Saturday, April 25, 2015

~Halfway Back to the Beginning~ -- Draco (part one)

~Some have said your writer was not raised by the Illuminati. Rather he was raised by dragons.  Draco and another family of Dragons.~

The Draco will be the focus here.

There is a king. Two princes. Many queens.

There are white Royals. Red and green and various shades and mixtures of those make up the rest.

At the top of them all is the King. Anu.

He had many sons.  Two are known to you surely, as Enki and Enlil.

 - Your writer will not be typing their names again.  Take what you know about them (one cared for us, one did not) and reverse the names as you've learned them. Please. -

Your writer is quite sure what he will say next will upset many and cause others to start ranting.  Your writer will be told he has his facts wrong and such.  He welcomes this.  It could only hurt his feelings if he was incorrect.

The Draco have lived on this planet before us.

You may take a minute if you need..

Albeit a much different planet than it is now, as much has occurred since then, The Draco were brought up on this planet.  As is often the case they lived parallel to another race which was evolving at the same time and as is always the case,  there were other races - at a different stage in their evolution - who were making a mess of this planet.

As a result of that mess, the Draco felt the need to abandon ship.  They received some help in removing several of their kind off of the planet, catching a lift on a moon which was orbiting nearby, at the time.

From there, with some technology advice and help from an older race the Draco built up their own culture and civilization and quickly became able to travel to other planets on their own and with great and powerful technology.  Eventually learning to exist without the assistance of the race that had assisted them.

They waged wars. Established colonies. Began traveling far from their home to seek resources of various kinds.

Quickly they became one of the most powerful races in their area of this galaxy. Expanding and taking what they wanted.

After some time what they wanted was Earth.

At the time they arrived humans were in a highly traumatized state having witnessed a vast amount of destruction in their skies and on their planet.   There were not many, but they were desperate for help.

Humanity had an appointed a group formed long before this time, who had survived and were still the appointed leaders of humanity.

When the Draco arrived they offered a deal.  They would help humans, and humans would give them the planet. (Skipping some terms and conditions for now)  That simple.  No one laid claim to this planet besides humanity.  This appointed group given the power of this claim, and in light of their weakness,  gave their power and this planet away to another.  The Draco.

Perhaps this group and the humans of earth at the time did not understand what they were giving away.  Mirrored in not understanding what we are giving away when we sign many contracts in society.  The reality is that humans were faced with standing on their own, or being carried by another, and they made the easier choice.

They were not, however, carried by another.  They were forced to crawl.  The choice was already made.

Today we all live with this choice we would never make today.


For a while the Draco gave us things we desired and a large civilization full of wonderful technology and comfort.

Draco are continually at war with someone.  One of their enemies attacked them here on this planet, causing the destruction of this comfortable civilization we knew.

The Draco simply started again, this time deciding to take a new approach.

To be as direct as possible: They decided to turn our planet into their own energy source.  Not the type of energy that powers their technologies but energies that power them as living beings.  We call this "loosh" energy (spelling will vary) which is basically a form of spiritual energy that living beings produce with their vibration.  Your writer should not have to explain these principals to you readers.

Genetic experiments began, mixing various DNA with humans, trying to create a race that would be able to generate this energy without being aware of it.  That was the hope anyway.

What's more is they went on to create a group (The Parents > Covens > Illuminati) who would be charged with forming and maintaining a civilization that ensures the ultimate levels of this energy is created while also ensuring the batteries do not find out they are batteries.

The energy they steal is not all.  They can also feed on humans in a more traditional way.  Food.  This planet is full of resources both physical and energetic they can also use as they will.

Oh, and they have the absolute funnest pets.  The best reality TV shows.  All the action and drama they could need.  A major trophy for their mantle.  A very valuable bargaining tool.

They have used us as slaves in every conceivable way.  They have furthered the trauma we have already suffered over and over again.  From the physical trauma to the abandonment complexes that have ingrained themselves in our psyche.

They have kept us on a very short leash all the while continuing with other business all over this part of the Galaxy.

Why haven't they been stopped?

Unfortunately no one besides us have the right to stop them.  Their violations of free will and natural laws are handled by the universe not a galactic police force or legal system.  In those courts what they are doing with this planet would be considered frowned upon but still technically legal.

Gaia, the universe, and humanity all disagree. All have taken steps to correct what has occurred.  This rhythm will stop the flow and change the direction of the waters.

Gaia has sent us her love and reminders.

The universe has enacted its karmic results which are never predictable.

Together they have given us an open window to look through.  Soon they will open doors and we will make a choice.


