Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Structure - Covens

The groups your writer has called Covens are direct followers of The Parents.  Each Parent has a Coven.  Each Coven varies in size and makeup of their membership.  Some Covens are as few as three members, others have hundreds.

They are a sort of 'middle man' between The Parent and the Bloodline or Family Branch they control. 

Each Coven tends to be a reflection of their Parent. Very often sharing (at times only partially) The Parents power or gift.  Which is to say most Coven members share The Parents' prolonged life and enhanced abilities.  Not all do.  Most.

As these beings interact with the Bloodlines and Illuminati members at other levels, they are often known by standard Illuminati members.  Many cults and branches mimic or even worship them.  This has caused many Coven members to be known by humanity over the centuries as well. 

They have been 'Gods' and Pharaohs and Kings and Queens and Leaders and scholars and doctors,  myths and legends ect.

The Parents select their coven members based on their own criteria which does not have any set rules.  Often the Parent will ask existing Coven members for approval of new members.  Each has a different strength which serves the Parent, Coven and Illuminati as a whole. 

The recruiting process often takes a long time.  Typically the Parent will identify someone of interest and begin interacting with or simply following the person of interest.  After contact is made, The Parent typically runs the person through a series of tests, usually by means of a form of torment, to gauge their ability to handle secrets, keep secrets and process knowledge. 

What attracts each Parent also varies.  Sometimes the attraction is based on the subject having a strong mind or will or personality.  At times it's simply that The Parent finds them attractive in any number of ways.

One thing that seems to be true for the majority is that Coven members are usually inducted against their will, or deceived enough that they are willing to 'serve the master'.  As a result many Coven members are unkind, selfish, and what we consider evil. (tenebris donum)

Perhaps their main function is to physically enact the agenda of the Parent which follows the plan of the Parents Group. 

As example:  A Coven member would play the 'god' of a certain religion to cement their following.  In more modern times, they like to play the role of ETs or 'higher dimensional beings' for channellers and contactees.

They are above the Bloodlines but for the most part influence the programs and projects more so than the Bloodline Members (aside from the Family Master of course).  Some areas they influence the most are religions, secret programs (space, military and science) and the high level cults.

They are responsible for what we call Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, Spirits, many haunting types, demons, some forms of ET and many other stories of strange creatures or beings.  They also do a lot of containment and compartmentalization work 'rewriting' history and recorded events. (Most of this duty belongs to another group however)

These beings enjoy their job except for the rare exception. Very few Coven members have a high opinion of humans and believe themselves Superior to humanity.  Something the Parent instills and reinforces within them.  This seems to spiritually cripple them causing them to remain stagnant which  increases their poor behaviors.  They are always causing trouble in the world of humans.

Black Ops/Military,  Mind Control technology, Cloning, Space Programs and work in Genetics is all under their care and control as they work on behalf of The Parents.  They also work closely with Draco and other ETs for this purpose.

On several occasions they have altered the course of human development by posing as 'gods' or ETs.. Delivered indoctrination through channels and leaders.  They are quite clever and inventive groups and share the Draconian ability and lust for deception.

Some of the Covens have become so powerful and corrupt that their Parents lost control and had to destroy their own coven.

Cults tend to knowingly or unknowingly worship them and several well known deities and characters throughout human history have been Coven members before or after they became well known.

They also create the many Secret Societies and provide their doctrine or rituals.

As your writer has mentioned before, one member of each coven become the Family Master who gives orders to the Bloodline they represent.  They oversee all of the Systems of Control on this planet.  They are however, following orders themselves.

The remaining members of each Coven either fulfill a role or simply exist.  Some inspire, some inflict harm, some do nothing besides pursuit self interests. 

If the Illuminati were a company, The Covens would be the upper management staff.  The Parents, Board of Directors and the Draco the owners or shareholders.

As things are changing, their roles are expanding and some are currently pushing their own projects very hard to maintain control in this critical time.   These beings do not work for the planet, or the humans on it, or even the Draco directly.  Everything they do, they are either instructed to do, or choose to do so in hopes of pleasing the Parents.

They perform all sorts of nefarious actions in our world and almost all view humans, not as children,  but as animals.  Their ideology is the commonly known Illuminati ideology as they pass this down to the Bloodlines. 

Your writer is choosing not to get into specifics as he only wishes for you to understand the structure for now and how these moving parts work in unison.  He believes this is important for you to understand as this pattern is reflected from top to bottom of the Illuminati structure.  The Covens have many many attached stories some of which are mentioned above, which could invite further detail, but we shall revisit these another time.

(In the next "Structure" post) We will discuss Bloodlines next which is an area that is more well known to most who seek this information.

We will (writer and readers combined) summarize all of this at another time.


  1. Thank you for the information. Could you please provide one example of a past 'god' or more recent channelled communication that was actually coven as illustration.

