Friday, March 27, 2015

Aforementioned Friends

I have several friends who are not human. At some stages of life none of my friends were human.

In the earlier posts I had mentioned "friends" who helped the Giants off the planet. I also mentioned resolving to suicide. The same friends helped in both cases.

These friends are commonly known as "tall blondes" or sometimes "Nordic" ETs.

This is a common ET type who come from different places. Some are from Sirius. Some from Orion. Some are human, or an earlier version of human.  My friends fit under the last type.

They were originally on this planet more than 200,000yrs ago, prior to the arrival of Atlantis and prior to the Lemurians who were dominate on the planet at the time.  They had reached a point where they could travel the cosmos and during a time of great physical change on the planet, had left this world to search the Galaxy in their new home, a massive craft or "Mother ship". This group returned for the first time about 13,000 yrs ago when the deal between humans and the Draco was formed.  Perhaps, if they had returned sooner they would have advised humans against this deal. However, being too late for that, they assisted with the process of placing beings in stasis here. Providing technology to some and guidance to others. Once this process was complete they did not start to return to earth again until the late 70's and began to contact humans and council towards a more nature based path throughout the 80's.  Which is where they found me, in 1988.

For some reason I will overlook for now, they developed a connection with me and were performing some actions at a distance to keep me safe.

When I was 19 and ready to end my own life they intervened. A female "tall blonde" who I call Alex stopped me, and persuaded me to take a different path.

This group mediated the "deal" that led to my release. They contacted a few others to step in between myself and the Illuminati.  This is what allowed me to be released without any repercussions.

I agreed to maintain the public face as I described in an earlier post, and to not do, what I plan to do soon, which is name names of people I had been involved with.

Let me tell you it is a lot of fun to see people on TV knowing I have witnessed them pee their pants in fear.


  1. Greetings :)

    I have also had contact with blond extraterrestrials. However the one's I spoke to were not tall. They were very attractive, had golden blond hair, were a pretty ancient race compared to us. One thing they told me is they had figured out over time how the soul is programmed. And they designed their own souls in ways...

    I am mostly in contact with what seems to be the major confederation or whathaveyou of ET races that represent the side that has ethics and morals, and values each individual's experience. They intervened on my behalf because I was targeted so severely, "we had to do something".

    I'm not sure how you feel about me linking my blog on yours but if you don't want it linked simply deny this comment. :) This is my blog:

    Have you had electronic telepathy contact by chance?

    Also I'd be willing to bet your suicide thoughts were done by mind control technology. They know how to judge when someone has potential. If they never inducted you into the electronic telepathy network(the shadow governments) and you were high up, they probably judged you as someone who would reject the overall agenda by my estimations(just a shot in the dark really).

    I'm really curious what you know (or to be honest what you think you know, no offense but a lot of people don't know it well) about mind control technology.

    My ET contact that has unverifiable info isn't really the valuable part of my contact. I have had advanced ET AI go over the subversion mind control and other technological influences in my life. I have also been clearly exemplified a vast array of black project technology. If you do read my blog I recommend the category #1 in that link provided. It is all based on first hand experience. The ET info section is mostly just food for thought and soulular growth of those interested in exploring the universal reality(or at least my interpretation and/or sources I have had contact with).... I have not to this day met a contactee I agree with on everything though...

    The illusionists are very capable. If I can offer anything to you it is to be very careful of technologically crafted illusions. If you were not aware of them already, chances are you have a couple done to you.

    What can you say about technologically crafted illusions? It is one area I know very well. So if you would like any knowledge in that area check my blog....

    1. These "tall blondes" are not all that tall, no. The name I know for them has never been published and out of respect -for them- I do not do so myself, and so I use the common name of "Tall Blondes". There are several LIKE groups and it becomes difficult to sort them from each other.

      I am very aware of the technology you mention, yes. Know plenty. I will eventually post about it specifically as well. I can let you know when I do so. (Until then note the end of this response)

      What I will say for you is I am not a subject of such technology. I commented in another response that if I could be controlled by AI (and it applies at all technology) that would have made life easier for the group I have been involved with. Some would say they are beyond some forms of mind control as a badge of honor. Oh my how things would be easier if I could be happily programmed. My suicide thoughts were caused by guilt. They were my own.

      It is clear you would like to have some dialog on this subject and I am willing to engage, although this comment section is not a suitable place to do so. Please email and we can continue.