Thursday, April 30, 2015

This is Not Disclosure

This is not disclosure, this is a reminder.  Speaking of reminders, some newer readers need one.

~Your writer steps into the light on the stage~

What's the big deal here?  You want my name?  Why?  You want to see my face?  Why?  If you are part of the reason I am writing this blog... You have seen my face and know my name.

The rest of it does not matter.  I am not hiding.   Contrary to most who write this type of material,  I don't want your attention.  The people I write it for will read.  They know me.  My name is kept off of this blog is because it does not matter.  Email me, I'll tell you.  This is not a message for the masses in any way, shape or form.

I did not share this blog with anyone who wasn't in that category or showed interest.  At no time did I share this blog with anyone who doesn't know my name and face.  Some contacted me asking permission to share it. These words, are just words.

The reason for writing about myself at the beginning was for those who already know some of it.   So everyone was equally aware within that crowd.   Not for anyone else.

Feeling no need to prove myself to anyone outside of those people it does not matter what anyone else reading this believes.  You have your forums or whatever social group you're viewing from and can post whatever you like.  Your choice.  I don't want you to, I'm not asking you to, I'm not saying you should read this.

I have a very specific audience and have no desire to have this blog grow any audience beyond that.  If I was a soccer mom talking about secret soccer plays would you have noticed?

Yes I understand how it all works.  You've mistaken me for some type of whistleblower.  Not this guy, I've turned that gig down many times and will continue to do so.

Nothing about me is special or overly interesting.  I work a regular job and have a regular life.  If you've been reading - you know this.  You can find my face online acting absolutely ridiculous.   If you're meant to be reading this, I do not have to convince you the rest is true.  You know me well enough to know whether it is or not.  I am certainly not here to answer all the questions of the universe.

Sorry if this lets anyone down.  I'm pretty sure some new whistleblowers just got vetted and you'll be perfectly entertained and/ or informed elsewhere.

~Your writer leaves the stage~


  1. just tell your story dude.
    as you where doing.
    information and disinformation go hand in hand.
    this is how it is these days.

    no one knows the whole truth,there will always be those that fabricate stories for their own means.

    then there will always be truthseekers who have a thirst for knowledge and knowing.

    those that want to play games with peoples lifes and truths will be exposed as there is no truth in their games.

    those that seek to inform will always be listened to.

    i was always good at climbing trees but needed my friends to get down.

    1. Thank you for the confidence. This blog will continue. Your writer just wanted to make this clear for those who needed to hear it.

      With respect,

  2. I love your blog, the mythology of Draco royalty , the Parents with their own covens, the 13 bloodlines, the battle for control of planet earth, multi-dimension alien beings, interstellar travel, remote viewing, dormant giants in secret ET underground bases, occult rituals with human sacrifice and cannibalism...

    May I suggest you try your hand at writing short stories incorporating all those elements into a plot line? it wold be awesome

    great work!

    1. Thank you, but.. No thank you.

      And thank you.

      With respect,

    2. Do not waist your knowledge writing 'fiction' stick with this material as it is great. My name is Emma Tell May 3 2015 to buzz off as his advice is not accepted by yours truly, meaning me.

  3. Bravo and thank you! Much respect.

  4. Fantastic writing here. I have studied what you have written here for a very long time. Actually when I got my first computer with windows. Before that I wrote a lot of Briefs for court when fighting a court full of controlled and crooked controlled Judges. Windows is better, back on message, I have read a lot of what you write about but just in different words and opinions. Everything you have written here rings bells all through my being which is telling me that 'this man speaks a great truth of which resonates within me. I purchased my first book regarding this type of material in 1982 when I bought the book written by Zachariah Sitchen named The 12th Planet. I took it to work with me (I am /was an RN and ran a busy Emergency department) and everyone borrowed it and read it. This was the beginning of my real education and today have all of his books and a computer full of stories and comments from others. I thank you for presenting this and have copied all your words and will share them with others as I find a grand truth in what you write. I don't think that what you write is truth......I know that what you have written is truth. Written in your way of doing so. My name is Emma and I solute you my new friend. smile Emma

  5. Dear author,
    You said you are a regular person and work regular job, but earlier you said the following regarding Parents:

    "Your writer does not work for them. Although he still has (often unpleasant) contact."

    Please clarify.

    1. That is very straight forward and literal. Not sure what needs clarified. But do let me know.

      With respect,