    1. For thousands of years Coven members have played the role of the impersonator when past visitors have left behind teachings which the Draco were looking to distort. They have played most Egyptian "gods" as a result of this duty. SO to give one example, RA. (See the Law of One)

      With respect,

    2. Is Lord Shiva a Coven Too ?
      or is he a morphogenetic Consciousness field ?

    3. As with most, the original was a true being, who was later impersonated.

      With respect,

    4. What was the purpose of the Ra communication/distortion? Because it seems to only have had positive effects and to have played a very large part in bringing this information to light. Everything we now know and discuss commonly about the gameboard, the structure of the universe, exopolitics etc. has at least some roots in the Law of One material. Could you detail how it was designed to muddy the waters and the goals it was meant to achieve?

    5. It all has roots in much older material than LOO. Positive? this writer sees hundreds of people chasing their tails due to those books. Believing nonsense easily due to that program. A whole world of channeled predictions and claims... None of which have come to pass.

      Mission successful!

      With respect,

    6. You're right, but I just always assumed it's to do with the usual imbalanced people to be found in the occult/alternative community, rather than with a particular material. No discernment and grounding tends to make one chase his own tail on the best of days anyway. Interesting, Ruiner, I will think about this.

    7. Not just this material, many others as well.

      With respect,

    8. Dear writer, what about Hidden Hand? I assume you know what I'm talking about. Ruiner and HH are very much alike. From the beginning of reading your blog, you've reminded me of him. He was quite forthright in subscribing to the basic assumptions that appear in the LOO material: negative/positive harvest and the STS/STO paradigm. Was it deliberately planted, again?

    9. This is not the same writer from the HH material. If you revisit HH you'll see a "turn" in the writing, which was accompanied by the emphasis related to LOO. That should answer the question.

      With respect,

    10. No, of course not, I wasn't in any way implying this writer were. Now that you point that out, you are right in that he imperceptibly takes a very sharp and sudden turn at some point, veering from the political to the spiritual, almost totally unprompted by the questions that were put to him. But that is quite early on, beginning in the 1st (out of 5) session, as I have it arranged. And starting with the 2nd session he gets heavily into it, with the whole creation story, intelligent infinity/infinite intelligence, social memory complexes etc. It now seems dubious.

      Thank you.

      Take care,

    11. He goes on to say, of course: "The messages of the Sixth Density Soul Group 'Ra' is the most accurate information in your mainstream circulation at this point in time. It is approximately 85-90% accurate, from what I have seen. The material was brought to my attention when it first came out, something like about 25 years or so ago, if memory serves. I read a lot of it, but not all. I do not have very much free time for that kind of thing, with my many duties. Though others of the Family gave it a close scrutiny to judge it's accuracy, and were very pleased with the end product."

      He doesn't have much free time for "that kind of thing", although per his own admission his specialty and duties are in Spirituality, the material is completely identical with everything he is saying, and it's "90% accurate." I guess this is why you recommend the Trivium.

  2. Greetings.
    How many covens are there?
    How many parents are there?
    Which of the two would you say is more closely related to the bloodline often referred to as the biblical Cain/Kin bloodline?
    Which coven did you belong to?
    Are you familiar with the concept of the "covens of azazel" and it's associated diarchy structure?

    With thanks

  3. this was very interesting , to read . I have my own opinions but I will say your information is very note worthy.

  4. What is "the hidden hand" beyond just a phrase used to highlight people working in the shadows? That phrase has come up a lot in my life lately.

    I'm not really an anime guy, but I started watching one called "robotics notes" a few weeks ago. There is an incedible amount of parallels in it related to the parent's agenda, the wave, ai's and many other elements that you've spoken of. Id say its worth checkin out if you're into that sort of thing.

    Also, I found the lyrics to a song while trying to research the hidden hand, that corroborates much of what you've said as well:

    1. It is the name of a ritual. An author once used it as his moniker also.

      with love and respect,

  5. Dear Ruiner,
    Per this posting, you stated that covens are often responsible for hauntings, spirits, et al. Would you please elaborate a bit on this; such as the methodologies used, why they do this, etc. Thank you in advance for any further light you can shed on the subject.

    Best Regards Aways,

    P.S. Missing your blog updates, but have been enjoying your post-blog interviews. Take good care. :)

  6. Not much to expand on there really. They cause hauntings and spirits et al at times to manipulate people and their energies. Feel free to email if you have specific questions about this.

    With love and respect,

    1. Dear Ruiner,
      Just a belated note of thanks for your reply (I will email soon with ??'s) and to say once more, your blog and wise words are much appreciated. Stay well and the best to you always. :)

  7. As I mentioned in a previous post, most of what you are speaking about here is "fictionalized" in the first 2 Underworld movies. Which sparks my curiosity...Do "werewolves" actually exist?