context of celtic/pict/gallic bloodlines, in comparison to say, Judaic bloodlines and Black Nobility bloodlines.

      Finally, i know a little bit about numerology and my guides interact with my primarily using numerical synchronicites. Is the "777" reference in your URL a reference to the 21 parents, or just a nod to the three sided geometry that underpins this reality?

      With thanks...

    2. "[Forgive thy brother...] not seven times, but seventy-seven times." -- Matthew 18:22

      The code of seven times seventy-seven also appears in the book of Genesis:

      "If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times." -- Genesis 4:24

  2. "Psychopathy was unleashed"

    Could you please define the term "psychopathy" as you understand it?


    1. Tough question. Definitions can vary. Your writer sees it as this:

      An inability to think or feel properly. Focused on themselves only with every situation. They lack the basics like empathy or remorse. Anti-social behaviour outside of their own group of like minded beings (other psychopaths). This could go on and on really.

  3. We have been under great influence from beings most would consider "evil". There is no disputing that. Just as there is no disputing that some other influences exist.

    Yes that is one of the Bloodlines.

    The name of the game is energy. They want our energy to feed them as they are ignorant of their ability to generate it themselves. They greatly enjoy the energy created by fear and struggle. This is the purpose of the war and covert slavery system.

    We can change all of this. Which will be expressed in more detail soon. WE can change this. Not any ET races despite their density or dimension. (Or color)

  4. Psychopaths are attached like guard dogs, to those in a bloodline who have become too good, too pure, too morally elevated, too strong, to keep them powerless through a hypnotised rendition of happiness that supercedes true self knowledge and love.

    1. This is a helpful observation and reminder for readers.

      Thank you.

      With respect,

    2. What is the good bloodline mentioned here?

    3. Sorry, your question is not fully understood.

      With respect,

  5. When Diana passed (was killed) did they take her soul and are they using it now?

    1. According to sources like David Icke , Diana and her Soul was used , so was her unborn baby/ babies.