Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Confession

I was 26 by the time I was finally "released" from the "Illuminati".  How that came to pass is another post.  For now I want to focus on the present.

After years of honoring my agreement with and avoiding requests from this group eventually there came a request I could not refuse.

One of my personal fascinations has been with Giants. 

I was told about the existence of giants as well as the large storage's of giant remains which are hidden from the public.  The reason for hiding the existence of Giants is to avoid the discussion related to evolution and history this knowledge would create.  Admitting the existence of giants means having to admit Darwin is wrong.  As well as other issues of truth.

After seeing the remains and documentation, pictures, video of giants I was informed of the phenomenon of "Sleeping Giants" and other "Stasis Beings".  Being that are in a type of hibernation or deep sleep inside pods which are hidden in large underground areas located within mounds.  The mystery of the mound builders had a reason.. To house these "Sleeping Beings" or Stasis Beings.

These beings, many of which are giants, are in some sort of artificial sleep and are estimated to have been like this for approximately 13,000yrs.

Although the location and purpose of these mounds has been long known, the mounds were considered "off limits" until recently.  The Secret Space Program has been the groups charged with monitoring these mounds, looking for changes in pressure or different energetic readings which may indicate the beings inside are "waking up".

This past December such readings started to come in.  In one mound in particular, it seemed whatever was asleep within the mound was waking up.

One of the skills I used the most was an ability to effectively communicate with ET races.  Due to this skill I was asked if I would enter the mound and investigate.  To see if in fact a being had "awoken" and if so, talk to it.  I agreed.

I was taken via FTL Transport (common SSP craft) by a faction of the Secret Space Program, (there are 5 or 6 different Secret Space Program factions who all believe they are independent of the others - which is mind control, but I`ll come back to this another time) to a location I will not mention where a mound was present. 

When I arrived the Secret or Shadow Military and  SSP had quarantined the area, setting up a massive inflatable tent over the mound and ensuring the ground and skies around the are were secured.

After a long briefing I was directed to enter and report back what I found.  I went in accompanied by two "brutes" (Armed SSP Military personnel) who hung back at the entrance.

What I found inside was a fully awake being and an open pod.  On the ground sat this being, cross legged, eyes closed.  Clearly a Giant.  My first guess was that he must be at least 15ft tall, when he stood up I realised he was even taller than that.  We measured him later at 24ft.

His eyes opened and he stood.  His face was serene and he almost had a grin on his face.

We had a long chat in which he told me many things.  Some I could and some I refused to repeat to the groups who brought me there.  After the chat and my report the question of what we would do with this being came up.

Some of my close friends sent a message right at that moment that they could help.  Their offer was accepted and these friends came to meet with this giant being.  They offered to take him off this planet and deliver him to a planet where others "like him" are known to live.  He accepted and this plan was carried out.  Despite the Illuminati wanting to examine and mind probe this being, they realised the potential risk was not worth the potential reward, and they allowed these friends of mine to carry out the plan of taking this giant elsewhere.

Sorry did you not know such beings existed and that groups can travel the stars?  Ooops my bad.

Since that first experience I have now attended three like locations where Stasis Beings within mounds have awoken.  So far all have ended the same way.  Eventually I will tell you what I would not tell the Illuminati and Secret Space Programs involved.  For now I will keep things simple.

They wanted to know so badly they tried to threaten me and even attacked and injured me.  When they did, my former "Mentor" intervened and put out the order that I am to be left alone as I will be reporting to him.  When he speaks, these groups listen, even if they don't know it was his words, their own superiors make things clear enough that they follow orders.

One of the Secret Space Program members thought he could get me to "spill the beans".  He applied a Remote Influence based attack on me and reactivated a dormant virus within my nervous system which caused pain and facial paralysis.  My "mentor" had him killed.  Message delivered.  And just another load of guilt for my conscience.

Another lovely part of the story;  I have a "regular life" I have to maintain both for my "agreement" and for my own well being.  Being two places at once is possible, but I was not equipped to do so.  This caused me to ask this Secret Space Program I was dealing with for two trainees, whom I could guide through what has to be done to communicate with beings who could potentially become hostile.  I was sent two, one male and one female.

Well the male was a poor choice.  After his first encounter this "highly regarded" SSP Member was so childishly excited he went and told a couple buddies who worked in lower level programs.  This trainee has returned to the incarnational wheel.

I like to call Secret Space Program members "Cowboys".  This works because MANY of them come from the Southern States and their general personalities fill in the rest of the meaning. One thing that is well known about people in these various space programs is they are easily led around like a puppy on a leash by their ego.  They are selected for this quality.  "Nerds" have the most easy to play egos because they have been living in mom's basement dreaming of being Superman, Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker most of their lives.

The females I call Barbie's or Ripley's.  They are either bubbly and obedient like a Barbie would be or tough and independent to a fault like Ripley in the Alien films.  I call them this because, well, those are the names of the programs which created them. 

So my trainees turned out to be a Barbie and a Cowboy.  The Cowboy is gone and the Barbie has already quit (given up) or been fired (She was not good at her job), so it's back to your writer, again.

This job requires only skills that many many people possess in abundance.  Unfortunately not many of them have ever been placed in Secret Space or Military Programs so that they could be selected to take over for me.  I could recommend half a dozen "common folk" who could do this job quite well, but that does not work for their compartmentalization focus minds.  Control freaks much?


I cannot wait to watch them loose control. But back to topic.

This has all been a confession of sorts.  I am "working for them" again, but this time, I am sort of in a sub contractor role. They did pay my rent and some of my debts but,  I don't have to do anything I do not agree with.  I have backing to ensure this.  I believe in what I am doing even if it is being quarterbacked by these cults and programs.  I feel compelled to ensure beings who do not wish to be tangled up in this web do not have to be.  So if I can do that by relaxing giants and guiding them towards a new home.. So be it.


  1. No one gets "released" from the illuminati.
    I imagine your purpose is to confuse people about ET's .
    The Dracos will "leave earth" on their own because they want to )hahaha)
    You are an occultist there is no such thing as a de occultist.
    Magic is not bad-

  2. Ruiner, I know what I'll ask sounds ridiculous - because it is, but is there any way I could help you ruin things more?

  3. Would you be able to tell us now what the Giant said to you Dear Ruiner?
    With mindfulness,

  4. All apologies, I meant to ask this question in the previous post.
    What is your opinion on the supposed Russian "Giant videos" that have appeared on many sites? They don't look very Giant to me...especially not 24ft......incredible.
    With mindfulness,

    1. Certainly not a giant. Certainly not in stasis. Not sure if it is real. The creators called it a hoax although that happens with real footage often as well. Similar to many monks found buried in a state of meditation found recently.

      With respect,

    2. Now that you're ending this blog, will you please tell what Giants told you?

    3. Anonymous,
      I don't believe you are asking the right question.

      What did the giants say to you?


      With respect,

  5. I know how we really live in this world, this society in their image, so we do not wake up who we really are, just to fill the ego, greed, spreading concerns, anger, hatred, wars, doubts across religions, etc. But the truth is that we are all awakening in every corner of the world, all around through the energy, love, these companies have hidden many truths do not belong and never made part of either company, Iluminatis, Freemasonry, Pentagon, etc. ... because everyone has to make a pact and nothing can get out of there. Attention must be given that the Bible reveals many truths, only those who awaken decipher the truth. It is as if we have seven chakras, the seven seals, the 12 doors, 12 dimensions. "So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not become known.

    What I tell you in darkness, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the rooftops.

    Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.