Friday, March 27, 2015

What are They?

The "Illuminati" is an order led by '13 Parents'. Each 'Parent' represents the '13 Main Bloodlines' that most know as the Illuminati. What I call the Illuminati is the 13 Parents and their 'direct followers' or "pupils".

Each Parent can barely be considered human. Each one, holds and protects knowledge of a specific method for prolonging the like span of an organic life form. As well as many other secrets.  They know much more than the Cults and Programs below them are aware of.

Each Parent could share this ability with what I am calling their 'direct followers'. This is what forms the various "cults" associated with the Illuminati by most researchers and seekers.

The Parents are the Illuminati when I write moving forward. Please understand this and that I will generalize all of the branches of their "cults" and "projects" and "programs" under this name. These parents control the "cabal". These Parents control the Secret and Public economy, military, political systems, space programs, intelligence agencies, ect. in every country on the entire planet.

This Power to Control is not their own however.  It belongs to an ET race. You've all heard of them. The Draco.

Perhaps a little more than 13,000yrs ago The Draco implemented a plan and the chess pieces in this game would be the "Illuminati". (This is the name I am using because it is the public name they gave themselves. This name, and the Cabal name, and important characters in their End Game. )

The Draco require a focused post to break down their structure as it impacts earth, which I may or may not choose to do, but not now.

For now focus:  The Draco control the Illuminati Parents. The Illuminati Parents control the Illuminati. The Illuminati controls overtly or covertly every program, project, cult, order, brother or sisterhood, country/government you have ever read about or heard about.

When The Draco leave this planet, and they will, the Illuminati will take control for themselves. This happenstance had been spun into disinfo in the form of an "overthrow" of the Draconian, Cabal and Illuminati regime. The Draco will leave, almost completely, by choice. The only Draco who will remain will be agents of the Illuminati. The Illuminati will have full control in essence absorbing the remaining Draco as Illuminati.

At this point, their plan which started 13,000yrs ago and has seen minor revisions to compensate for errors, will be unraveled.

It will appear fair, and be fowl.  It will sound like what you want enough that you will overlook that it is also what they want.

Most people of earth have been formed and shaped into wanting what they want.  So their Plan will sound Great to most when presented.


  1. Who then are the Masonic HONG Hyperlodge?..GHREES claims they are rite at the top tier of the pyramid...every Iluminate takes orders from this cult group.
    Even the royal families fall below them....they serve the offworld warlords.

    Thank you.

    1. The order (Coven and cults) under one of the (now departed) Parents.

      With love and respect,