Sunday, May 3, 2015

Welcome Back

We've got a lot in motion now inside ourselves.   Time to let go of things.

Now you see that all you've endured hasn't broken you.  You're still here.

Things are changing all around you.  In part this is your new ability to perceive the world.  The mind does wonderful things when  properly controlled by its soul observer.  It's not just you, all life on earth is feeling something new.

It's not just earth, but let us not steer off that way for now.

All living things, to various degrees are entering a new phase in their evolution and this change can be interacted with everyday by anyone.  No special membership.

For you, this matters because you will be interacting with people everyday, who have never tried to see, who begin to see.  Your vibration will become a magnet for those who are searching.  Be more responsible than those who you turned to in the same way.

Gently nudge, never push.  Show the door, don't open it.   Remember how you fell under the spell when you didn't take this responsibility for yourself.

At this point all that special information you received is shown as it truly is.. Not that special.  It's everywhere. It's always been there.  Now that the world has become smaller for the most part,  it is so easy to find that anyone can become as well read on any given topic as most of your so called masters are.  In that way the playing field is leveled.

Not unlike the progressions and compartments you've experienced, the various perspectives of history and information available to the public has made it difficult to make sense of everything.   Encourage idea over belief.  Be what they were not,  open.

Your humble self knows that not everything you've been told is true, not everything you've seen is real, and no one is perfectly informed.  This is because the details matter less than what we do with the lessons.  There is no need to sort out all of this, the universe is full of different view points and in this way "as above so below" is still true.   Those who gave you the special education don't know everything.   Those who empower them don't know everything.   Those who created them don't know everything.

Those who control us all don't know everything. 

Don't focus on revenge.   Leave them behind and go in the opposite direction.   Don't stand still.  We still have a long way to go.

Remember that looking after you, is looking after others.  Looking after others, is looking after you.  Everything is part of the whole and your attention causes an effect,  but be conscious of the energy you give with your attention.  A skill to develop:  controlling where your own energy flows.

The excitement you felt as you progressed or received new clearance,  is akin to the excitement anyone else feels as they break their own illusions and the defeat that they feel is akin to what you have known as well.  What did you not receive?

Yes, that's right. So show compassion.

We don't have to be responsible for others we have to be responsible for ourselves as we interact with them.

You asked for this.  You wanted to know.  The gap between us all is closing.

So what is "the choice" you've asked?  It's a series of choices.  Not one.

Oh so many of the souls here have repeated patterns over various incarnations which no amount of regressive healing can't put an end to.  You can heal the wound as many times as you want, but perhaps we should try avoiding wound ?

Your writer hopes that (and is attempting to himself)  we can end these cycles as we ride this wave so that we can find fresh water on the other side.


  1. Hello Ruiner! I enjoyed reading this blog. I wonder what you think about the symbology in Jupiter Ascending, and the depiction of the struggles between the Great Houses of this Solar System. It seems to fit with everything you write in your posts, especially the point about Draco 'ownership' of Earth.

    I suppose the Illuminati are expecting to take over smoothly once the outgoing Empire leaves. But the Jupiter Jones character, representing the common human, may end up throwing a spanner in the works.

    Thanks for all you've written.

    Take Care....

    Contact Point

    1. That film truly shocked your writer. That should tell you a lot.
      Your writer expects truth in these things as well as the usual spin. That film had plenty. There will be more written about this for sure but to stick to your question:

      The fact that his film showed that this world responds first and foremost to Humans is very telling. When this world comes back under the control of humans our choices will determine the event.

      This film showed an important choice. The bright shiny tech world with all the toys still under heavy control while we develop in a predetermined path? Or the love of family and self and life(nature) with the freedom to choose, while we develop on our own path?

      Most importantly it tells us all something your writer is doing his best to remind you of also:

      This planet chooses us when we choose her and her power working through us and mixing with our own power, is what can bring the nets of control down.

      With respect,

  2. This is an important point! Thank you.

    Anyone can experience this for themselves. Choose Life ... whole-heartedly

    Act on that choice.

    Then observe what happens in your own life.

    Amplify this by a few million to billion. :)

    “This planet chooses us when we choose her and her power working through us and mixing with our own power, is what can bring the nets of control down.”

    1. Top of the morning to you Dear Ruiner,

      I am the one who wrote the above statement, spoken from personal experience... I've decided to comment as myself now. It feels right.

      Often times, when the planet introduces herself, a human may feel overwhelmed and intimidated, because she is so immensely powerful. This can be a frightening experience for some who may not understand what they are experiencing. It is similar when our DNA seeks to communicate directly with us, as well.

      I'm not an expert in this by any means. However, I feel it would be useful and helpful for people to understand this happens.

      This statement you make here, stays with me … “The gap between us all is closing”

      Would this be why there seems to be a spontaneous increase in “telepathy” among people?

      What are your recommendations for people who have had no benefit of any training in telepathy to learn how to manage this closing gap and spontaneous telepathic experiences.

      This area is ripe for much confusion and misunderstanding. And deception, I may add.

      On a different topic, I once personally experienced something akin to the scene in Jupiter Rising, where Balem Abrasax did a replay of the events in the hospital room. In my experience, I found myself watching a commander, watching a screen, where I and another were talking.

      When I saw the movie, it confirmed for me the technology for this exists.

      Will this technology still be active when the Dracos withdraw this fall?

      Of course, I also noticed the use of humans in prolonging life for a few … something humanity will need to face.

      Beauty day to you

    2. Yes that is why.

      Connecting with nature as often as possible.

      The Parents have that same technology.

