Friday, April 17, 2015

For Members Eyes (but not Only)

~This post is in response to some recent contacts (mostly meant for Illuminati members).  Instead of private email responses, he thought he would post here for all and to be clear.~

Your writer does not have The Parents (or anyone elses) permission to write these things.  Although they are aware of him.

Your writer does not work for them.   Although he still has (often unpleasant) contact.

Your writer is not working for anyone with this blog, neither was he compelled to do so.  It is his own choice made consciously and carefully, over some time of consideration. 
This blog is not an authorized information leak.

Some Parents have contacted this writer, as have some of the Covens and standard Membership.  Your writer has thanked them whether they demanded he stopped or made threats. 

This history and information does not belong to them.  It belongs to all readers.

This blog is not about your writer. 

Please do not get this twisted.

Thank you.


  1. Thank you for clarifying.

    1. Dear Commenter,

      Your comment has not been published because there is no reason for that information to be posted here. The name and identity of your writer is kept from readers to remove the focus from him so that it remains where it belongs, on the material. He cannot hide from the Illuminati at any level and does not have to. So anyone questioning this identity, is doing so for their own benefit. If your writers name and face mattered at all, he would post it. No one connected to any of the families, projects, or programs I have mentioned would employ your tactics. You are exposing yourself.

      So please, give up. You're appearing very desperate and silly. It is unfair to the names you are accusing.

      Dear readers,

      This is in response to comments left with various names connected to your writer hoping to expose his name and face. Likely someone from one of the forums this blog has been posted to. Your writer is not hiding, he is speaking through a fictional name, so that he is unimportant.

  2. I appreciate your information,& thank- you..
    Although I would have liked to find it earlier..
    Eventually I have & will be reading it all..
    Enjoy your day..