Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Beauty of Humanity

Aside from very rare exceptions, all of you reading this, at this time, are Human.

Whether your soul identifies itself as Reptilian, Pleiadian, Lycan, or any other.  Or whether you are incarnating for the first time from 7th or 10th or Two Trillionth density;

You are, right now, Human.

Embrace this.

You have been controlled, manipulated and abused by other beings of different densities and races (non-humans) because you have something they don't. You are capable of things they aren't but want to be. You have an experience unlike and far more intense than any other race at any other density.  - Not better, not worse, just different-

Because you are Human.

We have several waves of "wanderers" and "walk-ins" and "starseeds" who thought they could handle this form and this density but -in some cases- underestimated the intensity of this particular experience.

Being Human.

They came in for a purpose, but for many if not most, they forgot what that purpose was. So they looked outside themselves for answers - as Humans tend to do-  and they found them.

They were told they are not human, they are ET, or higher density, trapped (not my word for it) in a human body.

From there they spent many years spiralling off trying to remember where they "came from" and who they WERE.

Meanwhile, what they ARE,  is Human.

Eventually they remembered or at least thought they did and in doing so remembered they have a purpose. So they went looking outside themselves for answers - as humans tend to do- and someone told them their purpose was to raise the vibration of the planet for humans.

Yes. True. For Humans.

You, right now, unless you are that rare exception, are Human.

So yes please!!! Raise the vibration for yourselves. For us all. For Humans.

Being Human is beautiful.  When your conscious mind returns to its higher density or ET state it sees this as one of the most beautiful things within creation.

Being Human is as beautiful to even the Highest Density ET Beings  as watching a child play is to any of you readers.

Absolutely remarkable to watch this process of growing and discovering and joy and laughter and even the tough lessons can seem beautiful when we observe them occurring for children.

If the joy and vibration of a happy child isn't exactly the energy that we truly want this world to made from.. Honestly there is no hope for this world. Let the snakes have it.

Back to my point

Be Human.

Hi guys,
It's ok to be human. In fact, it's better than ok.  It's beautiful and amazing.

Signed yours sincerely,
The Universe.

It's a short trip. But it's action packed and full of twists and turns. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing, you'll scream, you will bleed and you will heal and everything you do will matter to you once you cannot do it anymore so just fucking enjoy it while it lasts.

Be Human. Right now. FOR NOW.

RIGHT now,  you're at the most transformative period of Human history to occur in at least 20,000.  Look back at that past period of time and you will see the gravity of my statement. It is all intended. ET or Higher Density beings alike should embrace this.

Raise your vibration or consciousness for you and you are doing it for us.

Take Kare of you, for us.

Be Human. For us.

How about "Service to everything". Ourselves and others.  We are the same anyways, right?  All one?

Well;  RIGHT NOW, we have individuality to explore. Right now we are Human.

What woulda, shoulda, coulda been - blah blah blah.

You are Human RIGHT NOW and being Human is beautiful.

EVERYTHING serves the whole.

You came here to be Conscious Co-Creators of a Human experience.

Be Human and Co-Create. Don't worry about the passing of time. Just enjoy the experience.

"Ride on the spiral of our divinity and, STILL BE A HUMAN"


  1. Once again, thank you brother.
    May your path be made smoother.


  2. Good day to you,
    I find your story just amazing!
    What is the truth with our past?
    One of my deepest wishes was always to meet ET's Is it possible to meet some of them?
    Thank you

    1. And good day to you, David.

      I plan to delve into the past in later blogs. Far too much to respond with a comment.

      You likely have interacted with many. Dissolve any expectations you have of them, or of meeting them, and you will become much more open to, or likely to attract, such an occurrence.

      Thank YOU. Take Kare.

  3. You said in an earlier post that our bodies were more reptilian than we knew (paraphrase)...what therefore makes us "humans" if not our bipedal stc bodies? Also, you have said "My personal focus is only to help by giving you some truth.". Why? Why should you help anyone?

    1. Despite the reptilian parts of Humans, they are still their own species. They are a wonderful species, Humans. Not EVERYTHING about Reptiles is bad so sharing some of their DNA does not make us "like them". The parts of our DNA that pre-date the reptilian manipulation also SHINE THROUGH the Reptilian parts. I hope this is a clear enough response. If not, feel free to email.

      Giving you some truth can help you, yes, but not simply by giving it. The rest is up to you, the reader. Why should I -attempt- to help anyone?

      Because I love us.

    2. Thank you, both for your reply and for "attempting" to help. I shall continue to ask questions here, if you don't mind, rather than email, as that way others may benefit from your answers, and save you repeating yourself perhaps. Is it all about DNA? Or that basic God-spark, that fragment of Source, that leads us on, back to itself, that shines thru? Do we NEED help? I feel that two things are true simultaneously: that we must each find our own true power and exercise it, and that we are all interconnected and each piece of the jigsaw, each human, is there for a reason, is an important part of the whole. While I do noè aspire to a hive mind (!), I somehow think that we're all in this together...

    3. First I would like to show respect for what you have said regarding asking questions here, rather than email, as to allow others to benefit. Great thought!

