Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Plan

"The New Rome will fall just as the Old Rome fell.  So that the beings who created Rome could wash their hands of their creation, and start fresh.  Just as we did after The Atlantian Age."

The above is considered a gift in the mind of it's author.  That I am writing here is not unknown. Most readers may have no idea, but "they" all know exactly who your author is. Back to the point. The above quote did not come from me. It came from the being who was meant to be my mentor.

What it eludes to is the New Rome, which is to those who know, the "Cabal Capital Country". The heart of the "illuminati cults". Amaraka.

A great deal of dirty illuminati secrets are being exposed at a rapid pace. Several "leaks" have been created and orchestrated to ensure almost all people, from the mainstream folks to the alternative info folks, know just how dark and evil this group is.

You've all been told and shown proof of your enslavement. You've also been given all the truth about your own power to change it.  But the game is rigged no matter which side you choose to play it from. The only solution is not to play. But I digress.

Now that the world is starting to see the devil, they will bring him to light and destroy him and his hell around him.

Enter the saviours. This has to be another country or government or secret ET allies, right?

Give the world a "White Hat" group, led by benevolent ET's, brought to the public in the form of a new group of political allies.

BRICS.  "White Hats Groups". <insert ET name of the month here>.

They will give you what you want.

Once it's too late you'll remember..

"Oh yeah, this is what THEY wanted too!!??!"

Take the money away, replace it with a new system.

Take religion away, replace it with a new system.

Take all the Illuminati away, replace it with secret system.

Take your needs away, replace them with technology.

Take your governments away, replace them with a new government system.

Take away the Old World Order, replace it with a New World Order.

And here's the clincher..

Take away your natural spiritual evolutionary process, replace it with a cybernetic transhuman artificial process.

More of the finer details to come of course.


  1. Hello "SHANE",
    This is good stuff,
    We didn't expect so many people would begin to follow your blog. It really is very well written.
    How long until you start posting under your real name?

    1. Cute. Keep trying. This writer will when you do.

      With respect

  2. I think you'll find Rome did not fall.

  3. lol feels good to finally find someone who see's in a clear light.. I'm 23 and i feel so alienated but thats because I've reached this level of inner standing so fast! all thru logic mind you. anyways, i am realizing that to truly free my self i need not to play their game. i get it, but I'm curious to know more of "methods" and "tools" to unlockin my body/mind so i can access my astral light body and that aspect of things. we can only learn so much from book and people id rather have direct experience (; you feel me?

  4. You're an absolute gem, sir! I hope as many people as possible who read this understand the importance of this information!

  5. Replies
    1. Please define what you're referring to by LDS.

      With respect,

  6. Hi Shane,
    Thank you very much for your information as I am sure I found you because I've recently stopped believing both sides of this weird coin of our current affairs. However, I need to know what will keep us grounded to not fall victims to the cybernetic process or ascension?

    1. Choosing to be here, now, with Her. Every day. Never stopping, and never giving up the conviction that we are here, now and support Her.

      With respect,

      (in case you haven't read all of this blog, "Her" means our planet )

  7. I just listened to your interview with Kerry and was really grateful for your candidness and exposure of disinformation out in the alternative news--this is really important information for me and would like to share it with others. I hope to hear more from you. Can you add me to your email list?

  8. I just listened to your interview with Kerry and was really grateful for your candidness and exposure of disinformation out in the alternative news--this is really important information for me and would like to share it with others. I hope to hear more from you. Can you add me to your email list?

  9. i m happy that in such a dark system that there are defectors that can help us get out from under there control
    lightworker starved for truth and reconciliaton

  10. Am I correct in assuming that clicking "anonymous" really means nothing if "they" really wanted to know?
    Dear Shane, I thank you for EVERYTHING here and in the Camelot Interview I heard last night. Just one question: You mentioned that you believed the Chemtrails had accomplished their mission, and that only this would be the reason why they would stop (other than the Illuminati completely falling apart). But you did NOT mention what the mission is???

    I understand that you are no longer posting here, but I thank you VERY much if you should happen to answer this very important question in your efforts to help humanity.

    Love and Light to you!!

    1. There is no hiding from anyone.

      The mission has multiple goals. Nanotech, and energy grid that works like a projector screen, and "smart dust" (as many call it) dispersal. Among other things, but these are a few major ones. It does not seem they are actually stopping, though, they could.

      With love and respect,

    2. Thank you so very much for your valuable reply.
      Just a quick follow-up to clarify the wording "Nanotech and energy grid": The Nano tech is part of the energy grid? for purpose of the projection, or is the nano tech a separate thing (and) meant to be something that gets into living things, through breathing and plant life.
      Re: "smart dust": This is apparently a play on words, as it is known that the chemtrails contain very high levels of Aluminum which is linked to Alzheimers, autism and even the bee colony collapse disorder. So I am politely requesting further for you to clarify that this is intentionally meant for this purpose? In which case"dumb dust" would seem more appropriate.
      If not, please clarify.
      For the record, I am hereby declaring (and speaking outloud as I write) that I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT for these chemtrails. Also, I recommend everyone focus attention on same concept, as ignoring them is equivalent to giving consent.
      Thank you again Ruiner (and f@ck off to the illuminati!)
      P.S. I can confirm that they did mysteriously cease for several weeks(4-6) here in NY/NJ, but they started up again right before the full moon eclipse , I noticed them VERY heavily ( entire sky was crisscrossed) during the Pope visit.

    3. One last thing, as I am not your intended target audience but indeed I am seeking clarification for waking those of us "still asleep" members of beautiful humanity(aka "sleeping beauties")- myself included: The reason for the use as as a projector screen would be to use some sort of hologram to deceive people? The amazing holographic 3D performance of Michael Jackson comes to mind as to how real this might look?
      And finally (I promise), is it true that chemtrails can be used somehow to "bounce" Haarp waves to control weather and break up clouds in order to form droughts, and this has been done in California?
      Thank you again Ruiner, in hopes that you reply to these important questions.
      Love, light, and prayer of St Francis to all.
      Julie(since there is no hiding anyway)

    4. Each item mentioned is separate. Those are part of the "Smart dust" purpose and there is other potentials as well.

      With love and respect,

  11. So whats our purpose here? And what can u tell me about autism? I have a 3 year son who is non-verbal and i want to know what u know about autism. U said that we all have the potential of telepathic skills how can i develop it to communicate with my son?

  12. i love you. thank you!!!

    your truth gives me inspiration and courage.
    i am a musician, and i am now quite curious to listen to your music.

    stay strong and again, THANK YOU for clarifying so much for we who know so little truth.

    Love, Eric

  13. I was truly fascinated with your interview. I have to admit it's all very scary to even consider. I am just thankful that I have the ability to see what's going on. I am definitely not asleep to all this. Even though I am ridiculed from those that are asleep I know that I will be the one they come to for answers when it's all unveiled. I am doing all that I can to pray, meditate and generate as much energy and positiveness as I can. What can we do(on a smaller level, community wise)to assist in stopping them? I want to rally all the local communities together, and somehow generate enough coverage so it reaches every red blooded American to stop this. We need someone to step up, someone to honestly lead us and all our guns to put a stop to this. The only way to do this is with insider info like you have provided, you are very brave for what you have done. We have to do more though and quicker. Can you recommend a forum, chat or anywhere I can seek out others that want to do more as well? Help us, all of us we need to know what to do as a whole

  14. Where are you? I would like to talk to you.

    1. Email me:

      With love and respect,