      Beautiful days always,

  3. Thanks for your replies. I was stunned when it came out too. As the end credits rolled I couldn't move from my chair -or speak- for 5 minutes. I was in a daze: highly emotional and energized. I have a lot of respect for the Wachowskis. They must be very high level humans, with a lot of protection, to be able to make movies like that. I suppose the fact that JA even got made comes under "The Rules"- we have to be shown what is going on, in order that we truly make a choice.

    As far as my knowledge of the core story goes, I could detect no discernible spin, at least nothing malevolent, but I don't know everything. Perhaps there was a lot of symbolic license taken, but that is different from outright misinfo.

    I wonder if those problems are still continuing on Jupiter, or if the strife there has ended, and is now transplanted to Earth? I feel Balem, Kalique and Titus also represent different factions who must've holed up on our water world. Such an honour to host them, I'm sure. :)

    I was told by fairly high level types that 'They' were going to leave in August 2010, then Spring 2011, then Autumn 2011...and so on... It's now May 2015. Looking back, I suppose 'They' meant the Draco. Am I correct in understanding that the love/unity vibrations will eventually become intolerable for them, and that will force them to leave? Will the 'common' human even notice anything as they go?

    I guess some shadowy groups are presuming that they will slide into office the next day and it will be business as usual. I don't think so. I think humanity has passed a certain critical threshold, and the cabal reality is literally dissolving, albeit too slowly most of us here in meat suits.


    1. There will be no immediate change as they depart. Those left in charge are the ones who may not be able to "tolerate" this new energy. The Draco are unaffected. Their departure is unrelated outside of happenstance.

      There are some important spins in the film I will point out eventually.

      What happens moving forward depends on the choices we make moving forward. They will try to carry out their plan but they can only succeed if we allow and help them. As you've pointed out, we have passed a critical threshold and "their reality" has a POTENTIAL to dissolve. It's not going to happen on its own. It will require our active participation by choosing change and acting on our choice.

      Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.

      With respect,

    2. Contact Point or Ruiner,

      Would you be a dear and elaborate on just what exactly "the rules" are, so that we might be able to find clues and hints in this elaborate evil Easter egg hunt? I like most of us, grew up thinking that if anything were to be revealed, it would be through a confessional with Diane Sawyer, or better yet through an insider documentary, instead of this "hidden in plain sight" busniness that no one has the inclination for deciphering when we have been deceived into thinking that the world is as we see it in the first place.

      Knowing who is behind the scenes (Draco) is a good first start, and knowing what "Rules" they play by would be next.

      How is it possible that these "rules" are in compliance with not violating our free will, if we have been deceived so?

    3. All I can say is these "rules" are not valid, they just believe they are. They assume that telling us what they are doing/have done, somewhere and somehow, is enough. I disagree but that is their practice.

      I'm sure Contact Point can add to this as well :)

      With love and respect,

  4. Thanks for your answer Ruiner. I feel it'll take a while for humanity to decode that movie. A long while.

    As I don't want to take up too much of your time I will continue writing here:

    and here:

    If you get a moment, maybe you could follow those threads, and bounce off some of my half-baked musing for your own posts. This blog has no edit function in the comment section. I tend to need that as I always redraft. You can copy paste anything you like if it helps. I have so many questions rattling round, and I can't open a decent dialogue on Jupiter Ascending with anyone. :(


    You strike me as a Lemurian soul who incarnated into the bloodlines, and took on the very difficult mission of dissolving them from the inside. I have written a small piece dedicated to finding a solution for the standoff, and will post it on my threads soon... It may be of interest to you.


    Contact Point

    1. Please do let us know when you have that posted.

      We will be in touch. Thank you.

      With respect,

    2. I thank you Contact Point for the idea of each person having their own Declaration of Independence- there is power in this sort of declaration...If only we all would DO IT, the world would change in an instant!.

      Ruiner, did you have any thoughts on the idea, and also you said that you would "point out" "important spins" in the film Jupiter Ascending?

      Thank you very much for your reply!!

  5. "Things are changing all around you. In part this is your new ability to perceive the world. The mind does wonderful things when properly controlled by its soul observer. "

    Thank you for this post;
    Are you referring to the holographic / illusory nature of reality and how we can start to take back control of the movie that is playing in front of us in the NOW frame by frame?
    I just want to know if I am on the right track,

    1. You have understood well, yes.

      with respect,

  6. Those words resonate so much in me that somehow as I read them, it actually made me visualise something so true that I never felt so right about anything. Whatever that is and if it is already being done, be it.
    Was everything you went through unconsciously designed to lead you to this choice - this unconsciousness we share? You/I/we were always a potencial force to make difference, but had the priviledged burden to go through what we've went just so we could then turn the opposite direction.

    Like you said, nobody knows everything.
    There never will be everything to know.
    And it doesn't matter how technological and dominant a race is. Be it the miserable bastards, their dominant race and their dominant race, Knowledge is not all. Living is. We don't live to learn. We learn to live.

  7. Even if in late,

    telepathy DOES exist. It's a form of mental empathy.
    It is also a responsability. You can feel each others' sensations, or thoughts; if you are receptive and the thought has been projected with force and strength of will by the forecaster. You can feel anger if other gets angry, love if others loves you (this happens more easily because it's an opening and "tapping" sensation). Emotional component and focus component is very important too. There no exists boundary for the mind, but for simplicity you can exercise telepathy with a near person. It can go from words to emotions to unspoken words. It is contextualized by the moment.

    I'm grateful to the writer. Thank you.
    So there exist illuminated Illuminati...
    or in Italian "illuminati Illuminati".
    I hope the Writer will read this.

    Have a nice journey,