      DNA is what shapes the Hardware and our Soul is like the software. The "God-spark/fragment of source, that leads us on" is definitely the more important or powerful part of the equation. That "God-spark" can override the DNA.

      I agree with everything else you have said, We are in this together. Each Human is here for a reason.

      Why did the Reptilans not anticipate this? Because of their arrogant ignorance. This is something I will make a post to explain.

  4. An insightful, self empowering post that gets straight to the target.
    Thank you for your plain speaking blog that contains answers on so many levels.
    I look forward to all your future entries.
    and please, You take Kare too!

  5. You mentioned that common people are looked at like children: Unfit and not grown up. This - for me - does not sound very negative, as the positive nurturing and assisting aspect in a parent/child relationship should always be there. Is it that the "Parents" are seeing themselves in a comparable role as common folks understand a parent/child relationship? If so, can you expand on their view?

    1. Yes they do see themselves as just that. That in itself is not so bad, but, they have not learned from their "parents" who have set a terrible example.

      It is unfair for them to hold this view. Until they give us the information we require to learn and grow up from, we will remain children. Much like over protecting a child but at the same time bullying and abusing them.

      As I move forward I wil explain this more, and also talk about how it is going to change, and how we can inspire an even greater change.

      For yourself, and all reading this:

      Your writer is writing out a process. More posts will come which will fill more holes. When we reach a certain point, you will be asked to give your own views as well on all of the information. (Not said to discourage any comments at all) Please gift your writer some patience in that.

      Thank you for this question. It is very likely you have asked this on behalf of many readers.

  6. Thank you for this response. I am definitely hooked now.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you for making the choice to consider these words.

      With respect,

  7. Hi
    Your quote: " DNA is what shapes the Hardware and our Soul is like the software. The "God-spark/fragment of source, that leads us on" is definitely the more important or powerful part of the equation. That "God-spark" can override the DNA."

    Would you be so kind as to give examples of the overrides?
    Thank you.

    1. Not sure specifics can be pointed to so your writer will explain his meaning.

      Despite being dumbed down at a genetic level the soul and spirit can reactive the sleeping DNA therefor reversing the dumbing down / manipulation.

      Often, by way of reincarnation, the soul actually shapes the body to look a certain way. This is an example as well.

      The body limits certain connections the spirit is capable of but with practice one can learn to establish those connections despite the limitations of the body.

      Hoping this helps.

      With respect,

    2. "The body limits certain connections the spirit is capable of but with practice one can learn to establish those connections despite the limitations of the body."

      Could you give examples of this practice?

    3. Meditative processes and other processes of healing past trauma and recovering soul memory, as well as directed energetic focus.

      With love and respect,

    4. Thank you kindly. If I may also ask - can the healing of past trauma and recovery of soul memory - can this work be done on my own? Is there reliable information out there - that you know of and could recommend - so that I could learn about these topics further? Thank you for your time.

    5. It can definitely be done on your own. Reliable information on this topic is scarce as everything has it's twists, so I recommend looking at various sources and taking what works best to help your personal process. No ONE teaching works for everyone in this regard,

      With love and respect,

  8. Human? I don't think so, but maybe. I spent trillions of years as a crystal, which is much more than that as a Human, so, is that truly the name I should embrace? What's next, for example, I don't know yet, and considering my past, there are yet trillions of years to come.

    : )

  9. For now, right now, you are typing this to your writer from a human body.

    For now, right now, you are human. Please embrace this opportunity.

    When this time passes and that body expires you will return to or move on to something else. It will be beautiful. As you are as a human, too.

    With respect,

  10. Just stumbled across your blog today. And this?? YES! Beautiful. Lovely. Most welcome words, writer.

    My rant: I'm so tired of hearing, "I want to home!" " I'm so homesick!" Get over it.
    You want to go home? Go within. To that alpha omega point of eternity, no time, no space, higher consciousness, higher energy and soak it up. Then get out there, be human, shine, and stop whining.

    But then, so many blogs encourage this response: "If you're a starseed you will looOOoong for HooOOoome." And that directs outward, instead of inward; the source of strength, wisdom, and limitlessness.


    Regards, K-ji

    1. Thank you. Your writer is very much with you in all you've said.

      With respect,

  11. Well, but what is so special about humans? Why is it an honor to be one? Are you saying that now because you are a human now? Will you consider, say, aquatics special when you will be an aquatic in future????

    1. All life is special. Sometimes humans seem to forget that they are as well.

      With respect,

      So familiar ;)

  12. touching blog post. thanks for this.

  13. Thanks for the reminder. The everyday, mundane tasks can make your forget easily. By the way, this post is very in line with the concepts and terminology of the Ra Material.

  14. Synchronicity led me to your writing today, and it is wonderful... I am reading from post 1 going forward, and will have lots to ask about when I have read through it all (twice, likely), but I want to stop real quick and ask what is the intention behind the capital K in Kare?

    1. It is an older way of spelling it. More accurate on a spelling level and energetically, in my opinion. :)

      With love and respect,

  15. What a beautiful blog post, Shane! Thank you. Much love to you.