Sunday, March 29, 2015

Anonymous Blogger

My reason for posting under this blog and remaining somewhat anonymous is I just don't want anyone to follow me.  Follow this blog, sure, I'm going to tell you the truth.

What happens when people come out with information like this is all sorts of people begin to follow the speaker.  Then the ego takes over and the speakers story grows.  Next thing you know they are all over all the radio stations and doing interviews all the while claiming they don't want to do so.

It's quite simple.  If you don't want to.. Don't.

I don't want to, so I won't.  If someone would like to interview me under this name (The Ruiner) that would be fine, but I am not going to tell the world who I am, because I do not want the followers.

Now that this much is clear the reason I am sure most would assume as my reason for being anonymous is to protect myself from the Illuminati or Cabal.  I don't need to do that, they know I am writing here, and they don't care.  Who is going to listen anyways?  No one.

They know as well as I do that unless I embrace the celebrity of being a "whistleblower" that this blog will be generally ignored. 

Also, they have to allow the truth to be written somewhere.  Why not an anonymous blogger?

~Message delivered~


  1. So, you are the real deal? And Mr.INTROVERT aka J.-"C"-G. is a phoney? AND you have proof?!

    Now I'm intrigued!

    1. I am not sure how to respond to this. Feel free to email.

  2. Or, go ahead an release it and some anonymous blogger just might post the video of your wife helping you adjust the story to serve the ego of your listener.~

    I do understand it would be better for Mr. INTROVERT to put his hands up through his own free will and spill the beans that he has been playing everyone along with his fairy tail. But alas he is not going to do this now as he now believes his own BS. He plays on the hopes of the gullible who choose to believe in his fairy tail.
    Not my call i know, but I think it would be better if the anonymous blogger let the truth be known and just release the video mentioned,

  3. What are you going to ruin?

    1. Plans brah, that's what he's ruining. Plans of the cabal elite to enslave humanity.

    2. Sounds to me like he is ruining misinformation in an attempt to encourage, those entangled and serving these systems, to think for themselves and begin to act independently. We should consider ourselves very lucky to be able to view this, as it simply started out as a series of emails between The Ruiner, and these friends and acquaintances of his that all wanted to communicate with each other. I believe him when he says that this was not intended for us. Why would he care at all if you believe him? Even if you don't agree with a single thing he says, you probably cannot deny that it is a good idea to spend time discovering who you are on your own, and then acting accordingly. For me this blog has been important mostly to make the point to not wait for a savior. Waiting for this can lead to stagnation. Every other thing written in this blog is interesting to read, but unnecessary to know. Consider yourselves blessed that now that he has decided to end this blog, you have one less person to worry about being your teacher. Spend some valuable time away from your internet and books. Love, Anna

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  5. I appreciate the "Helpful" hand out there Mr. LORD OF DARKNESS or whatever theological cave man adress you by. However I believe I will begin to dismantle this so called "Illuminati" Within a years time without your dreary presence and pesky roomate Cain. The dismantling though a difficult task will be achieved not by posting a piece of propaganda toward either stance, as we know that's how religion and belief gets devotion. (Through separate opinions comes a stronger grip of your own. Look at all the waste wars if you forgot Luciph.) Not an exposition of how it is not a singular (Cult / Power or political Back.) Or silly religion to steal the souls of your Creators creations. But how it is several unconnected but aware of eachother groups working individually but maintaining comunication. Now mr. Satan you might ask how I know and the answer is gonna blow your horny tits off. I know because I personally have done the research, I do not see the appetite in wealth nor have a price to be stopped or discredited. The odd number of many but not much that work through this operation will have crucial parts and connections to ensure the biased channels and news cannot be used for distraction. The becoming first we call them "CEKAL" Club to be exposed will initially be The Oil slicked scum, there greed is there demise. Though time will tell I can say The exposition of renewable resource federal GRANTS have been short of our expectations. The enviormental scientist and preservation involving the process used to drill,frac and complete these oil and gas wells are Federally ran with purchased personnel, Exxon Mobil loves to be generous (; . I will not expose myself for fear of rejection not hope for popularity. I am not afraid of being hunted or killed by these greese ridden savages. We are in commencement of this operation and are shaping times and dates to deliver the proof of these individual CEKALs disregard for Humankind and the appropriate venues/stations to do so. We will see this through and though failure is not statistically viable, should we fail the follow crew continues in delivering accurate fact and names. If you would like to help us from where you sit Mr Satan then do so by keeping your eyes and ears open in October of this year. If anyone else with evidence in all the "NWO" would like to contribute to a profesional - discreet group simply make me aware of what you can show that we do not have and how your enrollment will benefit the Whole Crew.

    We fight to enlight, Dont scream to be heard, Connected by truth in every cast word.

    Truthfully The Readers,