  1. Hello again and thank you for responding to a prior question of mine on "The Beauty of Humanity" Post. Are you aware of the Neruda Interviews and if so can you comment on the revelation by this author that Earth was once a water planet inhabited by Atlanteans who worked with the Anunnaki to help them mine resources - (both were non-physical compared to what we experience as physical). When earth began to solidify the Anunnaki convinced the Atlanteans to inhabit a physical form to match earth's density and this was the ultimate trap for the Atlanteans as they were powering the physical bodies, (being the batteries), whilst being manipulated and steered according to the agendas of the Anunnaki, led by Anu.
    Thank you.

    1. This question would require far too much explanation to respond here. The response will be coming in blogs to come.

      For now we will say that Annunaki, is a very misused word. Altlantis is "The Beginning" your writer is returning to shortly.

      Thank you for your question, please accept your writers apology for not giving a detailed response.

      With respect,

  2. Hi again,
    Thank you so much for sharing this kind of formation , it is very very interesting - love your blog very much.
    Reading this part , raises 2 questions:
    According to the bible , who the hell (and at last) is Yahwe?(maybe Anu)
    Are the religions an invention of the Dracos?
    Thank you

    1. All of our religions are a combination of the distant past, things learned from various visitors to the planet, and the Draco agenda. Names, events, places ect all all confused. "God" in the Bible represents Anu at times, and at other times his sons and other important members of his following.

      May the force be with you David.

      with respect,

  3. Hi The Ruiner

    I am a member at PA and one of the other members posted a link to your blog there. I followed it and started reading your blog. I was totally blown away with your story and what you shared on your blog. I have been researching everything you mentioned here for the past 11 years and over time I learned the ability to know the difference between true information and false information. A long time ago I realized that humanity is controlled in many ways and that there will never be any help from ETs to help us escape from this slavery. Me myself might be a victim of mind control because of strange things that happened to me in the past. Please carry on and share the rest of your knowledge with us.

  4. Hi again,
    I have a question about the Parent:How does a 13,000 years old look like , does he still have his original body , or with their technology they can switch bodies at will?
    Thank you so much for sharing your information.

    1. The main draw of life prolonging is being able to keep your original body. There are a few methods of transferring the soul to other bodies both cloned and "new". (Incarnated)

      Most appear perfectly normal, some have become disfigured or re figured in a way that reflects their method of extension. Those who do not look normal, are very rarely seen by anyone outside of their coven or their victims

      With respect,

  5. Appreciate your writing and shared knowledge very much, could you please elaborate with a little more clarity on"Take what you know about them (one cared for us, one did not) and reverse the names as you've learned them. Please.", are you saying what we have been told of EA "Enki" is actually Enlil? Please elaborate.
    Much appreciation, BH

    1. You have understood correctly. Writings about these two have the names deliberately reversed. In this case names don't matter much, although it is important to understand this is happening as you read about these two beings.

      With respect,

    2. Ruiner, if you can or if you will would you please explain why the change in character names, Does not compute just for the heck of it, there must have some reasoning behind it and what would be importance to understand this is happening as you read about these two beings if there were no purpose? Kindest regards, love & light BH

    3. Simply to cause us to have some amount of sympathy or perhaps admiration for the wrong brother.

      Your writer does not suggest giving that to either, but that is just opinion.

      With respect,

  6. If they are leaving shortly , what is this ''A very valuable bargaining tool.''
    Who are they bargaining with and for what. please clear a foggy mind .
    thank you for your time & clarity

    1. This planet has been a valuable bargaining tool, but that is changing also. Who they bargained with would be dark entities and ET races.

      Perhaps they want something from another races; so they strike the deal "we will allow you to abduct and experiment on some of the beings of this planet, if we can _____. "

      Nothing complicated.

      With respect,

    2. So are we allowed to know what they got for the Greys, allowing them to abduct, experiment and such?

      Also, can you explain why you've chosen Ruiner as your tag?

      Thank for your time with this blog! Very much appreciated and very interesting. All of it.

    3. This writer does not know what they "got". The blogging name was explained in an earlier blog post called "My Name".

      With respect,

  7. "He had many sons. Two are known to you surely, as Enki and Enlil.

    - Your writer will not be typing their names again. Take what you know about them (one cared for us, one did not) and reverse the names as you've learned them. Please. -"


    I recently started reading your blog and I have been looking for you to comment on ONE thing, specifically. Your comment on this subject would tell me volumes about the information you are presenting here. Now that I know where you stand on the subject I quoted above, I know I can take your information VERY seriously. And yes, you can expect to be attacked ferociously over this revelation.

    Much respect to you.

  8. This post resonated quite well with me, I got 33 synchronicity with the battery message. I love the window, to become a door, message. We are quite close now.

    No questions, yet... just a thanks.