Sunday, August 16, 2015

Goodnight My Fellow Travellers

Now you know.  The list of desired answers you created are weaved into these writing.

This is what you have been setting up for them.

All of your actions have contributed to the control.  Everything you were promised was a lie.  Your spot underground or on a craft leaving this planet in this life or the next..   It was all a lie.

You are guilty of imprisoning humanity.  You are guilty of manipulating truth to a point where it is unrecognizable and unknowable to many.  Yet the advantage you have is encouragement, not knowledge and not wisdom.

The people who have not been a part of this structure, who do choose to search for truth in all of the various materials left for the public, can know more than you do.  They can do more with the knowledge than you can.  Unlike your conditioning they don't need guidance. They do need encouragement, which is the only thing missing before they do exactly as your writer says.. more than you.

So your writer is calling you out.  Help others.  Learn to guide yourself.

Correct your mistakes insofar as your are able.  Do your best.

Please continue as you have been, breaking excuses.  Now, we have reached the end of your clarification.

You asked for this.  Be careful what you ask for.

With all that said, your writer hopes it has helped.

One little rant on your behalf caused a shit storm for your writer.  That was fun.  My bad not yours.

Thank you for your patience with the comment section.  That is well respected.

Your writer is forever empathetic to your sacrifices since removing yourselves.  He is also impressed by what you have accomplished since.  Telling isn't it?   "So much wasted time" has become a slogan in your life, surely.

Thank you for the gift of trust you have given to your writer.   Not a gift given lightly.

If nothing else, your writer hopes you've remembered how to work together.  This time, for a motive better serving of the whole you share a small part of.

All that has been written for you in this blog:  This is all that matters, all that has ever mattered, as you reconnect and connect, you see this more and more clearly.  The rest is fun, even beautiful, but can be set aside to be looked at on another day, after the mess we have created is cleaned up.  What we call history, all of these details that became so precious to you, will never be lost.

 Your writer loves you.  You all know, he doesn't forget.

With love and respect,


  1. What is the meaning of 777?

    You ended this one at 7:07

    What is the meaning of number 7?
    Is there a coded message in this blog?

    1. It is the number that upsets the 666.

      With respect,

    2. Wow! My bday is 7-7-71. My husbands is 7-7-70...and we were married on 11-11-11.

  2. sounds like you are leaving, I have listened to what you wrote, a few times I commented, as I never fully trust anymore, I have hoped what you have written has some truth.when I feel sadness for humanity and earth, I fight it..and I cling to a change to come. I wish you the best, the very best, and to the human controllers, I can forgive anyone, as long as they are sincere, I can work with all..and to my fellow truthers, who I seem to only meet on blogs, I love you, lets get encouraged and go forward...words seem so inadequate at times, like when we get the feeling of "universally" knowing, or universally connected, there seems to be no human words to explain..I will always chose earth, humans, love and truth, never the material will I chose...truth in Divine Source to all.. May all Truth be brought forth.

  3. Wise words dude, I've read em all...

    Peace x

  4. Dear Ruiner, it is sad that this is the end....

    Whatever happens in the future, i know that you are in touch with Bradley Loves , show there any thing we should know , you would inform Bradley.

    It has been a Honour , take care.

    Your friend
    Goddess of the Sun

  5. I understand this blog was not written for my eyes, rather just for the intended audience the ‘runaways’.

    I send my love out to all the runaways who found the courage and strength to break out of these programs. It must be so challenging adjusting to the new territory of civilian life and the many struggles that brings. I imagine the discipline of ‘breaking excuses’ involved many dark nights of the soul as one realised the compartmentalised lies and deceptions one had bought into, and also promoted by participating in, while not truly understanding the hidden goal. I can see why this blog was so necessary for you all.

    I lovingly wish all the runaways the upmost best in their new lives, and that in Time reach an inner peace within themselves, knowing they did their upmost best since realising the truth to reverse what they can of the past, and bring greater change not only in their own lives, but for the betterment of all who exist in this present and future Times for Humanity – we are all brothers and sisters.

    I thank the writer for persevering with his original intention for this blog, regardless of the many unintended eyes that were soulfully magnetised to the blog.

    Creation often likes to add in her own surprises…… and I see a beautiful opportunity unfolded on this blog; not only did it bring clarification to so many, changes within that will ripple outwards - it also unexpectedly brought together two very different groups of people and the opportunity to observe how we do have things in common, we all want the truth, we all seek change. We are all humans, brethren, all sharing this planet with ‘HER’.

    These are the Times to unite and be the change we want to see.

    I would like to thank with all my heart - firstly the author for his wise sharing’s and being such a fine example of love in action. I thank all those who contributed in the comments sections and the treasure trove it became; and to those who just quietly read. This has been such a remarkable journey we have all been on that has freed our minds of the unimportant and redirected our focus back to what is important - Life and Evolution.

    This journey has certainly changed me for the better.

    Much love and respect I send to you all - it would not have been the same without you.

    Thank you

  6. I can't say that I understand these last 2 posts, but I notice the time stamp of 07:07 and the next one of 11:11. I am sure if I read these again that I may understand more. Many of the posts have made sense and for that I thank you.

    1. Just playing with numbers. Had to set a time to release. Nothing too deep or important.

      With respect,

  7. Good night Ruiner. with love and respect! and thanks...

  8. Goodnight Dear Ruiner, thank you. :-)
    With mindfulness,

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  10. Good night humble writer...

    Thank you for all of your words and meanings and hopeful inspirations.

    I have not commented in the 4 months that I have been following every post and comment on this blog, and so it is now that I feel compelled to offer my sincere gratitude for all of your efforts and love to your intended audience and we the unintended.

    I feel very lucky and blessed to have stumbled here searching for answers, as so many other people have, only to find so much more than I could have ever anticipated.

    Thank you

    There is a remembering going on that will Echo ... And Echo. And Echo

    And now the real work can begin

    With respect and gratitude and love


    1. Jim,

      These are very thoughtful and courteous words. Thanks for taking the time to share them with Ruiner, and with those who are reading these comments . . .

      Peter S