Monday, March 30, 2015

Feel Free To..

Today an email asked the question of whether I would respond to emails.

Easy answer.  Yes I will.

Feel free to email your writer anytime.  Just click my blogger profile and send an email. 


  1. good luck...heard u on camelot.....i believe u....

  2. I've always "knew" this world wasn't "normal" in sense according to the Universe's version of "normal". I've felt so alone in this world as I really couldn't talk to anyone and voice my fascinations or even suspicions about things that just came to mind or what I've noticed. I knew I was "different" from many regarding what I accepted, what I didn't accept, what I was interested in, and what I truly want to accomplish in this world. I wondered if this was some sort of "isolation" strategy when dealing with those who's souls were "older" perhaps? I was heavily interested in Magic, drawing/writing, and Psychic abilities when I was in Junior High. This sucked a bit since no one around me felt this way along with my parents painting these interests with evil intent. I grew up hating the world because of it. But now I'm better and as I'm older, I understand more and feel justified I didn't stray too far from myself regarding your blog and interviews. Thankfully I hung in there this whole time and have been reunited with my biological dad and can finally have someone to talk to about all these things related to alternative knowledge. But we are swimming in large waters as misinformation is everywhere, but we try. I want to learn magic and psychic abilities and who I really am one day. I am Native American and sadly do not know too much about my heritage, but I do "feel" I am what I need to be at the moment. Do you recommend anything to help along this path of discovery and learning? Thank you and I truly understand your reason for being Anonymous...great advice as I still need "growing up" on my end concerning this. Thank you!